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Re: Being The Booker

Flair makes a match between Cena & Batista, that will be big, it's for the title, and now here comes Cena! Funny lines from Cena until Flair cuts him off. Ric Flair to be the ref tonight? Cena will retain, but I can see this feud running for a few weeks

RVD beats Hurricane with ease

HBK makes his thoughts heard, he's gonna come for The Rock sometime on SD! soon I think, and this feud can really kick off into a blockbuster

Nice to see you doing something useful with Booker, although he won't get by RVD unless you pull off a huge shocker for us. The brackets look good, I can see RVD, Orton, Taker & Christian going through, although you can't rule out Edge or Michaels, however, I think The Rock will get revenge on HBK and cost him the match

RVD hinting a face switch? Would be perfect time ahead of WM, I can really see him making the final match atleast

Hmm, Christian gets some momentum ahead of his match with Mysterio, while Edge/Orton looks to be brewing still for a possible WM match? Liking that feud idea, hasn't been done for a while in BTB, would be refreshing to say the least

Kane is coming back, but when, and where? And what will he do? I'm intrigued...

WGTT get a good win, but they need something for WM, a good tag match to solidify them as champs or to turn the belts over to another team

Rey doing some crazy stuff and actually coming out on top of both CLB & Tomko surprised me, and Rey is pumped for his match in two weeks, although he can't possibly go over Christian, but then again, he could, with Austin/Christian still in the works

O MY GOD, Batista just won the World title! Flair screwed Cena! Wait a sec, what's this? HULK HOGAN!?!
Hogan is co GM? Holy crap what a moment! And he restarts the match, and Cena wins!

What an ending to a pretty solid show, the ending was just A grade stuff, loved it, and you've shown no rust at all which is amazing after the break you've had. I look forward to more shows like this. 9/10


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