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Re: Being The Booker


Cena vs. Batista tonight should be a great main event match, and although I cant see past Cena keeping the title, I feel Batista will run him close. Cena comes out and cuts a nice promo on Batista and Flair, giving the match tonight some heat to it, and this was a good start to the show

3 hour Raw, 8 man tournament – sounds great

RVD beats the Hurricane, and gets a win which he has been lacking as of late. I’m sure he’ll be on the mania card, but I don’t know where at the moment. Maybe a MITB ladder match, with both Raw and Smackdown???

Loved the DX promo, and HBK starts off by blaming the Rock. Think we could be seeing the Rock in Tokyo in a few weeks time

Huge shock to see Booker get the win in the 6 man match, as I know you aren’t a great fan of his, and I was sure that Carlito would be in to continue his push. Always nice to see some shocks though, and this was one

Maybe RVD is turning back to a face, which could be interesting, as he didn’t get anywhere as a heel. Don’t see him winning the tournament, but he will be in the main event by the end of the year

Edge and Christian get the win over Orton and Rey, and the way the tournament is set up I can see Edge and Orton making the final. Good match here, which progresses the two feuds nicely

I think Flair will regret not taking the phone call from Linda, as I cant see him being the GM at the end of the night now

Kane is coming back, and it’s good to see it getting a little bit of hype, so when he comes back he does make an impact

WGTT keep the belts in a filler match, and they are running out of challengers I think. Something has to happen soon to liven the division up

Christian promo was a little short, and didn’t really go anywhere, other than self-promotion, but Rey ends it by coming in an brawling with Christian. Rey comes out strong, which is good to see, and it puts him over nicely

Huge shock to see Batista take the belt from Cena, and it does give him the rub that he has been looking for a while, but I cant see him leaving the arena with the title…. Especially as Hulk Hogan comes and makes his way out to the arena. Hogan as the co-gm should be good in the short term, even though I don’t see it lasting a long time. I think the catchphrases will get overdone by then, but a brief Hogan/Flair feud should be good. Cena retakes the title, by beating Batista and ending the show on top


Good to see that the Benoit and the GM situation will be decided upon tonight, so they don’t get drawn out over too long. Expect Benoit to stay on Smackdown, and maybe someone like Heyman reprising his role as interim GM, or it goes to one of the McMahons

Noble keeps the Cruiserweight title which is good after the loses he has suffered over the last couple of weeks. Think he may lose it at Mania though

Ricky Steamboat as the new GM sounds great, and hopefully there will be good stuff from him. Jericho vs. Lesnar next week in an Iron Man match sounds great, and I get the feeling that we may see a title change in the match. Don’t know why, but Jericho vs. benoit has a lot more appeal than Lesnar vs. Benoit does, and I cant see what else Jericho may do at Mania, other than maybe a match which HHH if it doesn’t happen

London gets the win over Dean just to tie up a loose end from the rumble. London continues to be showcased as a future star, and will hopefully continue his slight push

Good to see AMW and Hardyz get the win over the Cabinet, and maybe Matt Hardy will get a US title shot in the next few weeks now. Great to see him continue his push, and a US title shot could be what he needs

Great promo from Angle, with a lot of home truths in it, and technically, Angle did come off looking like a face, as he did give the fans what they wanted. Angle as the intense heel is going to be good, and this feud is really going to pick up in the next few weeks

Maven gets a shock win over Holly, and continues his push towards nowhere really

HHH still wants to main event Mania, and I can see him trying his best to get involved in the title division, but it not just coming off.

Great to see the AFA in the main event, and even better to see them get the win over La Resistance and HHH. Surprised to hear nothing from the Rock tonight about HBK, but the feud is being built up slowly I guess, which is good to see

Benoit stays on Smackdown as expected, and turns down the offer from Raw. (in which thread have we seen that happen recently….) Kind of a flat segment to end the show, but one that had to be done really just to confirm the Mania match. Looking to see Benoit’s feud pick up soon I think

News and Notes

Some good news there, especially concerning the new debuts to come, and it will be interesting to see how all those people fit into the roster, and it will kind of be a new breed coming into the thread.
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