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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review

A great opening promo to start off the show, Batista v Cena tonight should be great but expect Cena to get the win seeing that Batista has not been pushed like in real life and shouldn't get the title. Good confrantation between Cena and Flair at the end of it.

Squash match here putting RVD over but shame for Hurricane, would like to see him bin his Hero gimmick.

Good promo here by DX, continuing the build up for the eventual Rock/HBK match nicely. I expect HBK to attack Rock on Smackdown sometime soon, maybe this week?

Good match showcasing all 6 men's talents, very suprised to see Booker T get the win as he has been in the Tag Team Division for a long while now would of thought Carlito would of won it. Well whoever faces him in the first round has an easy win there as i don't think Booker will go any further in the tournement.

Decent short little promo by RVD sounding very confident about the tournment, don't think he will win it.

Good match here, advancing both feuds at the same time. Christian and Edge get the victory after Christian pins Mysterio, good booking here.

Haha Kane scares Candice and would be nice to see Kane return with the mask but either way would do, aslong as you give Kane the World Title.

Meh another short match here no suprised with WGTT easilly beating the Heart Throbs who are just basically a jobber tag team in this thread.

Mysterio gets revenge for his loss attacking Christian and the match is made, and that should be great. Some other announcements are made for next week, Raw looks to be very good next week.

Great booking here with Batista stealing the title thanks to Ric Flair, only for the decision to be changed by Hulk Hogan! and Cena keeps his title. Hogan/Flair should be an interesting combination and i have a small feeling that Hogan will face Flair at Mania, not too keen on that to be honest as that match would of been great 14 years ago but not today and would rather see them put over a young wrestler like Carlito, Orton etc.

Overall it was a great show here with a shocking ending with Hogan coming in as the GM. 86/100
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