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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Raw Review:

Haas vs Masters: Good way to start of the show. I liked how Haas countered the razor's edge into a hurracarana. The DQ ending was a bit dissapointing, but it was a good way to continue the feud.

Triple H, HBK promo: Great promo, however i didn't like the ending with HHH pretending to turn his back again, if it had ended after HBK did the crotch chop and then left, it would have been perfect.

Venis and Maven vs Cade and Jindrak: I would have liked Venis and Maven to have had more offense, but its good to see that your doing something with your tag division. Hopefully the feud between Cade, Jindrak and the NAO is good.

Foley, Hall promo: A good promo, both men seemed to be in character. I thought the "damn chico" line to the medic was done well and made me grin.

A train vs Austin: I didn't like the match, as it made A train look too weak. I thought some commentary was needed to explain why Austin wanted to punish A-train so much, and the feud between Cena and Austin (this is the first time i've read one of your shows, so i found it quite confusing). However I loved how Austin ran backstage to get revenge.

Vince promo: The Shane, HHH match is now a cage match. I'm assuming the McMahons have a plan based around this, otherwise it would seem a bit weird as the cage would block out the corporation members. Not to mention Shane was worried about being back in the ring, having him want to add a stipulation to it a few seconds afterwards would be weird if they dont have a plan.

Rhyno vs Goldust: lol a little bit of ring psychology with Goldust hitting Rhyno in the groin with the shovel, weakining it for the golden globes. I loved Rhyno's counter at the end as well... Like with the McMahons, I'm expecting Coach has a plan, most likely somone will help him win.

Carlito, Test, Styles promo: Intresting storyline with all 3 men wanting to accept the challenge. A good use of SNME aswell, using it to decide a number one contender for the PPV afterwards.

Striker, Conway and Dupree vs DX: Glad to see Striker Conway and Dupree got some offense in, and i liked how DX used all of their repsective finishers at the end.

Ending promo: Another good promo, good use of the "It doesnt matter" catchphrase, and i think its good that Christian and Edge got some mic time (though Christian seemed a bit out of character). Cactus Jack returning was intresting. I wish Sting and RVD could have been a bit more involved with this promo though.
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