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Re: Californication Mafia: Game Thread


After leading poor Mia Lewis to her death during the day, the townsfolk were being very cautious during the night. Jigsaw was feeling invincible, he knew he didn't really have a threat in the world. He lined up a line of coke, and took a swig of his beer. Jigsaw turned around and flicked on the stereo, and was really rocking out, relieving those glory days. Too bad he was more interested on rocking out than scoping out, as he was shot whilst he air-guitared. Jigsaw was:

Spoiler for Jigsaw:

Congratulations! You are Rick Springfield, Individual Aligned

The son of Bruce, you have quite the sensational story arc on the show, and really don’t care what the fuck happens so long as your dick is wet, you have booze, drugs, and keep on playing them tunes. As a result, you are the Survivor.

You win when another group satisfies their win condition.

Anark was getting himself comfortable, loading up the latest German DVD he'd received in the post. As the film started, Anark was getting right into it, when a girl entered the loungeroom. Horrified by the sight she saw before her, she shot her gun, killing Anark with his pants down. Anark was:

Spoiler for Anark:

Congratulations! You are Charlie Runkle, Innocent Aligned

Fucking Runkle, the world’s greatest agent. From the time you and Hank shared a three-way with a gushing hooker, to the time your plane almost crashed, you’ve always been able to look out for your interest, and that is your best mate, Hank. As a result, you are Hank’s Bodyguard. Whilst you are alive, you will take a bullet/knife/rope for Hank to ensure his survival (he cannot be killed whilst you live).

PR: Runkle is so great he gets a post-restriction. In all your posts you must mention something to do with sexual exploits, whether that be porn, hookers, strippers, whatever. Failure to adhere to this will result in a mod-kill. Do not make me modkill Runkle.

You win when all threats to the town have been eliminated.

Around town a note was left near a cafe:

I'm not leaving a note tonight
The sun is rising, what will the day bring?

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