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Default Californication Mafia: Game Thread

California, the state of opportunity, movie stars, beaches, and the greatness that is Los Angeles. All seemed to be functioning well within LA, until a body was found on the street, a bullet in the back of the head.

Closer inspection reveal the body to be:

Spoiler for Bullseye:
You are Ben, Innocent Aligned

You're a shit character and should never have graced the screen, let alone gone anywhere near the main cast. You are going to die in the writeup, and may you be wiped from film memory.

A threat had loomed, a threat looking to take Los Angeles back for their own interests. A town banded together to stop them in their tracks. Time will tell who will emerge as the victor.


* Do not post screenshots of anything from your PM
* Do not quote your role at all
* No outside communication (except for QT's where applicable)
* Try and keep active.
* Bold votes or they will not count
* Phases will be roughly 24 hours give or take pending activity.
* No flaming. Hate the play, not the player.
* Have fun


13. CamillePunk
14. Rush TaylorFitz 2.0
24. scrilla CHAMPviaDQ 2.0
28. Sweet n' Sour IMPULSE 2.0


19. That Guy - Richard Bates, Mafia Aligned {Lynched Day 1}
6. TaylorFitz - Sasha Bingham, Innocent Aligned {Killed Night 1}
16. IMPULSE - Ophelia Robbins, Innocent Aligned {Killed Night 1}
29. chr1st0 - Eddie Nero, Mafia Aligned {Killed Night 1}
9. Enterprise - Paul Rider, Mafia Aligned {Lynched Day 2}
20. dan the marino - Jackie, Innocent Aligned {Killed Night 2}
22. McQueen - Lew Ashby, Innocent Aligned {Killed Night 2}
23. Roger Sterling - Stu Beggs, Innocent Aligned {Killed Night 2}
25. Alim - Kali, Innocent Aligned {Lynched Day 3}
18. Rising - Jill Robinson, Innocent Aligned {Killed Night 3}
26. Mikey Damage - Bill Lewis, Mafia Aligned {Killed Night 3}
4. KLEEBLATT - Mia Lewis, Innocent Aligned {Lynched Day 4}
5. Jigsaw - Rick Springfield, Individual Aligned {Killed Night 4}
27. Anark - Charlie Runkle, Innocent Aligned {Killed Night 4}
1. TEHCOCK - Julian, Mafia Aligned {Lynched Day 5}
3. Gambit - Abby Rhodes, Innocent Aligned {Killed Night 5}
8. The Fourth Wall - Carrie, Individual Aligned {Killed Night 5}
15. Hit-Girl - Daisy, Innocent Aligned {Killed Night 5}
10. PHEN0M - Karen van der Beek, Innocent Aligned {Lynched Day 6}
17. CHAMPviaDQ - Faith, Innocent Aligned {Killed Night 6}
21. Ziggler Mark - Sue Collini, Innocent Aligned {Killed Night 7}
7. Skyfall - Stacey Koons, Mafia Aligned {Lynched Day 8}
12. RetepAdam. - Marcy Runkle, Innocent Aligned {Killed Night 8}
11. Mr. Lawls - Tyler, Mafia Aligned {Killed Night 8}

Past Phases:

Day 1
Night 1
Day 2
Night 2
Day 3
Night 3
Day 4
Night 4
Day 5
Night 5
Day 6
Night 6 / Day 7
Night 7
Day 8
Night 8



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