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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegadeô

I said Iíd review your last PPV so here is the very late Bad Blood review:

Bad Blood Review


Good to see the Womenís Title showcased as it is not a part of the PPV. I didnít expect there to be a title change, but it will be good to see Gail Kim as champion.

World Tag Team Title Match

This match started off a little slowly but managed to pick up the pace and had a few nice spots. I liked Billy Gunnís dive to the outside, it was a bit different to his usual offence. The ending was pretty good too and put the Corporation over as heels nicely. I expect there will be a rematch down the road, since the NAO should have a rematch clause, but I can see a similar ending to this match.
Rating: **Ĺ/5

Vince interview

Awesome! Great to see you will be introducing the War Games Match at SummerSlam, and itís going to be under elimination rules too! Should be a classic and I hope Team Foley wins.
Rating: ***/5

Sting vs. Kane

I expected this match to be further up the card but I can understand why it is here, as it has a completely different dynamic to the previous match. The start of the match was good with Sting tricking Kane, and the match really kept to a good pace throughout. I thought the chokeslam through the table was way too early in the match and it mean that Sting looked a little unrealistic in his quick comeback, but apart from that, this contest was awesome. It reminded me of the old Hardcore Title matches where they would always battle through the crowd and into the backstage area, but this time it was even better! The kitchen brawl made me laugh, and this match had an awesome finish, and it was a nice way to end this feud.
Rating: ****Ĺ/5

Christian interview

Really strong segment here, you caught Christianís character exceptionally well and also added some last minute hype to his match with The Rock. I can see Rock getting the win here after taking two defeats to Christian, but I hope Christian doesnít go down without a fight.
Rating: ****/5

RVD vs. Shelton Benjamin

Pretty good match that was never going to disappoint. I thought you did a great job of showing Sheltonís abilities in terms of wrestling holds, and you showcased RVDís aerial skills nicely too, especially with the leg guillotine that took both guys down to the outside. I thought this match was possibly a little short for these two, but nonetheless a great read.
Rating: ***Ĺ/5

Corporation backstage

Vince seemed in character here and did a decent job of putting himself and his tactics for tonightís main event over. The others seemed a little out of character, and I would have liked Test to have spoken.
Rating: **Ĺ/5

King of the Mountain

This is the match I was most looking forward to. It was another violent match and seemed like a spot fest, which I personally love but I can imagine some people would not have been keen to see. I never thought Haas would retain his IC Title in this one but Iím happy that he did, and he should be used well after this to show what a fighting champ he can be. One thing I thought could have been done better was the penalty box situation, as I thought you should have maybe had 1 or 2 more pin falls.
Rating: ****/5

The Rock interview

Rock was his usual self which was good to see. You had a good balance of intensity and humour here, and itís nice for The Rock to get a word in after hearing Christianís interview earlier.
Rating: ****/5

Austin vs. Edge

I liked how Edge was used in this match and he would do anything to come away with the victory. The pre-match fight was great and very Austin-like in the way it was done, and this match seemed to have everything needed for these two guys. I thought the ending was slightly anti-climatic as Lita could have played a bigger part in the match and not just helping Edge right at the end.
Rating: ***Ĺ /5

Cena rap

Good on you to make one of these up! Theyíre damn hard to write. I am quite impressed with this too, it seemed quite like what Cena would include and had a nice finish.
Rating: ***/5

The Rock vs. Christian

Decent match here and it was good to see The Rock talking on the mic mid way through. Itís something you donít see often and I think it helped this match somewhat. What I donít like is the amount of finishers used in matches, as they always seem to kick out of the first finisher.
Rating: ***/5

Lumberjacks head to the ring

It seems that thereís loads of lumberjacks for this one, and I can see Cena retaining his title here with help from a lumberjack Ė my pick is Test screwing Triple H.

WWE Title Match

Wow, this was the most exciting match of the evening by far. There was so much surrounding it and it was action packed throughout. I thought Austin played a great role here and I can see him facing Cena in a match somewhere down the road. And best of all, D-X are back Ė the full D-X and the one I liked the best with X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn! Great way to end the show and a title change too!
Rating: ****Ĺ/5


Well, it took me a while to get round to it after losing track of this BTB a few months back, but this was an awesome PPV and I really enjoyed reading it. I look forward to seeing where D-X go, and who Triple Hís first title defence will be against. My guess is Edge.

Grade: B+
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