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Re: Being The Booker

Raw: January 23rd; Madison Square Garden -- Review

Flair was looking right and nice in character, and it flowed the promo well. Cena comes out and the flow of the promo goes down. Cena wasnít looking Cena himself. He wasnít looking in character at all. Anyway, main-event would be a good one and I am predicting something special to happen during the night. One night tournament in Tokyo? Oh, thatís gotta be awesome.

Rob Van Dam wins and advances. Rob Van Dam might be able to win this tournament because he can turn-a-round at any time. But thatís only a one big MIGHT.

D-Generation-X is looking good in this promo. HBK was well in character. Although at some points, the promo was going off. But a little bit. Rock is the one to blame that HBK didnít won? Well, I can only say that Rock vs. HBK is booked for Wrestlemania. And man, what a match thatís going to be.

Booker T picks up the win and advances to the tournament. Glad to see him picking up the win because no one else seems to be ready, they have to do a lot to impress me. It was a nice choice though and Booker T can also win this tournament and head onto Wrestlemania 22.

Rob Van Damís promo was really nice. He was right in character and the promo flowed very well. I am not expecting Rob Van Dam to win this tournament now. I donít think that heís ready for the main-event now. Maybe after WrestleMania but canít see it happening now.

Linda McMahon calling Flair? I donít know whatís in store for the show but it looks like we are going to witness a very big shock later tonight. Well, we move on to the next promo and itís WWE.Comís Unlimited Kiss Cam. Kane!? I tell you what I am predicting. I am predicting that heíll come back with the mask and destroy Undertaker when his match will be with Edge. I can see it happening but again, anything can happen.

Haas and Benjamin get the win in a filler definitely. Um, nothing much to say here dude. Ok, we now head onto next thing - promo. Christianís promo was short, but sweet, he was right in character, but it couldíve done better and lenghtier. Damn, huge impact made by Mysterio.

Main-Event time Ė Nothing but just amazing match. Flair keeps himself involving in the match by hitting Cena with low blow and chops, etc stuffs. Batista takes out Cena and wins the title. It was really un-expected and you leaved me as my mouth wide open because of shock. What is this? DotsÖ Well, let me scroll downÖ Hogan!? Oh my gawd, Hoganís the new Co-GM. Amazing man, loved the aftermath to it and then he restarts the match, Cena wins, yay!

Bottomline; Main-Event was superb. I loved it. Aftermath to it was also awesome. Show was lacking something, I dunno. It couldíve been better though. HBK promo couldíve done lenghtier for hyping their feud even more. Anyway, I canít wait to see the interaction between Hogan and Flair. Itíd be an awesome reading your shows. For this show, Iíll give only 7.8/10.

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