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Re: Being The Booker

Da Wolf Guy's Raw Review:

Good opening show, you could tell it was like any other Cena promo with him popping the jokes. Nice to see a good main event tonight with Cena taking on Batista and can't really tell if we'll get a new champion or not but I seriously doubt it.

Nothing much to comment on other than RVD squashed Hurricane, though I'll talk about the Gold Rush Tournament. Nice thoughts there with the one night tournament, that gives you seven matches and throw in maybe one more and you're whole card is set!

Nice promo there with D-Generation-X. Now the Michaels and Rocky feud can fully kick off with nothing stopping them. It's going to be intresting what this is based upon now as. You can still feel the tension between D-X though which has been going on for months.

Booker T takes the win and I'd rather see him or Carlito out of those two but Carlito might have been a little better. Guessing he has some feud coming soon to not be thrown into the tournament. By the way, the brackets certainly look good too.

Wow, face RVD coming back soon? That's certainly my first impression after reading that and if so, Alfonso turns on him. If Alfonso was to turn, he's going to bring in a former ECW alumni. But that's just speculation, nothing is certain as of now.

Tag match on now seeing as we have double main events tonight, good to see it was given time too. So the duo of E & C capture the win but wondering if the aftermath means anything? Otherwise, guess the faces get redemption in the tourney?

Gonna throw these two short promos together here, wonder why Linda would be happening to call Ric? Now onto Kane, guess he'll play some role coming forth at WrestleMania, can't really tell what he could be doing though but he seems to continue his heel role.

Like you said, routine tag title defense for the WGTT and wonder what they'll be doing come 'Mania. No teams stick out as to who they could really feud with as of now so something must be planned. Otherwise, can't really tell anything now.

Mysterio and Christian is going to be great come two weeks, it's been going on for a while and this must be the blowoff match. Christian needs to move onto his feud with Austin and I wouldn't go as far as to say Austin might even interfere in that.

New champion I'm shocked! WAIT! It's the Hulkster! Wow, and he's the new co-general manager. Kinda thought something was up whenever Linda called but never thought Hulk Hogan! Cena retains and now Hogan and Flair seem set for some type of "feud"
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