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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Good heat to start the show, with some nice matches to get the crowd into the show. Bit surprised to see Gail Kim take the women’s title, but I suppose a shock is always a nice thing, and it will be interesting to see where the angle goes now

Nice to see the tag match start the show, and I think that the outlaws retain, as they need the belts for a bit longer. Short opening match, but was pretty enjoyable, and it did its job not only of being a part of the show, but a wider part of the DX/Corporation feud. The ending could have been a bit longer, but the interference from Test was well done, and a nice way to change over the title belts

Nice announcement about the GM situation, and a war games match at Summerslam will certainly be explosive

Sting vs. Kane was a very hardcore match, and was a great part of the show. Yeah, it was pretty much a spotfest, but it was the only way to get an enjoyable match out of the pair of them I think. It did its job on the card definitely, and Sting is probably going to the war games match next. An awful lot of near falls here, which was another reason why the match was good to read, and you never knew when it was going to end. Ending through the electrical equipment is a nice way to write out Kane for a few months

RVD/Shelton next, and that should be a great match. A little bit shorter than I was expecting, but it was still a good match, although could have gone longer. This was pretty much non-stop action, which is what you would expect from them. A lot of spots were got into the match, such as the powerbomb. The finish could have been a bit better I think, as it didn’t seem to have the pizaaz that the match should have ended with, but still, a nice way to put RVD over a bit more

KOTM match was well written, and am seriously surprised to see that Haas is still the champion, but him being it does wonders for him, and puts him in line for a serious push. Again, the match was extremely spotty, but I woulnt have expected too much else in this kind of match really. The pinfalls was done at the right time, and this helped to tell the story of the match. Good ending, with Haas taking out everyone, and he is still the champion

Edge/Austin is next, and this is the match that Edge needs to win to move up towards the main event. Probably the best match of the night so far here, with the flow of the match being great, and the near falls being there at the right times, with Edge putting his foot on the ropes after the stunner for instance. Edge was always getting the win, but of course, he needed Lita to get it done, which doesn’t bury Austin too much. Edge could be in line for a title shot, but I think he may have to wait a few months to get it

Loved the Cena rap, and hopefully he keeps the belt tonight, keeping the chase on from DX for another month or so

Rock/Christian should be a solid match, and loved the comedy from the rock in the match using the mic. Some good early action, and surprised to see the Rock kick out of the unprettier, but I guess it was early in the match. People’s elbow gets a foot on the ropes (isn’t Christian in the middle of the ring though), but the Rock finally gets the win with the Rock Bottom. The Rock needed this win I think, but Christian doesn’t look too bad out of it, and he will probably get one more match to finish the feud

Vince as the ref in the main event means we have only two endings, the screwjob, or the against the odds win. I go for the HHH win, but I don’t think this should be the ending. Cena dominates most of the early match, but he cant do enough to get the win, and gets more and more frustrated, with the count getting faster and faster. The slow counts from Vince are there as well, which is no surprise. Pedigree would end it, but there is no count from Vince. Cena then hits the F-U, but Austin breaks the count, and I guess this means the cavalry are coming. Cena has the match won, but there is no ref. Here comes the corporation, and following this, DX. Cena hits another F-U, but Austin breaks the count again, and attacks Vince. Pedigree from HHH, and a count from Austin ends the match, which gives HHH the title. A great match here, even though it was overbooked, but it was still great to read. DX is officially back after the show, and I guess the feud has to carry on

Raw review will be done tomorrow
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