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Re: So, today I legitimately forgot who the Tag Team Champs were.

The issue ultimately is that a champion is only as good as his or her competition. If a champ's feuds are lacklustre, it is difficult for their reign to be memorable; if there is little or no competition for a belt, then its value is greatly reduced. Really, they should have begun to build up the tag division before the Shield took the belts, so that it would not feel like such a demotion compared to their days of fighting legitimate main eventers. Instead, during Hell No's reign, teams were built up slightly to compete against Kane and Bryan, only to be knocked down later on.

The WWE title would be greatly reduced in importance if it seemed like only two individuals wanted the belt or were capable of challenging for it. There should be four or five teams who have the potential to come after the Shield at any given time. I'm aware that it's a little optimistic to wish for secondary, non-title tag feuds with a little more gravitas than Tons of Funk vs Rhodes Scholars, but if done correctly, it would help to create the feeling that the tag division is not a two-horse town - and would create number 1 contenders more naturally than the current system of "ok, tag feud over, you go back to the bottom of the pack; now, let's have a #1 contenders' match and pretend like one of these teams consistently squashed by the champions have any chance of winning the belts this time around." They should, at the very least, make the tag titles feuds feel important and personal. Usos/Shield put on some great matches, but got stuck on the pre-show and were given very little opportunity to get on the mic, build a story and make people care. It's a rotten state of affairs for a championship that should be considered one of the company's crown jewels.

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