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Re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

Jam said I should post this here.

Spoiler for Application:
Real Name: James Richards

Wrestler Name: Jay Rush

Height & Weight: 5'11, 203 lbs.

Hometown: London, England

Billed From: Selfridges

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Heel


Hair Style/Color/Length: Bleach Blonde. Short on the sides and longer on the top.

Eye Color: Blue.

Facial Hair: None.

Ring Attire: Blue tights, white boots, one blue and one white elbow pads. Tights say "RUSH" down the leg.

Entrance Attire: Same as ring attire, but with a blue and white sleeveless jacket, saying "RUSH" on the back.

Tattoos: None.


Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick: Male Model.

Characteristics of Gimmick: Obsessed with his look. If someone hits him in the face, he uses his inner rage to attack them and will not stop until the match is over. A narcissistic hot-head. Agile in the ring, and will sometimes be more focused on dodging his opponent than causing damage himself.

Brief Biography: Since he was a child, Jay Rush has been the centre of attention. He was the most popular and best looking boy in school, which lead to him becoming a very successful male model. Rush has always had another passion though; wrestling. After realising that his chiselled physique he gained through his modelling career is perfect for a wrestler, he honed his skills and now he has arrived in PWC.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description: The music starts and the lights turn to a blueish shade. Rush walks out onto the stage and scans the arena for a few seconds at the top of the ramp. He then focuses forwards and brings his arms out, and a burst of huge, blue pyro shoots up either side of him, and he walks down to the ring, stopping at the base of the ramp to have his picture taken by a group of photographers, who then continue taking pictures of him as he slides into the ring and mounts one of the corners; holding his arms out and opening his jacket up so everyone can look at his body. He jumps down and then the music cuts.

Fighting Style: Dirty, will cheat to win. Striker. Technical.

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: At the start of a match, Rush will try to avoid being hit and wait for his opponent to tire before going on the offensive. However, if his opponent hits him in the face he will begin unleashing punishing physical strikes.

Strengths/Weaknesses (2 or 3 for each):

Strength: Stamina and Resilience. Rush can take a lot of damage and last in the ring for a long time, as he likes to allow his opponent to tire out and take advantage. Overseller.

Strength: Agility. Rush has the ability to dodge moves from his opponents very easily.

Strength: Inner Rage. If Rush is hit in the face, he will become an almost unstoppable force in the ring.

Weakness: Rush will do anything to protect his face. Meaning he can sometimes miss openings to attack his opponent at the risk of getting hurt himself. In tag team matches, Rush will also leave his partner to do all of the work, and then pick up the pieces at the end.

Weakness: If Rush is against a wrestler which is also very quick and has high stamina, he struggles as he usually is unable to wear them down and avoid them very easily.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):

Rush Kick (Shining Wizard Kick)

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):

Missile Dropkick
Snap DDT

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS!):

Leg Drop
Spinning Heel Kick
Cartwheel Elbow Drop
Roll Up whilst pulling the tights.
Choking on the ropes
Stomping an opponent in the corner


Sample RP:

We see a white background and the camera then pans downwards to see Jay Rush posing in a photoshoot in between a pair of stunning blondes. Rush has his top off and the women are in bikinis. He talks, but still looks at the camera taking photos of him.

Rush: You know, I've been doing this my entire life. People often haven't liked me for it, but it isn't my fault that I am born beautiful.

Rush continues, still posing for the camera.

Rush: When you're as good looking and handsome as me, you can really turn your hand to anything... that is why I'm coming to PWC. All of those ugly wrestlers over there have been working their entire lives to get where they are now, but I'm here just off of looks and talent.

It seems the photo shoot is over now, and Rush walks towards our camera filming him, about to talk. One of the girls taps him on the shoulder and strokes his face, but he turns to her with a disgusted look on his face.

Rush: What makes you think you can touch my face?! NO ONE TOUCHES MY FACE!

The girl walks off scared, and Rush turns back to our camera, but has an annoyed look on his face now.

Rush: No! NO! The stupid bitch has ruined it! This is OVER!

With that, Rush puts his hand into the camera and walks away.
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