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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Well it doesn't look like we'll be getting anymore reviews in for SD! which is dissapointing, this section is being overrun by newbies ATM and it's not good for us veterans who don't get the look in now....

Anyways, here's RAW, enjoy

Daytona; FL

*Opening Video*


Styles: Welcome to WWE RAW live from Daytona Beach here in beautiful Florida, for what is going to be an insane night! And you don't have to look past the main event to know that!

King: I know Joey it's gonna go off! HHH defends his WWE title against Vince McMahon, after the Corporation beat DX last week in a huge 8 man tag!

Styles: Yeah, thanks to a masked man who seemed eerily like Shawn Michaels, with that superkick....

Coach: Well, maybe Shawn finally chose the right thing to do, God only knows how dumb he's been in the past...

Styles: Will this masked figure show up again tonight?

*No Chance* plays to a large amount of boos as Vince McMahon struts to the ring looking all merry and cheery, a big grin across his face, with his son Shane following him, and Test beside them, and bringing up the rear are the Tag Team champions Cade & Jindrak. Vince gets a mic and hops into the ring

Vince: Ah, it's great to be back in Daytona!

Crowd boos Vince

Vince: Yeah, who I am kidding? This place sucks.

Crowd gives more heat as Vince smiles, looking like he can barely contain his happiness

Vince: Last week, my son Shane right here, along with Test, Lance & Mark, made me very proud that they are part of my Corporation, because the single handedly mopped the floor with DX!

Crowd starts an *Asshole* chant

Vince: O come on! How silly of me! I forgot to acknowledge our special guest, the cameo appereance that sent HHH to the floor with one of the most perfect kicks I have ever seen, right on the chin.

Crowd boos as Vince laughs and hands the mic over to Shane

Shane: Ya, and he won't go unthanked, but right now is not the right time to be addressing this issue. What you people should be thinking of, is my dad, at his age, hoisting the WWE title high at the end of the night, because like it or not HHH, that's what's gonna happen, you WILL lose your title tonight!

Crowd gives more heat and Vince takes the mic back

Vince: HHH, you have no chance in hell!

*Break It Down* hits and the crowd blows the roof off with a huge ovation as HHH, X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws step out on stage flying the DX colours, with HHH holding a mic and his trusty sledgehammer, while X-Pac has a box of things which we cannot see, as he has it under his arm

HHH: Vince, you've got a little brown thing near your lips.

Vince taps around his mouth and then makes a qustionable gesture to the Game, as if to say "What?"

HHH: Because you've been talking crap for the last couple of minutes!

Crowd laughs, while Vince frowns at HHH

HHH: The only reason you're facing me tonight is because of what a certain, "mysterious" masked man did to my jaw.

HHH pretends he doesn't have a clue who it may have been

HHH: And if it's who I think, and everyone who witnessed it thinks it is, then I promise you I'll be the one breaking hearts, when I stick this sledgehammer though it!

Crowd cheers

HHH: I didn't think I could trust him again, and well I guess it's true, that was a low blow, speaking of low blows Vince, did you give him one so he'd do this favour for you?

Crowd erupts as Vince snarls into the mic

Vince: SHADDUP Hunter! You're sick. I'd go up there and kick your ass right now, but then, you'd be in no shape for the title match tonight, so I'll restrain myself.....

DX break into a mock of hysterities, while Vince starts to get annoyed with them

HHH: That's classic, golden material Vince. Are you a stand up comedian in your spare time? Don't worry though, because I thought long and hard, that you might actually be able to beat me, I know it's so funny to actually contemplate I had to laugh until I cried, but then it actually crossed my mind, so just incase the unbelievable happens, we got you a little gift box, of things we've heard you like.....

X-Pac hands HHH the box

HHH: We got you these...

HHH pulls a pack of sausages out of the box

Vince: Why would you get me those?

HHH: Well we heard you liked wieners so....

Crowd erupts with laughter as Vince starts to go red with fury

HHH: And then there was this.

HHH pulls out a rubber rooster

HHH: Because of your apparent obsession with cocks....

Crowd laughs again

Vince: That's just enough Hunter.

HHH: Aw, sorry Vinnie Mac, did I just piss you off? What are you gonna do Vince?

Vince: I'm gonna take your title tonight Hunter, and that's a promise that will be fulfilled!

*No Chance* hits again as we go to a break with DX and the Corporation staring at each other


Styles: Welcome back to Monday Night RAW! If you were with us before the break, you would've seen another, well, hilarious confrontation between DX and the Corporation ahead of the big main event tonight, as HHH defends his WWE title against Vince McMahon!

King: But tonight is so much more bigger than that! Tonight, Charlie Haas' first opponent for his open challenge will take on Haas for the IC gold a little later, plus Stone Cold is the guest on the Cabana, hosted by none other than Carlito, who has recovered from the major KOTM match last week at Bad Blood.

Coach: And we will find out the next challengers for Jindrak & Cade as the New Age Outlaws, America's Most Wanted, the Dudley Boyz and the Jonnies duke it out for contendership in a four corners tag match!

Styles: It will be a huge night here in Daytona!

*Jonnies* plays to generic heat as Jeter & Parisi, the "Jonnies" make their way out for the opneing match of the night, looking ready and prepared

*Drop Da Bombshells* hits to a big pop from the fans as the pyro crashes into the stage and Bubba & Dvon taunt to another big cheer. They get into the ring and play to the crowd on the turnbuckles

*Death Sentence* plays to heat as AMW, James Storm & Chris Harris head to the ring, making fun of a fat guy at ringside and ripping up an "AMW sucks" sign. They get into the ring and go nose-to-nose with the Dudleyz

*O You Didn't Know?* hits and the crowd erupts with a huge ovation as Road Dogg steps out on stage with a mic and a water bottle, followed by Billy Gunn, and the duo give a crotch chop on the ramp before heading to the ring

Road Dogg: Cut the music! Ladies and gentlemen, D Generation X proudly brings to you your future WWE Tag Team champions, the Road Dogg Jesse James, the Badass Billy Gunn, the New Age Outlaws!

The crowd pops as RD hands Billy the mic

Billy: And Jonnies, Dudleyz, AMW and most importantly, the Corporation, if you ain't down with that we've got two words for ya....


Match 1
Four Corners Tag Match
Winner Earns Contendership for the Tag Titles
New Age Outlaws vs Dudley Boyz vs AMW vs The Jonnies

Very good, entertaining opener to the night which sees the crowd behind the Outlaws & Dudleyz, and all eight men have a chance to showcase their talents in a very nice start to the match, involving lots of near falls and tags in and out.

All hell breaks out however as Parisi has a cover on Bubba after hitting a Tornado DDT and James Storm pulls him off, as everyone spills into the ring and a brawl erupts which ignites the crowd.

Billy Gunn tags in from Bubba and hits a right hand to Parisi, then whips him to the ropes and powers him up with a Military press, and drops him down to the outside ontop of Dvon & Chris Harris.
Johnny Jeter now clubs Billy from behind and tries to whip him to the ropes, but Billy Gunn reverses and plants him with a Fame Asser!
Billy covers 1.....2...BROKEN UP!
James Storm just makes the save, and then takes Billy to the corner and tees off on him with right hands, then Road Dogg grabs him and plants him with a Pump Handleslam. Road Dogg is then hit with a Bubba Cutter!
Johnny Parisi is seen getting back up, and both Dudleyz are stalking him for the 3D, and they drill him with one to a big cheer from the crowd, then Chris Harris pulls Dvon out to the floor, and Bubba is taken out by Billy with a clothesline to the outside, and Billy covers an out Parisi for the 1......2.....3!

Winners @ 9:45 - New Age Outlaws
Earn Contendership for Tag Titles

The crowd erupts as the Outlaws get the win and they know that they can have a shot against Cade & Jindrak in the bag, they play to the crowd while we go back to the commentary team

Styles: The Outlaws did it! They deserve it, and now we'll see them fight for the titles they should have won at Bad Blood before Test screwed them!

King: That was a great match Joey! What a win for the Outlaws!

Coach: I hate to say it, but they do deserve the win, and the Outlaws may have it in them to take the belts off Cade & Jindrak!

Styles: O my God, did you just say that Coach? Are you feeling OK today?

Backstage now we see Eric Bischoff walking down the halls with Monty Brown in tow, Bischoff enters the GM's office and darts over to Foley's desk, and he and Monty Brown start ruffling through papers and looking through the draws

Bischoff: C'mon Monty, he has to have his team list in here somewhere, I don't think Mick's stupid enough to not have an outline of who he wants in his team, it's under 7 weeks away!

Brown: There's nothing in the draws.....

All of a sudden, Mick Foley walks in and sees the two looking through his things, he smiles and gives the thumbs up to the camera which gets a pop from the crowd, then Foley slams the door shut behind him loudly which startles Brown and scares Bischoff enough to make him fall over and drop the paperwork everywhere. and the crowd laughs

Foley: What's going on fellas? Mystery egg hunt?

Bischoff: I....uh....er.....um.....

Foley: You wouldn't happen to be looking through my personal, private paperwork would you?

Brown: Naw, we were just......just.....

Bischoff: I felt the office could do with some re-decorating.

Foley cracks a smile as Bischoff looks pleadingly at Monty to say something to get them out of here

Brown: Yeah.....

Bischoff looks at Brown with a look of "Is that all you're gonna say" face. Bischoff places Foley's papers down on his desk

Bischoff: Well Mick, later on I'll be in that ring addressing the people and announcing more additions to my team for War Games, I suggest you show up to do the same thing.

Foley: I may just do that.

Bischoff: OK good.

Foley looks at Brown then Bischoff and walks out, and Bischoff shakes his head at Brown as if to say "That was close"

Bischoff: That was close! I'm sick of this idiot, it's like he's stalking me! If everything goes to plan, then he may not be around for the next few weeks, which would be just, too bad......

Bischoff smiles at Brown who nods back and the camera fades out while the crowd seems to be thinking of what Bischoff just said

Styles: Bischoff is treading a mighty thin line, he was caught in the act, and I think Foley knew what he was doing.

King: I wonder what his last few words meant?

Styles: I guess we'll find out later....

*World's Greatest* hits to a decent reception from the fans as Charlie Haas heads to the ring for the first week of the "IC Open Challenge", he gets in the ring and holds the belt up high and waits for his challenger

*Masterpiece* plays to heat as Haas seems unhappy that Masters AGAIN has a match against him, Masters heads to the ring looking cocky and confident just like last week

Match 2
Intercontinental Championship
Charlie Haas (c) vs Chris Masters

Very similar beginning and middle to the match they had last week, with Masters starting to take controlf of Haas as we go to a break.

As we return, Masters goes for the Masterlock but before he can lock it on, Haas spins out of it and takes down Masters with a German suplex!
Both men get to their feet at the same time and duke it out, trading blows, and Haas whips Masters to the ropes, only for Masters to block the clothesline attempt and Powerslam Haas down, which gets a 2 count.

Masters gets Haas up and goes to put the Masterlock on again, but this time Haas uses Masters' on momentum and converts it into a jawbreaker, then Haas hits the T-Bone suplex and covers 1.....2.....3

Winner @ 8:56 - Charlie Haas
Retains IC Title

Haas gets his title and celebrates with the fans as we go back to the announce table

Styles: Two weeks in a row Charlie Haas comes out on top of Chris Masters!

Coach: Another lucky win for Haas.

King: Another lucky loss for Masters......

Styles: When we come back we've got the Cabana with Stone Cold, and much more, stay tuned folks!


We come back live with a shot of outside, and it's a clearn nights sky over Daytona, we are then shown a shot of the arena, before we cut inside and see the Cabana set up, with Carlito in the ring getting a small *Carlito* chant from the crowd

Carlito: Daytona, Florida!

Crowd erupts

Carlito: Now das cool!

Crowd cheers again

Carlito: Tonight, the Cabana returns after a long absence, and Carlito found out who was on the Cabana, he smiled. Because my guest tonight is Stone Cold Steve Austin....

*Glass Shatters* hits to a thunderous ovation from the fans, shaking the arena as Stone Cold heads to the ring in a "F*ck Fear" shirt and jeans, and a patch on the front of his forehead after last weeks assault by John Cena

Carlito: Welcome to the Cabana Steve.

Austin: Thank you Carlito.



Crowd pops as Austin smiles

Carlito: Now Steve last week you and John Cena got into a bit of a confrontation and you obviously came off second best.

Austin: WHAT


Carlito: I sa...

Austin: WHAT


Austin: Son, shut your yap and listen to Stone Cold. Last week, we had Marky Mark come out and blame good ol' Stone Cold for losing at Bad Blood. EH-EH, that ain't what happened.


Austin: So I came out to set the record straight and get things right.


Austin: When that no good


Austin: Bottom feedin'


Austin: Vanilla Ice copy cat took his frustrations out on me


Austin: And that's just not on. So, if John Cena is in the building tonight, come on out here son.

The crowd pops, but nothing happens

Austin: Come on John, I promise I won't bite.....

After a few moments, finally *My Time Is Now* hits to HUGE heat from the fans as John Cena heads to the ring with a stern look on his face, with a mic in hand, he however stops on the ramp

Cena: Yo, Steve, maybe I beat you so bad last week you can't tell your right from left. Your north from your south. But obviously, you don't want me near you when I flip, coz I come bringin' all tha noise, and you old timer, are not up to my standards. I COULD KICK YOUR ASS AGAIN!

Crowd boos as Austin laughs

Austin: Old timer?


Cena: You heard me.

Austin: I sure did. I'll translate what I just heard.... Blah, blah, blah, yap, yap, CRAP!

Crowd cheers

Austin: Are you gonna stand there, in all seriousness, and tell me you could beat Stone Cold one on one right now? Because if that's what it's about, bring it on....

Austin drops his mic and dares Cena to get into the ring, Cena contemplates it, and slowly heads to the ring, Cena gets on the apron and begins to hop into the ring, when he suddenly turns and jumps off, noticing that Austin was coming for him

Cena: Hell no!

Crowd boos like crazy as Cena does a "You Can't See Me" taunt to Austin

Carlito: Hey Cena you are not on Carlito's guest list, so do me a favour and get lost!

Austin turns to Carlito with a bad look on his face

Austin: Shut that nappyhead up before I make you!

Carlito: Don't tell me what to do.

Austin: WHAT


Carlito: Don't te...

Austin boots Carlito in the gut and nails him with a Stunner! The crowd cheers as Carlito rolls out of the ring, but in this time, Cena has slid into the ring and he picks up a deckchair from the setting and clobbers Austin over the back with it! Cena now pulls Austin up, but Austin breaks free and hits a right hand to Cena, taking him off his feet!

Cena gets back up and is met with another right, but then, Cena falls down and rolls out of the ring, waving off Austin and smiling at him, using his index finger to pat the side of his head, while Austin grabs the bucket of apples and throws them down the aisle at Cena, looking pissed

Styles: The Cabana has broken out into a frenzy, Carlito gets a Stunner, and Cena gets a right hand, Austin gets a deckchair to the back, it's all going on here, but again Cena outsmarts Austin, knowing that playing these mindgames is getting under the Rattlesnakes frail skin!

Coach: Austin better watch what he does, because John Cena will beat Austin senseless like last week!

Backstage now and we see Scott Hall sitting in the cafeteria with Maven, Val Venis & Torrie Wilson, playing poker, when Chris Masters walks by, looking in another bad mood, and Hall sees this

Hall: Hey yo!

Masters keeps walking

Hall: Hey, "Masterpiece", how'd you go earlier? O that's right, you lost!

Crowd laughs as Masters stops and turns to Hall who is smiling and making a hilarious wave towards Masters. Masters walks up to Hall

Masters: You gotta problem?

Hall: As a matter of fact I do, you took Arnold Schwarzennegars steroids! He wants them back.

Masters: You're a comedian.

Masters then turns to the card game table and tips it over, which pisses off Maven & Venis, who escort Torrie away, while Hall gets right in Masters face

Hall: Paybacks a bitch ain't it?

The two keep eyes locked on each other for a few seconds, then Masters walks off, while Hall stares at him, looking annoyed with the youngsters attitude

Styles: Scott Hall is really getting under Chris Masters' skin!

King: Masters looked ready to snap then and there, really would've been a brawl between those two.

*Freight Animal* hits to a big cheer from the fans as Rhino heads to the ring with the Hardcore title belt with him, he pounds on his chest and raises the belt to a good pop

*Resistance* plays and Rene Dupree makes his way down, followed by Rob Conway, flying the French & Quebec flags high with them

Match 3
Hardcore Championship
Rhino (c) vs Rene Dupree

Nice and short brawl filled with road signs, trash cans, a chair and some odd things found under the ring like a frying pan and a fire extingisher.

Dupree sprays the liquid of the extinguisher into the face of Rhino, who is blinded, as he staggers around, unable to see where he's going. Dupree takes a few cocky punches, making Rhino stumble around and down to his knee.
Dupree now grabs the trash can and goes to hit Rhino, but the Man Beast comes out with a road sign which connects with the skull of Dupree.
Rhino now wipes the liquid from his face, picks up the kendo stick and cracks it over the head of Conway who is on the apron, then turns around and runs right through Dupree with a GORE!

Rhino makes the cover and retains his title

Winner @ 5:45 - Rhino

The crowd pops as Rhino successfully defends his title here tonight

Styles: Rhino retains his Hardcore title, overcoming Dupree and his buddy Conway!

King: Well Rhino is looking to show us he's THE Hardcore wrestler on RAW at the moment.

Coach: When real competition comes around, he'll be powerless to stop it!

Styles: Well coming up next we get a word from Eric Bischoff about his team for the War Games match at Summerslam which is still 7 weeks away, yet Bischoff seems ready to plant the seeds for his team already. When we return!


We come back and Eric Bischoff is in the ring with Monty Brown, a mic in hand

Bischoff: Listen up.

Crowd boos Bischoff

Bischoff: Don't hate me 'coz you ain't me....

Crowd boos again

Bischoff: I am out here, to announce more members of my team for the War Games match at Summerslam, which, when my team wins, means that Mick Foley will be at my side, doing what I want him to do, when I want him to do it.

Crowd starts a *Bullshit* chant

Bischoff: You all already know of my first pick, the Beast of the Serenghetti, the Alpha-Male, MONTY BROWN!

Bischoff points to Brown, who flexes, showing off his large build while the crowd boos him

Bischoff: But before I go any further, I encourage my co-General Manager to join me, and maybe encourage him to reveal who he would like in his team, so come on Mick, join us.....

*Erk-Crash* hits to a good ovation from the crowd as Mick Foley heads to the ring with a skeptical look on his face, Bischoff is beeming with a big smile inside the ring as Foley gets in

Foley: Well thank you for inviting me here Eric, but I doubt I'l be telling anyone about my team members just yet.....

Bischoff: Fine, if that's how you want to be, just stand back in the corner and marvel at my selections.....

Foley holds his hands up to say "Fine" and backs into the corner, and takes a seat on the middle buckle

Bischoff: Please welcome the second man in my team, he hails from Toronto, Canada, he is the Rated R Superstar, EDGE!

*Metalingus* plays to loud heat as Edge makes his way to the ring, getting a mic and getting into the ring

Bischoff: Hello Edge.

Edge: You better be good for it Bischoff, after I win this match for you, you organize me a title match against whoever the champion is at that time!

Bischoff: Uh yeah sure, calm down.

We see a shot of Monty Brown now, who looks shocked of what he just heard

Brown: What? You offered him a title shot?

Bischoff: Easy Monty, you'll get one too!

Brown: I better!

Bischoff: You will! Both of you calm down!

We see a shot of Foley who is laughing in the corner

Bischoff: Huh boy. Now, my third member is one of the greatest pure athletes ever seen in the WWE, he is from Orangesberg, South Carolina, SHELTON BENJAMIN!

*Ain't No Stoppin' Me* hits to some heat as Shelton heads to the ring with shades and a silk shirt on, looking real flash, which brings a smile to the face of Edge, Monty Brown doesn't seem too impressed either

Shelton: What's this crap Eric? You promised ME a title shot if I did this favour for you!

Bischoff: OK Shelton, I know. I won't forget it.

Shelton: O and Edge I heard what you said earlier, but you see you got something wrong, I think you meant when I, as in "Shelton Benjamin" wins the match for this team.

Edge: No, actually I said what needed to be said. Don't worry though, you can bring your ho's along with you pimp....

Edge & Shelton get in each others faces, while Monty has to seperate them

Bischoff: Guys I'm begging you to keep it on a leash for now. You all will get what you deserve. Now, my fourth member is another Canadian, from Toronto, he is Captain Charisma, Christian!

*Close Your Eyes* hits to a few cheers which get drowned out by heat as Christian heads to the ring, looking really cocky and pleased

Christian: Alright, don't worry guys, stability has arrived.

Edge: No, stability just went out the door.

Bischoff: Can you four please put a sock in it! Mick, this is my team, and while they may need a few incentives and a little bonding session, they are the best team you can possibly put together. Whadda ya say about that?

Foley: Well Eric, you've done well. You've gone for a youthful team, full of different talents, power, speed, athleticism and arrogance.

Crowd laughs

Bischoff: That's all your gonna say?

Foley: Yes.

Bischoff: What about the single handedly greatest team ever assembled in sports and entertainment history?

Foley: Ha, far from it.

Bischoff: I realise there is still one spot left, and it is open to whomever wants to take it, as long as you prove yourselves to me in some way.....

Foley begins to leave, when Bischoff stops him

Bischoff: Mick, where are you going? The partie's just getting started.

Foley: Take your hand off me.

Bischoff: No, stay, I insist, and announce your team.

Foley: I'd rather not.

Bischoff: Mick, I beg of you....

Edge, Christian, Shelton & Monty Brown all surround Foley, as Foley looks at Bischoff with a surprised look

Foley: What's going on Eric?

Bischoff: I'll give you one last chance to play fair Foley, otherwise, I won't be held responsible for my teams actions.....

Foley eyes up all four men, and then goes to leave the ring, and Bischoff shrugs his shoulders as Edge kicks him in the groin!

The crowd gives huge heat as Monty Brown rebounds off the ropes and drills Foley with a POUNCE. Shelton & Christian now put the boots to Foley, while Edge pummels away with right hands as the crowd boos the hell out of Bischoff, who stands there watching and smiling

They pull Foley up, and Monty Brown uses a chair and smashes it over the head of Mick Foley, as the Hardcore Legend falls to his knees

Bischoff: Mick, ever since you showed up here on RAW you've done nothing but piss on my legacy as a GM, with your horrible decisions in booking and running of this show, you did everything for the fans. You're not fit for a GM role, you should be making RAW for the money and ratings, not for the idolation of a bunch of losers in the audience! That's where you went wrong, and I refuse to sit back and act like I'm on your side. I'm tired of it, and now, you're paying the price for once again not being fair. Why couldn't you be fair?

The four man assault continues as Shelton connects with a Dragon Whip to the side of the head of Foley while he's on his knees, taking Foley down, and Mick is bleeding after the nasty chair shot

Bischoff: Finish him!

Christian brings Foley up and looks to hit the Unprettier to Foley on the chair when

*IF YA SMELL* hits and the crowd explodes with an electric ovation as The Rock runs to the ring, and Christian's jaw drops to the mat, he lets go of Foley and tries to meet The Rock on the outside, but Rock blocks him and nails him with a right hand

Rock now gets into the ring and hits a right to Edge, then Shelton, then Monty, then grabs Edge and plants him with a Rock Bottom!

The crowd goes wild, but then boos as Christian takes Rock down with an Unprettier from behind. And now, the beating insues on The Rock to heat. Mick Foley tries to get back up, but Eric Bischoff nails a martial arts kick to the chest of him, taking him down again, and now


The crowd erupts as *Ride The Lightning* hits to a huge ovation and Sting drops from the rafters above with his baseball bat in hand! Bischoff splits, and Brown charges in to be met with a shot to the ribs with the bat! Sting now swings it at Shelton, who rolls to the outside with Christian following suit, and Edge rolling out to join them, as Sting checks on Foley, and The Rock gets back to his feet also, and the two men help up Mick Foley, while Bischoff and his team say "You're dead" towards Rock & Sting

Styles: WHOA! The Rock and Sting just saved Mick Foley, and obviously, these two were part of the team Foley had in mind!

King: That was sneaky from Bischoff, getting his men to do that to Foley! I can assure you next week something big is gonna go down between these two!

Coach: Why would anyone want to save Mick Foley from a beating, they were actually beating sense into the idiot!

We go to a commercial with The Rock & Sting standing tall in the ring watching Bischoff's men head backstage


We return and see a shot of a limo pulling up, and then Eric Bischoff hops into it, but before the driver leaves, Todd Grisham catches up to him for a quick word

Grisham: Mr. Bischoff, may I have a word?

Bischoff: If you must, hurry up kiddo, I'm not in a good mood.

Grisham: Would you care to enlighten us all to why you did what you've done to Foley tonight?

Bischoff: It's simple. I hate him. I hate everything about him. His dirty, smelly flannel shirts, his cheap pops everyweek, his stupidity, his kiss-ass attitude to the crowd. I hate it all. And until this thing is settled at Summerslam with the War Games match, I resign as GM of RAW, and if Mick Foley has the balls, he'll change the stipulation back to whomever's team wins is the SOLE GM OF RAW!

Bischoff slams the door and the limo drives off, leaving Todd confused and he sends it back to ringside

Styles: Wow, the challenge is back on for the winning team's GM to become the sole runner of RAW! That's a huge challenge, but will Foley accept it?

King: Of course he will.

Coach: Foley's so stupid, that he'd say yes.

*No Chance* fills the sounds to major heat as Vince McMahon heads to the ring, ready for his WWE championship match, this time with no Corporation with him at all

*The Game* hits and the crowd erupts with a massive pop as HHH steps out on stage, douses himself in water, then sprays it out into the air and storms to the ring looking focused and intense as always

Match 4
Main Event
WWE Championship
HHH (c) vs Vince McMahon

Very good brawl of a main event, HHH is really controlling Vince for the most part, but Vince does get a small time in control after countering a Pedigree with a knee breaker.

Vince works on Hunter's leg for about 3 minutes before HHH comes back, reversing an Irish whip by McMahon and planting the boss with a spinebuster!
HHH then whips McMahon to the corner, but Vince crashes into the ref, who was in the way.
HHH doesn't see this, and as Vince stumbles out nails the Pedigree on him and makes a cover, only to realise that Nick Patrick is out.

HHH tries to revive him, but as he is doing this, the masked man slides out from under the ring! He gets into the ring and sets HHH up, and The Game turns around, AND CATCHES THE SUPERKICK ATTEMPT!

The crowd goes wild as HHH smiles and the masked figure stands there, the masked man tries an Enziguri, but HHH ducks it, boots them in the ribs and plants them face first with a Pedigree!

Mike Chioda runs to the ring as HHH once again covers an out McMahon and Chioda counts the fall 1.....2.....3!

Winner @ 11:34 - HHH
Retains WWE Championship

The crowd erupts as HHH's hand is raised in victory. HHH now goes over to the out cold masked man and pulls him up, and takes off the mask to reveal......


The crowd is surprised, HHH is stunned and doesn't seem to have a clue as to what's going on. HHH drops Jindrak with a right hand, and then turns around into SWEET CHIN MUSIC FROM SHAWN MICHAELS!

The crowd boos the hell out of HBK, who watches his former best friend fall to the mat after being hit right on the chin

HBK stands over HHH with the crowd booing heavily, just looking at Hunter's unconscious body, he then gives a few crotch chops to more heat

Styles: HBK! He wasn't the masked man, but he damn sure just turned on who seemed to be his life long pal HHH!

Coach: Pure genious! Genious!

King: I can't believe what I'm seeing....

Styles: What an insane night it's been, we'll see you next week for what should be a massive RAW!

HBK places HHH's WWE title over his layed out body and continues to stand there, emotionless, while Vince McMahon holds his head on the ramp smiling with that sick, sadistic evil smile of his


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