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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Renegade's Raw Review:

Opening to the show with D-X and McMahon's was ok, though didn't like the ending as it's too similar to what has been going on in real life between D-X and the McMahon's. Otherwise, seemed as a good way to go out and hype the show tonight.

Too predictable of a match there but there is always going to be one of those, guessing this is for SummerSlam? Can't really say it but it would certainly be great if it was held off until then. It would continue to give the D-X/Corporation feud some good buildup.

Decent segment, nothing too much other than the continous buildup to the War Games at SummerSlam. Otherwise, it just had Bischoff and Foley continuing their hatred for one another, at least Brown was thrown in there to make it seem a little better.

Like before, can't say too much about this as it seemed to be a short match as a recap. Haas gains the win and he had to of course if he was going to start an Open Challenge. I'm guessing you will redo the Benjamin/Haas feud in the next few weeks?

Carlito's Cabana time, haven't really read one of these as just about everyone has seemed to be stopping them recently including myself. Good little segment, strongest one to the night so far and the buildup to Austin and Cena continues.

Ugh, don't like Scott Hall. Even worse, you've got him feuding with the Masterpiece, that's a disaster in the waiting. Maybe you can do something with these two but it will be hard. Otherwise, didn't like the segment as it was too short and nothing to it.

Hardcore match time, second title match tonight and nothing too much to comment on other than it being a filler. Just out there to put over the champion Rhyno of course. Doubt he will be doing anything the time SummerSlam rolls around.

Um, didn't really like this segment at all. Being honest and none of them really sounded in character like they should be. Certainly Bischoff's comment about not hating me was off character and some of Edge's other comments were too, maybe this should have been done next week as this might be too early.

Main event didn't go to the liking of Vince but the ending was well set out, HHH vs HBK has been set for SummerSlam. No doubt in my mind about that and hopefully you can set it apart from mine which I mean the rivalry has been recently.
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