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Re: Where is the Toronto love?

Originally Posted by Dark Church View Post
The what chants are stupid and have been for a decade now. Those are everywhere though and not in a particular area. Yes chants are good because they show approval for something. You screwed Bret.never had any point other than being marks for a guy who willingly left the company. Then you guys continued to pay to attend events to do that stupid chant. You are from there though so you are going to defend your own crowd.
Ok so you're mad because the crowd is active and enjoying themselves and making a wicked atmosphere instead of some of the dead crowds elsewhere? You'd seriously rather watch some dead crowd of 10,000 people in I dunno, Wisconsin than a rawkus crowd in Toronto? I'm guessing you don't like Ryback, right? So would you say the crowd after WM was shit for cheering him and chanting "feed me more"? That was the best crowd of the year by far because of all the random chants.

I'm not defending the crowd because it's Toronto, I'm defending it because the track record speaks for itself. The biggest non-PPV ever, the biggest Raw ever, 2 WrestleMania's with over 67,000 fans, and consistantly enthusiastic crowds. How on earth could you call any city like that a bad wrestling crowd?

74,000 - The Big Event (1986) (still to this date the biggest non-PPV attendance for WWF ever)
67,000 - WrestleMania 6 (1990)
25,000 - Monday Night Raw (Jan. 31, 1997)
43,000 - Monday Night Raw (Feb 8th 1999) (still to this date the biggest Raw in history)
68,000 - WrestleMania X8 (2002) (highest grossing live event in the companies history at the time... despite a Canadian dollar worth only 65 cents US at the time [take note Alim])

If you've ever watched a Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game, you'll see we have terrible live crowds. Now that's mainly due to the arena being half full with corporate suits who gets comped ticked and "real fans" can't get their hands on tix, but the point is I'll be the first to say that there's much better hockey crowds than Toronto.. Montreal, Detroit, Calgary, etc. But that's another story.

But anyways, you'll be glad to know the heel crowds have seemed to disappear and the new kayfabe generation crowd has replaced them. A friend of mine was at Raw a few weeks back and he said he was shocked how many marks that were there who were getting mad at him for cheering Heyman and other heels.

P.S. here's a little retro clip of Toronto booing The (face) Rock for doing the Sharpshooter


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