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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

RAW Review!

The opening promo was decent, although DX seemed rather weak with some of HHH’s comebacks. Vince was in character. DX were in character but like I said, HHH was a little weak on the stick.

Nice opening tag match. NAO get the win which assures us that they most likely will be sticking with DX and Hunter. Good stuff.

A nice promo here from the GM and Bischoff. The Mystery Egg Hunt Line was funny and I’m looking forward to seeing who is on both teams later in the evening.

Decent IC Title match here, but I can’t help but think Masters came off a little weak with the quick finish. Haas/Masters feud coming up?

Nice Cabana Segment, Cena and Carlito were in character almost perfectly, whilst Austin was a little off, maybe a couple more of his catchphrases would have helped.

Very nice promo here, it was short but sweet, the best segment so far imo, it all just seemed to click; a little more conversing might have helped however.

A short but sweet match here between the Man Beast and Dupree. Served its purpose and put Rhino over.

I loved this promo between the two SummerSlam teams. The only criticism I can think of is the fact the some of the altercation between Bischoff’s team members seemed a little forced. Otherwise, it’s all good.

A good Main Event but a little more length may have helped a bit. A good finish and HBK does indeed turn on HHH. The obvious Title Match for Summerslam would be HBK/HHH although with their long history I don’t think a gimmick match would be that silly really, it’d probably enhance the feud.

It was good show but not you best work by any means Renegade, I’ll review SD! When it’s up. 8/10.

Oh, look out for my new BTB coming up soon- NWA:WCW: The New Age!

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