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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

WWE The Great American Bash 2006 Preview

This Sunday, WWE returns to PPV as Smackdown presents, WWE The Great American Bash. Here is the following card.

World Heavyweight Championship
Winner must win two falls
Kurt Angle(C) vs Chris Jericho vs Chris Benoit

This all started when Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit wrestled on a episode of Smackdown only to have it ruin by the returning, Y2J, Chris Jericho. The match was a No Contest but we soon learned that these three guys will face in a Triple Threat Match. In matter of fact, this is a rematch from Wrestlemaina 16 or 2000 in the exact same match, back then, it was a little different. Kurt Angle was both the IC and European Champion but he lost both when he got pin twice one my each Benoit and Jericho. But this time, someone is going to be pin a lot because either Angle, Jericho, or Benoit must pin someone two times to win the big World Title. Just like in 2000, Kurt Angle is going in as the World Champion. This past Friday Night on Smackdown, the three took on Booker T, Finlay, and Mr. Kennedy and even though, Kurt Angle does the hard work, it was Y2J Chris Jericho who dumped him on his ass outside the ring and stole the pin fall for the team. Will Chris Jericho or Chris Benoit win the big one again or will Kurt Angle remain the champion? We promise you this that this will be up for Match of the Year for 2006 on WWE.com.

End of a Era Match
Kevin Nash/w Teddy Long vs Hulk Hogan/w Jimmy Hart

This all started after the last Smackdown PPV in May, Judgment Day. After that PPV, Teddy Long fired both Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan saying he wanted a new breed of young Smackdown Superstars. So as weeks went by, Teddy Long was forced to miss a Smackdown because of a family emergency but turn to find out it was Jimmy Hart who made the "Family Emergency" up and also Teddy Long put him in charge of the night. So what does Jimmy do? He haves a guest, and that is none other than Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan says that he wants his job back so after learning there was no emergency, Teddy Long comes out and says he did not like what Jimmy Hart and Hulk Hogan did. He said that he fired Hogan because his ass was too old. Hulk Hogan then challenge Teddy Long to find someone he wants to a match at GAB. Teddy Long chose "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash and Nash even attacked Hulk Hogan and did the jacknife powerbomb. Either way we go, it will be a end of a era, either Teddy Long is fired as GM or Hulk Hogan must retire for good.

Casket Match
The Undertaker vs Booker T

This started when Booker T demanded respect and says that there is only one way to get it and that was to beat The Undertaker. They went one on one in Smackdown but Booker T got himself DQ and then afterwards beat the Deadman with the chair. Afterwards, he challenge The Undertaker to a Casket Match. Booker T also says he haves a plan, what could that plan be? The Undertaker never lost a casket match.

Brock Lesner vs Batista
This is a battle of the big men to see really is the best. Brock Lesner is a former WWE Champion as so is Batista. Brock Lesner's finishing move is the F5 and Batista's finishing move is the Batista Bomb. Brock Lesner when he won his first title was the youngest champion in history. When Batista won his first title, he was one of the oldest in history. This match is a dream match compare to some fans. In matter of fact, this is not the first time these two met. Back at Judgment Day, these two guys fought with Batista getting the win. Which Animal walks out the winner?

US Championship
Muhammad Hassan vs Rey Mysterio(C)

Just like Booker T, Muhammad Hassan wants respect and he also wants the US title. Muhammad Hassan won the right to face Mysterio beating JBL, Randy Orton, and Mr. Kennedy in a four way match. This past week on Smackdown, Muhammad Hassan and his manager, Daivari attacked Rey Mysterio with a chair and beat him down. Will Rey be too injured in the match? Will Hassan become a champion for the first time in his WWE carrer?

Randy Orton vs Bobby Lashley
This started when Randy Orton was hitting on Jillian Hall and Orton grabed Hall by her wrist untill Bobby Lashley showed up and tell Orton to back off. Randy Orton then challenge Bobby Lashley to a match at the Bash but Lashley told Orton why wait and they had a match on Smackdown. As Bobby Lashley was making his way out, Randy Orton attacked and beat the living hell out of Lashley before the match started. He then won the match as Lashley was hurt. Randy Orton says that Lashley may not be a legend but he will kill him at the Bash. Will he do it? Will Bobby Lashley prove he should be a main eventer?

WWE Tag Team Championship
TLC Match
Hardy Boyz vs MNM(C)

On Smackdown early this year, it was a TLC Match between Hardy Boyz, MNM, Finlay/William Regal, and The Mexicools. It was a fast pace match but MNM was able to retain the titles. A week later, Matt and Jeff faced The Mexicools and the winner becomes Number 1 contender for the WWE Tag Team Titles and the Hardys won the match. Two weeks ago on Smackdown, it was Jeff Hardy taking on Johnny Nitro and with the help of Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro beat Jeff Hardy. Last week, The Hardyz finally got on up on MNM when Matt Hardy beat Joey Mercury but will it happen at the Bash? Or will MNM retain again just like they did in that TLC Match on Smackdown?

Mr. Kennedy vs Bill Goldberg
This is Rookie vs Pro as Mr. Kennedy(Kennedy) challenged Bill Goldberg to a match. Goldberg have not been on Smackdown for a while because he was fliming a new movie with WWE flims. Ken Kennedy thinks that Goldberg's time is over and that he is the future of wrestling. Is Mr. Kennedy right and he is the future of wrestling or will Bill Goldberg remind the fans why he is a monster?

All this and much more only on PPV this Sunday Night. Also a special bonus match for FREE on WWE.com, Gregory Helms and Paul Burchill will take on Tajiri and The Sandman.

Feel free to make predictions and I see some other people do this so here some questions.

1. What do you think the final score of the World Heavyweight Championship Triple Theat Match will be? (For Example- Kurt Angle(1), Chris Benoit(2), Chris Jericho(1).
2. Booker T says he haves a plan for his match, what do you think it is?
3. Will there be any surpises on the show?

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