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Re: Donner Dinner Party Mafia Gameplay Thread

Yay, we won, and Town dominated from the start! LC and Evo totally killed it with the first lynch of the game on Day 1 which gave us an awesome start and set a great tone for the rest of the game. This town played pretty flawlessly. I don't think one person even deserves the MVP since it was a team effort and if we hadn't played well as a unit, we wouldn't have won so easily or perhaps at all.

There were honestly a number of times in the game where I literally considered shooting just about every single person in the game. In the end I'd go with my strongest scum read which turned out okay though I think in a game where there's this much non-town the Vig really has no excuse but to shoot scum every night. I am so glad that I didn't shoot Phenom as I thought of doing a couple times since he looked scummy to me. I would have killed both of us, lol. He did very well to survive with that role for the duration of the game and keep it a secret so he could protect Impulse and I. Impulse had awesome role usage and had a good plan to trade the shovel/holy pendant back and forth. I didn't initially trust you, Imp, that's why I didn't do it right away. I thought of vigging you as well. LC and CP had terrific reads throughout the game which led to scum being lynched just about every day phase. That's just incredible play but not a surprise at all coming from them.

Congratulations to Sween also! I'm happy for him and it's no easy task to survive as non-town once it's revealed so definitely a deserved win.

Thank you for the game, Dan! It was challenging but in a good way and I love how innovative you are with your games. They are always a lot of fun to play.

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