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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Here is a full show I started but the end is recap since I had problems and I know that Renegade is getting tired of being stuck here so I am going to post this Show and the end is recap though. But next week, the show should be up in full with some changes that I dont know what yet, lol. Anyways, here it is.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown

We see what happen last week in the World Championship Match between Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle having a No Contest because of Chris Jericho.

The Smackdown Video plays and the fireworks go off. The GM for tonight subbing for Teddy Long who haves a family emergency, The Mouth of the South, Jimmy Hart comes out to a good pop. He haves his megaphone and a mic.

Jimmy Hart: Hello everyone and welcome to my Smackdown Show for one night only. Now everyone is wondering why Teddy would have me do this and the real reason is that I dont know. I dont know if he is trying to get back at Hulk Hogan by hiring me, so I dont know. The only thing I know is that I will give you fans a great show here tonight. In matter of fact, not only do we have a US Championship Number 1 Contender match coming up in a bit but we also have the Highlite Reel with Chris Jericho and his guest are, well, I dont know who his guest is but he promise to have a highlite reel here tonight. Enjoy Smackdown tonight!!!!

Jimmy Hart leaves the arena.

Burn My Light hits and The Legend Killer, Randy Orton comes out to boos. He enters the ring and he stands on the 2nd rope and poses as the gold pyro falls down behind him. Say It Loud hits and Mr. Kennedy comes out. He enters the ring but he dont take the mic or anything. He just stares at the crowd. We hear some arab music and Muhammad Hassan comes out with Diavari. He enters the ring and rasies both his hands high as the crowd are starting to chant "USA". Longhorn hits and a long white limo comes out. The driver gets out and goes and open the door. JBL steps out and he walks and enters the ring as the crowd boo him.

#1 Contendership for the US Championship
Elimination Match
Randy Orton vs Mr. Kennedy vs JBL vs Muhammad Hassan

The four heels stare at each other but the crowd is chanting "Kennedy" over and over again wanting Mr. Kennedy to win. Ken Kennedy locks up with Randy Orton and JBL locks up with Hassan. Randy Orton and JBL back them into the corner. They each look at each other across the ring. Randy Orton whips Mr. Kennedy across the ring and JBL whips Hassan across. Hassan clothesline Kennedy and then he still runs and clothesline Orton. Muhammad Hassan turns around and JBL goes for a clothesline from hell but Hassan ducks it. JBL bounces off the ropes and Hassan catches him with a powerslam. Hassan makes the cover but JBL is out right before 2. Hassan gets up and Mr. Kennedy grabs him and toss him over the top to the floor. Ken Kennedy turns around and he covers JBL but Bradshaw is up before 1. Ken Kennedy goes over but Randy Orton clothesline him. Randy Orton starts kicking Mr. Kennedy down on the ground. Randy Orton makes a quick cover but Kennedy is out. Randy Orton picks Mr. Kennedy up but Kennedy ducks a clothesline. Ken Kennedy grabs Randy Orton and connects with a german suplex. He haves the bridge cover, 1................................2......................Randy Orton kicks out. Mr. Kennedy picks Randy Orton up but JBL knocks Kennedy into Orton and both men are now on the ground. Hassan is up and he stares at Bradshaw. Muhammad Hassan offers his hand to JBL and Bradshaw shakes it. Hassan goes over and picks Randy Orton up and JBL does the same to Kennedy. JBL whips Mr. Kennedy into the corner with force and Ken Kennedy falls to the ground holding his back. JBL walks over and covers Kennedy, 1........................................2.......................Ken grabs the bottom rope to break the count. JBL gets up and he looks over to sees Hassan beating the crap out of Randy Orton in the corner. JBL walks over and he shoves Hassan aside and starts choking Randy Orton with his foot. Hassan shoves JBL out of the way and Hassan starts choking him with his foot. JBL then shoves Hassan out of the way again and starts choking Orton. Muhammad Hassan have had enough and he knocks JBL from behind. Hassan starts kicking JBL but Kennedy runs across the ring and quickly rolls Hassan up, 1..........................................2.................................Hassan kicks out. Mr. Kennedy gets up and pulls Hassan up but Hassan trips him and Ken Kennedy gets hung on the top rope. Mr. Kennedy falls to the mat knocked out. Muhammad Hassan makes the cover, 1.................................................2................................................3 .

Eliminated: Mr. Kennedy

Muhammad Hassan gets up and he holds his hands high in the air. He turns around but JBL connects with the Clothesline From Hell. JBL makes the cover, 1....................................................2...........................................Has san just gets a shoulder up. Bradshaw turns around and Randy Orton is up and he clothesline the big texan down. Randy Orton runs to the ropes and he goes for a 2nd clothesline but JBL ducks it. JBL runs to the ropes and goes for a Clothesline From Hell but Randy Orton ducks it. JBL turns around and Randy Orton jumps and connects with a RKO. Randy Orton quickly makes the cover, 1................................................2.................................................. ..3.

Eliminated: JBL

Randy Orton is standing with a big grin on his face but Muhammad Hassan hits him from behind. Muhammad Hassan starts kicking Randy Orton on the mat. He raises his hands and slits his neck. He then locks in The Camel Clutch on Randy Orton. Muhammad Hassan haves it on thight as Randy Orton trys to get to the ropes. Randy Orton can't get to the ropes but he wont give up. Randy Orton finally gets a arm free and grabs the bottom rope. Muhammad Hassan can't belive that Randy Orton got free. He starts screaming to Divairi in that Arab crap. Divari runs over and grabs a chair and he slides it in the ring by Hassan. Diavari gets on the apron and grabs the ref. Muhammad Hassan picks up the chair and he turns around to face Randy Orton but Orton is up and he quickly dropkicks the chair right into the face of Hassan. Both men are out as Diavari trys to get in the ring but the ref is with him still. Randy Orton makes the cover but Divari still haves the ref. Randy Orton gets up and he goes after Divari and grabs him by his neck. Muhammad Hassan gets Randy Orton from behind. He does a backsuplex to Randy Orton. Muhammad Hassan looks over and sees the chair there. The ref is outside the ring checking on the faking Diavari who says his neck is hurt. Hassan goes over and grabs the chair. He pulls Randy Orton up and cracks him right in the head. Hassan throws the chair out of the ring and he locks Randy Orton in the Camel Clutch. Randy Orton is knocked out not because of the Camel Clutch but of the chair shot. Randy Orton is out and the ref calls for the bell.

Winner and number 1 contender for the US Championship, Muhammad Hassan

Muhammad Hassan and his manager, Diavari leaves the ring happy that they will face Rey Mysterio at The Great American Bash.

Backstage we see a long limo pull up and Chris Jericho exit it and start to walk into the arena.


We are back on Smackdown as the The Mexicools are in the ring. Fear hits and Matt and Jeff comes out to a great pop. They run down the ramp and enters the ring.

The Mexicools vs The Hardy Boyz
Super Crazy and Matt Hardy starts the match off. They circle the ring and they shakes hands. They then lock up but Crazy backs Matt into the corner. Crazy quickly breaks the hold and he backs up but he then goes after Matt but Matt moves and Crazy hits the corner. Matt Hardy starts hitting Crazy with hard fist. Matt grabs Super Crazy and whips him into the corner across the ring. Matt Hardy runs but Super Crazy moves and Matt his the corner hard. Super Crazy tags in Psicosis and Psi comes and runs at Matt and clothesline him into the corner. Psi goes for a 2nd one but Matt ducks it. Matt Hardy grabs Psicosis and connects with a sideeffect. Matt Hardy stands up and takes his shirt off. He tosses it to the crowd but Super Crazy comes in the ring but Hardy clothesline him down. Matt Hardy picks Super Crazy up and toss him out of the ring. Matt Hardy turns around and Psicosis kicks him in the gut. Psicosis grabs Matt and toss him through the 2nd rope and Matt his the barracade like a dart. Matt Hardy might be really injured here but Super Crazy dont care as he gets up and goes over and picks Matt up. He then bodyslams Matt Hardy on the hard floor. Super Crazy then jumps on the barracade and jumps with a moonsault onto Matt Hardy. Super Crazy enters the ring and gets on all fours like a dog. Psicosis runs and jumps off of Super Crazy's back and lands on Matt Hardy with a springbored legdrop from the ring to the floor. The crowd is going nuts. Super Crazy is still on all fours with a grin on his face. Jeff Hardy is in the ring now and he runs and also jumps off of Crazy and lands ontop of both Psicosis and Matt Hardy who was trying to get up. Super Crazy is up now but he dont jump instead he goes outside the ring and throws Matt Hardy back inside it. He covers Matt for a quick 2 count. Super Crazy picks Matt up and slams him down to the mat. Super Crazy calls for a moonsault and he quickly goes to the top rope. Super Crazy jumps but Matt Hardy moves and Super Crazy hits the mat hard. Matt Hardy pulls Super Crazy up and Matt Hardy nails a Side Effect. Matt Hardy gets up and he points toward the top rope as the fans go nuts. Matt Hardy gets ready to jump when Psycosis comes from the outside of the ring and hits Matt Hardy in the head. Psi climbs up and gets on the top rope with Matt. Matt Hardy starts fighting back with right hands and headbutts to Psy but Psycosis wont fall. Matt Hardy grabs Psycosis and jumps with a Side Effect and both men crash to the ground. Every man is out as Jeff Hardy is seen pulling himself up by the apron outside the ring. Jeff Hardy pulls himself up to the top rope. He looks at the crowd then he jumps with the Swanton Bomb onto Super Crazy. All four men are out. Jeff Hardy crawls over and makes a cover on Super Crazy, 1....................................................2............................................Ps ycosis jumps and breaks the count up. Jeff Hardy gets to his feet and so does Psy. Jeff Hardy runs and takes himself and Psy over the top with a clothesline. Jeff Hardy and Psycosis are fighting outside the ring and the ref is out there trying to break it up. Matt Hardy gets up and he calls for the Twist of Fate. He grabs Super Crazy and he plants a TOF. Matt Hardy gets the cover but the ref is outside the ring trying to break up Jeff and Psy. Matt Hardy gets up and he turns around and MNM connects with a double superkick. Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury picks up Matt and plants a Snapshot. The WWE Tag Team Champions leave the ring as Super Crazy comes to. Super Crazy makes the cover and the ref looks in the ring and sees it. The ref enters and counts the 3.
Winner, The Mexicools

The Mexicools quickly leaves the ring as Jeff checks on Matt.

Backstage Josh Matthews is standing by with the United States Champion, Rey Mysterio.

Josh Matthews: Rey Mysterio, tonight we found out that at The Great American Bash, you will face Muhammad Hassan when you put your US Championship on the line. Your Thoughts?
Rey Mysterio: Well Josh, many people think I dont have a chance to beat Muhammad just because I am a small guy. They think that I will lose my US title because I am smaller than he is. I may be the smaller guy but I will fight like hell to keep this title. Last week, I got my ass handed to me by Goldberg and then after the match I took a Kenton Bomb, a Clothesline From Hell, a RKO, and even a Reverse STO and I am still standing here with my head held high knowing that I am the US Champion and after The Great American Bash, rather if I lose or keep my title, my head will still be held high knowing that I have put my all into the match.

Rey Mysterio walks off holding the US Title.


Backstage we see Jillian Hall getting a cup of coffee. Randy Orton walks up to her.

Jillian Hall: Ha, you scared me.
Randy Orton: Well I have that effect with women. Hey, Jill, I know we never talked because, well, I thought you was ugly and The Legend Killer only get the hot, and I mean really hot women. I mean, you had that ugly scab looking thing that looks like something that Yokozuna just crapped out. I mean, that was so nasty but look at you now. You are hot girl and I want you to come with me back to my hotel room for some TLC. I am not talking about a Table, Ladder, and Chair match. So, Jillian, wanna come see my, how do the St. Louisian's say it, wanna come see my big ARCH.

Jillian Hall have a shock look on her face as she trys to leave but Randy Orton grabs her by her hand.

Randy Orton: Baby, I am the Legend Killer, no Divas turn me down. Remember that diva search loser, where is she now? Do you want to end up the same way. Do you want a piece of The Legend Killer? Wait, I know everybody does but you can have a special peice.

Randy Orton bends over and wisper something in her ear. Jillian Hall gets a disgusting look on her face and then she slaps Randy Orton right in the face. Randy Orton looks mad and he grabs Jillian by her hair.

Voice: Hey!!!

Randy Orton turns around and Bobby Lashley is there.

Bobby Lashley: Why dont you leave poor Jillian alone, Randy, if you know what good for you.

Bobby Lashley stands in front of Jillian as Randy Orton backs off and leaves off tv.

We are back in the arena and Gregory Helms is in the ring. He holds up the CW Title as we hear Canada's National Anthem and Petey Williams comes out to mix cheers.

Crusierweight Championship
Gregory Helms(C) vs Petey Williams

Gregory Helms and the newest Smackdown star circle the ring before locking up. Petey backs Gregory into a corner. Petey grabs Helms but Helms quickly gets out of the ring. Petey puts his hand over his heart and starts singing the Canada's natinaol anthem. Petey says "Oh Canada" but Gregory Helms quickly gets in and clothesline him down. Petey bounces up as Gregory Helms bounces off the ropes and Petey goes for a clothesline but Helms ducks it. Gregory Helms quickly jumps to the 2nd rope and he jumps toward Petey Williams but Williams ducks a Tajiri like Elbow. Petey grabs Helms and plants a back suplex. Petey makes the cover, 1................................2......................Helms kicks out. Petey Williams pulls Greg up and goes for a quick snap suplex. He makes a cover but again Helms is out a little after 2. Petey pulls Helms up but Gregory quickly rolls Petey up for a 2 count. Helms gets up and Petey goes for a clothesline. Helms ducks it and Helms bounces off the ropes and connects with a low dropkick to the knees of Williams. Petey falls to his knees and Gregory goes for the shining wizard but Petey ducks it and he picks Helms up on his shoulders. Petey Williams falls backwards with a electric chair drop. Both men are out but Petey crawls over and makes the cover for a 2. Petey can't belive that Helms kicked out. He bends over and pulls Helms up and puts Gregory on the top rope. Gregory Helms fights it off through when Petey gets up there with him. He shoves Petey down to the mat. Petey quickly gets up and Gregory Helms jumps with a crossbody and lands on Williams. Helms makes the cover, 1..............................................2.........................Petey kicks out. Petey Williams quickly get out of the ring. Petey holds his head not seeing Gregory Helms climbing to the top rope. Gregory Helms jumps with the Halo and lands on Williams hard. Helms is the first to his feet and he picks Petey up and toss him in the ring. Gregory Helms goes to the top rope again but this time, Petey Williams shoves the ref into the ropes and Gregory Helms falls on his ass on the top rope. Petey Williams quickly climb to the top with Helms. Petey then jumps and nails a hurricana from the top rope. Petey Williams makes a cover, 1................................2..............................Helms kicks out. Petey stands up and he acts like he is fishing as he reels Helms in. Gregory Helms gets to his knees and Petey Williams goes for the Candian Destoryer. He gets ready to flip but Gregory Helms quickly goes under his legs and rolls him up using the tights for the 3 count.
Winner and still CW Champion, Gregory Helms

After the match, Gregory Helms grabs a mic.

Gregory Helms: Teddy Long, I know you are not here tonight but you said that last week you had a crusierweight that will be here tonight. I want to see him now, I want to know who am I facing at the Great American Bash?

Gregory Helms waits but no one comes out. Gregory Helms turns around and Tajiri is in the ring and he spits the green mist into his face. Gregory Helms drop to his knees and Tajiri nails the buzzaw kick. Tajiri picks up and holds the CW Title above his head saying that it will be him against Helms for the Crusierweight Championship at the GAB.

Backstage we see Jimmy Hart walking down the hallway. The Mouth of the South will be in the ring, next.


We are back and inside the ring already is the GM for tonight, Jimmy Hart.

Jimmy Hart: Hey baby, hows it going here tonight in Austin Texas? Well hot dog, I have a major surpise for you here tonight and since Teddy Long is out and I am running things here tonight, I have a guest of honor here tonight. Many of you might heard of this guy. He wrestled tons of great men including The Rock, The Undertaker, and even the World's Champion Kurt Angle. In matter of fact, he is also a former WWE Champion. Here to say goodbye to you and walking down the ramp for the very last time will be the Legend, The Icon, The Immortal, Hulk Hogan.

Real American hits and the Immortal Hulk Hogan comes out to a standing ovation. He walks down the ramp. He enters the ring and shakes hands with Jimmy Hart before grabing the mic.

Hulk Hogan: (The Crowd keeps chanting Hogan Hogan Hogan.) Well thank you for the chant, Brothers in Austin Texas. Now let me tell you something, Brother. Last month, the real Smackdown General Manager fired me because he said I was, how did he put it, "old". Well you know something, if it was not for Jimmy over here, I would not be here today. Now Teddy Long, I can see why you fired Big Kev because he is always injured. Hell, I remember in the NWO, brother, he was hurt then to. Now Teddy Long, when you fired me, you fired these fans and everyone who suports Smackdown. The only reason that these fans are here tonight is because they read on WWE.com that you would not be here and they bought a tickiet after learning that news because, player brother, these fans can't stand you. Now Teddy, I dont know what is more embarrising, this show or you? Teddy Long, I know you are not here but brother, I am brother mad at you and I know you wont step into this ring with me one on one so find someone and lets fight at the Great American Bash. It can be MR. Kennedy, it can be the little Nacho Leibre Super Crazy, it can be anyone and Teddy, since you are back next week, well brother, I will be here to get a answer.

Hulk Hogan drops the mic as the fans are screaming Hogan Hogan Hogan.

Backstage on split screens, we see Miz and Paul Burchill making there way out.


We are back on Smackdown and The Miz comes out wearing is TV title. He gets ready to enter the ring but Paul Burchill comes out and hits him behind with a chair to the head.

TV Championship
Street Fight Match
The Miz(C) vs Paul Burchill

The Miz is knocked out and Paul Burchill hits him again with the chair. Paul Burchill reaches into his pocket and pulls out a chain. He starts hitting Miz in the head with the chain wrap around his fist. He hits him in the head five time and Miz haves a little cut on his head and is bleeding a bit. Burchill pulls Miz up and bounces his head off the stairs 3 time. He then wraps the chain around Miz's neck and starts choking him. Miz is turning blue but Burchill still chokes him. Paul Burchill finally breaks it and he gets a evil smile on his face. He goes over and looks under the ring and pulls out a table. He sets the table up outside the ring and he goes over and picks Miz up. He puts Miz on the apron and he gets up there. He grabs Miz and he calls for it. He then does the C4 off the apron right through the table. The crowd chants Holy Shit as both men are out of it. Paul Burchill trys to stand and he does by help of the ring apron. Paul Burchill slowly picks Miz up and toss him in the ring. Paul Burchill makes the cover, 1.......................................................2........................................... .....3. We have a new champion!
Winner and new TV Champion, Paul Burchill

Paul Burchill is handed the TV title but he still looks pissed. Paul Burchill goes back outside the ring and pulls out a table. He puts it in the ring and sets it up. He grabs Miz and puts him on it. Paul Burchill then puts a chair on top of Miz. Paul Burchill then slowly goes to the top rope. Just then we hear Enter Sandman and the one and only, Sandman comes throug the crowd with his cain. Sandman comes into the ring and as Paul Burchill gets off the top rope. Two refs enters the ring and help Miz get to his feet. Sandman takes his kendo stick and nails Miz right in the head. Paul Burchill smiles and he goes toward Sandman but Sandman swings and also nails Burchill in the head. He stares at the table as the crowd chants "Table Table". Sandman picks up paul Burchill and he goes by the table. He picks Paul Burchill up and suplex him right through it. Jimmy Hart comes out and says that since he have the power to make matches then at the GAB, it will be Paul Burchill defending his TV Title against The Sandman.


The Undertaker beat Booker T when Booker got himself DQ when he nails Taker in the head with a chair. After the match, he challenge The Undertaker to a match for the GAB, A Casket Match.

Chris Jericho haves his highlite reel with gust, Kurt Angle but they soon start fighting leaving Chris Benoit to come out and fight with them to. Smackdown goes off the air with all three men fighting.

GAB Match Card So Far
Casket Match
The Undertaker vs Booker T

Batista vs Brock Lesner

TV Championship
Paul Burchill(C) vs The Sandman

US Championship
Muhammad Hassan vs Rey Mysterio(C)

Hulk Hogan vs ???(Teddy Long's Pick)

CW Championship
Gregory Helms(C) vs Tajiri

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Hardy Boyz vs MNM(C)

1 or 2 more matches to be added later

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