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Re: Official Indy DVD Discussion Thread

New thread, eh? Well random bit to mention:

PWG Is Your Body Ready? was a better show than expected. Yet to watch the ironman, but will soon. Probably tonight. Or tomorrow. I've been busy.

I can see why some would dislike (or hate) the opener, but I thought RockNES Monsters were actually the reason why I managed to have some fun with it on the second watch. Never seen a match where I liked Johnny Yuma more than Brian Cage. Not even in the RockNES vs Fightin Taylor-Boys tags.

Davey vs O'Reilly was bleh, but at least not AS awful as it is in ROH or AAW with those two. PWG crowd made portions pop. If the match would have been short, I probably would have been fine with it. Like five minutes of their strike exchanges and crap. All about the select sequences in that one. It's crap for an extended period, something good happens, crap, etc. Finish looked slick for those two; with the right guy going over too. I don't want to see it again, however, this was the most tolerable "Team Ambition" (gosh I hate that) combo seen ever. Good ol PWG. Helps with the crowd & commentary.

FIST vs Dojo Bros was FUN. Chuck Taylor getting on commentary for a brief moment = Fuck you who hate him. You know who you are. JERKS.

Recall some saying Steen vs Younger was underwhelming, however I didn't see it. Another match where it went about the way I expected it to. They thrashed each other and I was digging it. Death Valley Driver spot on the apron blew my mind.

Speaking of blowing minds, the Young Bucks tag. Those guys deserve to be punished by the roster on how they make everyone else look bad simply by comparison. You can't stop 'em. I'd hate to be on a show and have to follow them up. Del Sol was top notch here on his last night. Looked like the biggest threat. Fox didn't do anything except for some logical moments in the end, so that worked. Only part of the match I didn't like was when he was on offense for about two minutes; that sucked. But it was over quickly and that was for the best. Excalibur & Chuck Taylor burying Fox on commentary was the greatest part though. FINALLY someone says the things I say.

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