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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

WWE RAW - Daytona; FL

Vince McMahon comes out to do a promo. Basically he has come to hype his match with Triple H tonight, rite? McMahon names the town, and they should’ve cheered, because they always do. Vinnie & Shane Mac were interrupted too quickly though. Promo was alright to open up the show and it did hype the main event for us.

I like that you have put Johnny Parisi into the World Tag Team Title contenders because I liked this guy. WWE never paid attention to this guy though. It was an okay match and it was expected for the New Age Outlaws to win the match. Cade & Jindrak have to work hard because it’s not easy to beat the New Age Outlaws.

Promo would’ve been better; nothing was special here in this promo. It looks like Eric Bischoff has something planned something massive for Mick Foley tonight. However, I think that Mick Foley will be the one to get the best tonight. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling.

Glad to see Charlie Haas retaining the gold. I don’t think that Masters is a good opponent for him. If I was you, I would’ve given a strong heel opponent to Charlie Haas [not Masters because he really slows the match down, and he has only two things special in him: Masterlock & his entrance.]

Carlito should’ve spoken more before introducing Stone Cold Steve Austin. I wanted few more words from him. Stone Cold was okay and was in character, but again he would’ve spoken more. He wants John Cena, I think it was too early for Cena to come out. Carlito tells Cena to shut up; this was something you would’ve never done. Anyway, Stone Cold attacks on Carlito. It looks like you are involving Carlito in this feud, but let me just say to you that this feud is building up too badly.

Scot Hall & Masters Confrontation backstage was good. And I liked it. Glad to see Rhino retaining the gold with the gore. I am also glad that you have given some spot to Rene Dupree because I think that he has talent.

It was a good promo. So Bischoff introduces his team guys. Edge! I am shocked; Rated R Superstar can be good for Bischoff’s teams! Shelton! He’s a pure athlete and can be good for his team. Damn, everyone wants a shot to the gold. Looks like Bischoff’s team is not on a good role. Christian! Yeah, I am a huge peep! I knew it, I knew it. I knew that Bischoff’s team would attack on Foley, and now I assume someone from Foley’s team to come out and save him. Rock! Oh my god, amazing find for Foley’s team. Rock is getting beating now; it looks like some other guy from Foley’s team has to get in to save his partners. Sting! Oh my god! It shocked me! Good ending there.

Bischoff’s promo was alright. After that promo, I wanted to see a promo to hype up the main event, but there wasn’t any promo, which’s not good. It was a good main event, glad to see Triple H retaining the gold. During the match, someone attempts the super kick and Triple H tears the mask, and its Mark Jindrak!? What the hell is he doing. Oh my god, another huge surprise there. Sweet Chin Music and it was HBK! Amazing ending to the RAW, I liked it.

Overall – 82/100

It was an okay show. I liked this. 82 out of 100 are good score. Bad Blood is building up good for the main event, but every other feud except this are been building up badly, which you have to build it up strongly. Please post the dates of the shows also, It would be good for us readers to keep a track on 'em.

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