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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Renegade's RAW Review By Liquid.

Scott Hall vs Charlie Haas:
a good opener to kick off the show, both men came off the show and performed some good sequences in the match and both came off strong, the ending was good because it developed the Hall/Masters fued.

RVD Segmant: Good quick segmant here developing the fued between RVD/Shelton and also giving RVD to do something while the fued is brewing, Foley was on-character but RVD was a little shaky to begin with but i got into it near the middle bit.

HHH/Shawn Segmant: Excellent segmant here, HHH and Shawn both came off strong and it sure looks like they have swapped roles, Shawn was on-character for a heel and HHH was a bit shaky to begin with just like RVD but i got into his segmant near the end, good segmant here and this fued should be brewing for a couple of months before it ends.

Maven & Val Venis vs Cade & Jindrak: Average match here, the match seemed a little rushed and sloppy but the finishing saved it...a little, Val should be getting a bit of a revival but this match wasn't up to the standard as the above.

Cade/Jindrak Segmant: I Hate these 2 as wrestlers and on the mic, they don't have no influence on me what so ever but anywayz, the segmant was ok at best, they were both on-character but the choise of words wasn't the best.

Hall/Foley Segmant: Nice quick segmant here, some funny bits when he shouted at the medic but anywayz nice to see the match next week, the segmant was good and both men were on-character but Foley is being used way to much.

Steve Austin vs A-Train: Squash match here by the looks of things, Austin's gone phyco, Austin is developing his fued now and he is on the verge of anger but anywayz i didn't see much point of this match, the aftermath was nice and the fued is developing well.

Shane Segmant: Nice quick segmant here with Shane and Vince being there usual cocky self, both men were on-character and the announcement was an excellent way to book a strong main event for next week.

Rhino vs Goldust: Good match here, Rhino continues to dominate opponents and it looks like he is getting a push, good match here with some good flow and both men coming off strong + a good finish, the backstage announcement wasn't like the coach as he usually never wants to wrestle but i think he will win for some reason or the other.

4 Way Segmant: Excellent segmant here, Carlito and AJ were spot on while Test isn't excellent on the mic you did an average job with him, Haas putting the belt against all 3 of them wasn't like him because a heel wouldn't really wanna defend his title against 3 nasty SOB's, good announcement though.

DX:Rob Conway/Matt Striker/Rene Dupree: Average match here, some bits seemed rushed and were produced in a sloppy manner, nice to see DX get the win but saying that there was some good sequences but nothing memorable.

End Segmant: WOW an excellent way to end the show, Bischoff and the Rock were spot on and so were Christian and Edge, Cactus appearing signals that Bischoff/Foley are gonna go bloody on each other at the next PPV and this fued is developing well.

Realism: The show wasn't that realistic in my view, Coach wouldn't challenge Rhino even for the title as he is an announcer and doesn't have the balls, Haas wouldn't challenge all 3 for a match as a heel, thats it but they were some major bits that were wrong, Rating: 6/10

Length: Length was not a problem in this show, the segmants were done well and at the correct length, the matches were at good lengh so overall no marks lost here making for a straight ten, Rating: 10/10

Quality / Entertainment: The show didn't have much humour to be honest, Cactus was funny at the end and made me chuckle a bit, Hall was his usual funny self and made me crack a smile, Rating: 8/10

Spelling / Grammar: No viewable grammer mistakes from where i am sitting, 10/10

Matches / Booking: Booking was excellent to be honest, loads of people came off strong, the segmants were well done, the promo's were on-character, fueds developed, matches were good, character development happened and so on, Rating: 9/10

Overall: 86/100
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