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Re: Goldberg Responds to Ryback

Originally Posted by Bagelalmond View Post
Look, can we just stop arguing and be a quiet, peace poster for once and share our opinions instead? I don't see the point for us to come on here and fight all the time just because we have different views about certain wrestlers. It would be great if we can just do this rationally.
Which translates as "Mr. Daniels, can you please just agree with me???".

I don't understand how you get the impression that I hate Goldberg because I feel Brock or (to a lesser extent) Ryback is stronger than him. I don't hate anybody. I may dislike Goldberg but if it made sense, I would tell the truth about my favorite wrestler, Sting, such as he's not really a good wrestler and phones it in, etc.

Just because I'm not saying what you want to hear doesn't mean I'm a hater or that I shouldn't have my own opinion and just agree with you.

There is no point to come on here and "fight". Also no point for you to have been going on for, what, 2 weeks now about how Goldberg is more athletic, agile and stronger than Brock, yet nearly meltdown when someone disagrees. Again, it's not about being right regarding a question that doesn't have a right or wrong answer. But what do you do? Bring up all this football stuff and the jackhammer to put over Brock in anyway possible but it's a problem if I say Brock is better?

Brock is better than Goldberg. He's stronger and more agile. Would have had a better NFL career if he was dedicated from day one. That's called an "opinion". There's no kind of information you can post that will make me or anybody else change our opinions, yet you try.

So, you're the one that has a hard time accepting a different opinion. And this is your way to FINALLY prove me wrong about something. We can debate opinions with our own opinions and accept it, having a nice, time killing discussion. Or you can continue being on a crusade to prove Goldberg is stronger, more agile, a better wrestler, takes better morning shits, has bigger feet, etc. and in the process, really prove nothing because it's all opinion.

It's all on you...

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