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Re: Californication Mafia: Game Thread


Hit-Girl was walking back from work with an obvious limp, as she'd really put the hard work in today. As she started to relax and unwind, she was promptly shot in the head. Hit-Girl was:

Spoiler for Hit-Girl:

Congratulations! You are Daisy, Innocent Aligned

A smokin’ hot aspiring pornstar who is the apple of Charlie’s eye, you use your pussy to get an advantage over anybody. As a result, you are the Bodyguard. Each night, you may target a player and have sex with them. Due to the hotness of the sex, if someone shows up to kill your target, they won’t be able to do so.

You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.

Gambit was knocking down some ciders after she too had a tough day at work. She was scanning for guys when a drink was sent over for her. She took one sip, and dropped dead. Gambit was:

Spoiler for Gambit:

Congratulations! You are Abby Rhodes, Innocent Aligned

A brilliant attorney with an equally brilliant body, you can get people out of deep shit, such as Hank himself. As a result, you are the 1-shot Lynch Stopper. During one day phase you may stop the lynch if a player has been hammered. I need to be notified within an hour of the writeup (you can PM in advance to stop that day’s lynch).

You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.

Just then, the Gambit's killer heard a voice. "You fucking cunt, just stop already!" The killer laughed, asking the speaker to move beyond the fourth wall. FourthWall started to go crazy, professing her sanity, but was promptly shot up. TheFourthWall was:

Spoiler for TheFourthWall:

Congratulations! You are Carrie, Individual Aligned

You fell quite hard for Hank, and went batshit crazy when he dumped you, wanted to see him dead, and anyone else who stood in your way. As a result, you are the Serial Killer. Each night you can target a player and kill them.

You win when the mafia and town have been eliminated.


**NB** I'm going to the football tonight, so day will last at least 6 hours.
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