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Re: Aiden English is not a side show

I'm not totally sure that he's supposed to be a heel. I mean has he done anything particularly heelish? The gimmick obviously seems to lend itself to a heel by default, but I'm not so sure. He's only faced a jobber no one knows or cares about so it's not like he's taking on a top face. He's also not being overly brutal or aggressive. All he's done is show an extremely cocky and self aggrandizing personality. In this day in age that is not a uniquely heel trait anymore. The NXT creative team is smart. They know the kind of crowd they have. That crowd will cheer for anyone interesting as long as they're colorful and work hard. It doesn't matter what the character does as long as they're entertaining. The fans down there have forced face turns from Enzo, Cass, and Emma recently. I think the plan was just to send English out and see what happens. Shoot for a tweener and let it play out. Allow the crowd to dictate the direction they go in. He won't ever be an über face but the crowd doesn't want him to be a heel.

I may be totally off the mark here, but time will tell. From what I've seen there hasn't been any heel traits besides the gimmick. If they're smart they'll keep him in a tweener role who just plays up to himself rather than to the crowds emotions.



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