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Re: Being The Booker

Opening promo- Really enjoyed this, with Flair being very in character and saying the right things. It flowed well, went a good length, Cena had some good lines to make the crowd cheer but really didn't do much. Big match announcement for tonight is great and it's up in the air for who will win. Really good opening promo to start off. Oh, and I love the idea of a one night tournament, should be fantastic.

RVD vs Hurricane Helms- Squash match. Next.

DX segment- Pretty good segment here, continues the inevitable dream feud between HBK and the Rock. Almost showed hints of betrayal in DX, but HBK seemed to stop that idea...foreshadowing anything? Should be a good feud and can't wait to see how it unfolds. Also, kept this a good length, didn't drag on.

6 Man Battle Royal- Had a good ending, with Booker sneaking in and picking up the win. Has to be a dark horse in the tournament (no racial joke there) but I don't realistically see him winning. Anyway, the match seemed okay except for the ending, not much else to say.

RVD interview- I'm calling it right now, RVD vs Sabu w/ Bill Alfonso at Wrestlemania, or RVD is in the WM main event. Either one. Really good interview with RVD seemingly turning face which is refreshing in this thread, and could mark a push for the high flyer. A real nice flow and a good length made this a surprisingly good interview.

Edge/Christian vs Mysterio/Orton- A really good midcard tag match here with a real competitive feel to it, especially being a rematch. Also provides good hype for the tournament two weeks away. Good booking with the heels winning by hooking the tights, giving them momentum going into the tournament, which could make for shocking victories. Nice stuff here. But wait...Edge/Christian shove each other on the ramp? Is this to show every man for themselves in the tournament, a feud, what? Kinda confusing, and the commentators didn't take note of it at all

Flair segment/Kane- Linda is calling? Hmm, I wonder what she wants.....well, I recently watched Survivor Series 2002 (or 03) with Austin vs Bischoff...so...new GM??? That'd be sick, but a long shot. Oh, the Kane things happening are really cool and interesting. I say he comes back with his mask and destroys someone at WM and gets a ME push...well, that's what I hope for

WGTT vs Heart Throbs- Getting the tag champs on the show is good, even if the match is a filler squash type situation. Good decision of course, thats about it.

Christian promo- Started good but didn't really get anywhere with Mysterio's attack. This feud is just getting started and is definitely going to escalate in the tournament. While the promo lasted it was nice, and this was a good segment to keep the feud going strong.

Main Event- Wow, a really strong match and a good lengthy summary makes for a more entertaining read. Flair and Batista are the straight up heels, nice job here, and Cena looks to overcome but...Flair cheats and Batista wins! New champ! I hate both men, but anything is better than Cena. WAIT ITS HOGAN! HOGAN'S Co-GM! RESTART THE MATCH, CENA RETAINS, AHHHH! Great shock here and an awesome way to end the show.

Overall- 9/10. Things are really getting heated before WM and feuds are coming together nicely, lots of shocks, twists, and turns, the matches and promos are good, etc. Everything felt good but nothing truly special besides the ending, felt like it was missing something, so this didn't get a perfect. Had a fun time reading this and can't wait to see how Hogan and Flair interact. Great show Wolfy.

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