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Re: How I think WWE should be like

Monday Night Raw 22-7-13

Raw kicks off with its usual video package explaining what happened last week on Raw regarding John Cena choosing Daniel Bryan as his opponent for Summerslam and Brock Lesnar attacking CM Punk. We go to the show intro. The cameras go around the arena in Frank Erin centre in Austin Texas. The music of Rob Van Dam hits and the crowd go wild. Justin Roberts says please welcome Rob Van Dam, while he says that the fans and RVD chant "Rob Van Dam". RVD gets a mic and starts saying how wonderful it is to be back in the WWE. While he is cutting his promo The Shields music starts playing. RVD looks around the arena to spot The Shield walking down from the stairs. The Shield surrounds the ring. As the Shield are beating down on a helpless RVD, the Uso's music suddenly hits and they sprint down to the ring to make the save. After a short back and forth exchange, the Uso's managed to clear the ring of a retreating Shield. Dean Ambrose is left in the ring with the Uso’s and RVD.RVD gets on the top rope just about to hit the Five Star Frog Splash when Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins drag Dean Ambrose out of the ring. General Manager Brad Maddox comes out, looking cocky as usual. "As the new general manager of Monday Night Raw, I am not just going to sit by and watch as chaos goes down in MY ring. That's why tonight the main event of Monday Night Raw will see the Monday Night Delight Rob Van Dam take on the United States Champion Dean Ambrose. They head to commercial.

The show comes back from the break with Wade Barret in the ring ready to face someone. That man is no other than Randy Orton, Orton gets a pretty decent pop. The bell rings and we are off, Barret tries to get some early offence in while Orton keeps on reversing. Orton delivers a T-Bone suplex to Barret which gets the crowd chanting Orton...Orton...Orton. Orton is standing tall while Barret goes out of the ring to get a breather. Orton comes out of the ring to get Barret but Wade kicks him in the gut then rams Orton's head into the ring post. They cut to commercial with Barret in control, we come back from commercial to see Barret have Orton in a Nelson hold. Orton gets out of it and starts punching Barret in the head repeatedly, Orton leaps of the ropes into Back drop by Barret. He gets Orton up on the ropes and hits Orton with a vicious big boot that sends Orton hard onto the ground floor. Barret with a cocky smile starts to talk to the crowd. While he is doing that Orton comes back into the ring and hits Barret with the Lou Thesz press and starts hitting Barret really hard. Barret tries to escape out of the ring but Orton gets him on the second rope and hits him with his patent DDT. The crowed explodes. Orton starts getting the fans on their feet and sets up for the RKO. Barret gets up and turns around while Orton leaps off the ground going for the RKO. Barret pushes Orton off and hits him with Waste Land. The ref counts 1...2...Orton kicks out just. Barret starts to lower the elbow pad and goes for the Bullhamer. Orton reverses the Bullhamer and Orton hits the RKO out of nowhere. 1...2...3! The crowd erupts.

Randy Orton def. Wade Barret via pinfall

They go backstage where we see Josh Mathews and Dolph Ziggler. Mathews asks Dolph what he feels about what happened last week with A.J Lee and Big E Langston. Dolph responses saying "in about a minute I'm going to go out in that ring in front of the world and say how I feel!"
Cuts to commercial. When we return we see Ziggler in the ring, he says "Take a look at what happened last week." It shows Big E Langston and A.J Lee attacking him. It cuts back to Dolph, he says "Big E Langston get your ass down to this ring". Fandango's music hits, he starts dancing with Summer Rae. Fandango says that he has to face him before he worries about Big E and A.J, the match gets on its way with the crowd chanting "Let’s go Ziggler". Fandango goes for his spinning kick but Ziggler just nails him with a super kick. He quickly covers Fandango, 1....2...thr....no Fandango just kicks out. Dolph sets up for the Zig Zag with the crowed loudly awaiting it. Dolph goes for the Zig Zag but Fandango runs out of the ring to find Summer Rae. Ziggler gets out attacking him but Fandango drags Summer Rae in the way, Ziggler moves her out of the way to run into a clothesline from Fandango. He then gets Ziggler above his head and slams Ziggler right into the barricade. Michael Cole leads us to commercial stating "whether Ziggler can stay in this". We return from commercial to see Fandango kicking Ziggler in the corner, Fandango then goes to the opposite turnbuckle and hits a running splash on Ziggler in the corner. Fandango then goes to the top to perform his leg drop, Fandango then leaps off the top rope to go right into a dropkick from Ziggler. The crowd is cheering very loudly. Ziggler then gets Fandango with a sleeper, Fandango looks like he is fading. The ref lifts Fandangos hand and drops it, the ref does it again. The third time Fandangos hand stops half way and reverses Zigglers sleeper into a school boy pin. 1...2...Ziggler kicks out just. Fandango hits Ziggler with a nice jumping spin kick. He pins Ziggler 1...2...Ziggler kicks out again. Fandango goes on the top rope for a leg drop, he misses the leg drop and Ziggler hits a DDT. He sets up for the Zig Zag and A.J's music hits and Dolph turns around to the stage, he tells A.J to go away. He turns around and gets hit hard by Big E Langston, Langston then puts Ziggler on his shoulders and hits Ziggler with a vicious Big Ending. A.J and Langston leave Ziggler in the ring motionless, the crowd starts booing.
Dolph Ziggler def. Fandango via Disqualification

Raw cuts to commercial, "we are back live in Austin Texas" says Michael Cole. Jerry tells us about our main event with RVD and Dean Ambrose. JBL says that Paul Heyman is coming out tonight to address what happened last week. Alex Riley comes out to an alright pop. His opponent is Sin Cara who gets a bigger pop than Riley did. They start battling back in fourth with Cara doing kicks while Riley doing punches. Cara kicks Riley in the head while Riley hits Cara in the head with a punch. They are both down and out. Sin Cara gets up first and does an enzuigiri kick. Cara goes up on the top rope and lands a dropkick. Cara gets the cover 1...2...Riley kicks out and Riley rolls out of the ring. Cara leaps of the ropes and takes Riley and himself out. The Wyatt Family are on the titantron and Bray Wyatt says "We're here". The Wyatt Families music hits and they start coming down to the ring, Bray blows out the lantern and when the lights come back on Luke Harper and Erick Rowen annihilate Sin Cara and Alex Riley. They slam Sin Cara’s head on the floor outside the ring clipping the barricade. Sin Cara is out cold. Riley then attacks Rowen and Harper but when punching Rowen he turns around a gets a heartless big boot by Harper which nearly takes his head clean off. They move the top steal stairs and put Riley’s head on the bottom layer of the steel steps. Rowen grabs the other steel steps and crush Riley’s head in. Jerry Lawler asks if Riley is dead. Cara gets up and tries to crawl out of the ring but Bray is standing right in front of him with a sadistic smile. He grabs Cara, kisses his forehead and gives him Sister Abigail. Bray then takes Cara’s mask off and everyone sees who he really is. Then Bray Wyatt says “Follow the buzzards Kane”. The lights turn off and back on and the Wyatt family is gone. All you can see is destruction in and out of the ring. Cuts to commercial.

They return from commercial to see Paul Heyman in the ring with Curtis Axel. Heyman says he is not here to talk about what happened last week. He is here to talk about his client Curtis Axel! Paul says “My client is the intercontinental champion, show him some respect”! The crowd boo’s them. “Curtis Axel is the next big thing, he has everything a pro wrestler wants. He is simply better than PERFECT! At Summerslam my client needs a big opponent.” Paul says “No disrespect to the Miz or any of the midcarders but Curtis Axel needs a big challenge at the second biggest pay per view this year”! While Paul is talking CM Punk’s music hits and he comes storming down to the ring. He goes right after Heyman with punches, but Axel gives Punk a clothesline. Axel then checks on Heyman and Heyman starts to run away. Axel turns around to finish Punk but when he does turn around he meets a big kick to the head by Punk. Punk then sets Axel up and hits the GTS. The crowd goes nuts and starts chanting “CM Punk…CM Punk”!

Raw returns with Alberto Del Rio coming out. He is getting major heat. He says “shut up you pedros”! He says “I guess I’m having the night off”. Then suddenly Brad Maddox says “wait right there Alberto, you can have the rest of the night of after your match which is next”! Alberto starts going mad and yells “you can’t do that, I’m Alberto Del Rio! Christian comes out to a good pop. The match starts with Alberto getting Christian in a headlock then slapping him right in the head. Christian then starts hitting and kicking Alberto while Alberto is on the ropes. The ref Charles Robinson counts to 5 then pulls Christian off and starts yelling at him. Christian turns around from the ref and runs into a hard kick in the ribs then another stiff kick right to the head. He covers Christian and gets a two count. Alberto just keeps on aiming and hitting Christian in the head. Raw goes to commercial after an enzuigiri kick in the corner by Alberto. We return to see Alberto slapping and teasing Christian while he is down. Alberto then goes for the cross arm breaker but Christian reverses it and gets Alberto in the corner then hits Alberto with a tornado DDT. He gets Alberto up and Alberto then slaps Christian right in the head as hard as he can. Christian then starts hitting and kicking Alberto hard and Charles Robinson pulls Christian off. Christian then pushes Charles off him which Alberto seizes the opportunity by rolling up Christian and pulls the tights. 1……2…3! Alberto wins, and the ref raises Alberto's hand.

Alberto Del Rio def. Christian via pinfall

Christian from behind hits Alberto with a steel chair and then hits the Kill switch on the steel chair. The crowd starts chanting “Sandow….Sandow….Sandow”. Damien Sandow’s music hits and he comes down to the ring with his briefcase. He gives the ref the briefcase but then Cody Rhodes out of nowhere kicks Sandow in the head of the ropes. Cody then gives Sandow Cross Rhodes. They cut to commercial with Cody standing tall with the briefcase in hand. With the crowd cheering.

Cut back to Raw from commercial to see Zeb Colter on the stage saying “us Americans need to be saved from this terrible government we have, the saviors are going to be Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro. They are real Americans”! Michael Cole complains saying “they aren’t real Americans they are jokes”! JBL replies saying “they believe they are real Americans, I believe they are real Americans and everyone should as well”. Tons of funk comes out to start the match. Sweat tea Tensai will start the match against Jack Swagger. Tensai straight away performs a body splash on Swagger and gets a 1 count out of it. They both get up and Swagger runs and hits a running leg strike on Tensai. Tensai rolls near Swaggers corner. Swagger then performs a devastating running big splash. Swagger gets a two count then tags in Antonio, they start kicking Tensai in the corner. Antonio hits Tensai with a rock hard European uppercut. Antonio goes up and tries to perform an axe handle but Tensai reverses with a punch in the gut then a clothesline. Tensai gets the hot tag and so does Antonio. Both Clay and Swagger run at each other but Clay getting the advantage. Clay hits Swagger with a shoulder block. Swagger gets back up and gets hit with another shoulder block. Swagger goes for a clothesline but Clay ducks and hits him with a T-bone suplex. Clay gets a 2 count when Antonio breaks it up. Tensai hits Antonio with a headbut then puts Antonio down on the bottom turnbuckle. Tensai goes to perform cannonball senton but Antonio moves out of the way. Swagger hits Clay with the gut wrench powerbomb because Antonio distracted Clay. 1…2…3! The real Americans Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro win. Zeb Colter and the Real Americans celebrate just before commercial.

Real Americans def. Tons Of Funk via pinfall

Cut back from commercial, Ryback makes his way to the ring. The opponent who he is facing is Sheamus who gets a good response from the crowd. Sheamus with a hard hit starting things off. Sheamus gets Ryback in a coke hold. Ryback’s in there for about 20 seconds before he starts biting Sheamus’s arm. Sheamus gets up and tries to hit Ryback but Ryback ducks and racks Sheamus’s eyes. Ryback then hits Sheamus with a double knee lift. Ryback then hits Sheamus with not 1 but 3 powerbombs on Sheamus in a row. He gets a two count, Ryback then slings Sheamus onto the ropes and goes to hit a clothesline but Sheamus lifts his boot up and Ryback runs into it. Sheamus then hits Ryback with a bulldog. Ryback escapes out of the ring onto the apron. Sheamus then hits the Irish hand grenades. Ryback gets back in the ring at 7. Sheamus slings off the ropes and starts running at Ryback, but Ryback reverses with a backdrop. Ryback gets Sheamus in the corner and hits 3 turnbuckle thrusts. Ryback then starts repeatedly grabbing Sheamus’s head and dropping it on the mat hard. Ryback gets a 2 count. Sheamus comes back and hits 3 forearm shots to Ryback’s head. He gets Ryback into the corner and hits him with a shoulder block to the ribs. Then Sheamus slings off the ropes and knees Ryback into the head. Sheamus hits White Noise on Ryback and sets up for the brogue kick. The crowd is chanting “brogue, brogue, brogue”! Sheamus goes for the Brogue kick but Ryback ducks and bounces off the ropes to hit the running clothesline on Sheamus. Ryback yells “finish it”! Ryback gets Sheamus up on his shoulders then Ryback hits Shell Shock. 1…2…no! Sheamus kicks out of Shell Shock. Ryback doesn’t believe it, he gets Sheamus up on his shoulders again but Sheamus gets off Ryback’s shoulders and slings Ryback into the corner. Sheamus goes on the top rope but Ryback grabs him and puts Sheamus's body across the corner then bends under him. Ryback then goes on the middle rope and puts Sheamus on his shoulders. Michael Cole says “he is not going to do this”. Ryback then hits Shell Shock on Sheamus from the top rope. 1…2…..3! Ryback wins in a hard fought battle. Cuts to commercial with the commentators stunned.

Ryback def. Sheamus via pinfall

Raw returns from the break to see Heath Slater and the rest of the band in the ring. Daniel Bryan comes out to a standing ovation. The crowd starts chanting “YES YES YES”! The match starts with the Austin Texas crowd deeply behind Bryan. Bryan hits Heath with a standing suplex into a bridge for a 2 count. Heath gets up hurt, Daniel then repeatedly kicks Heath in the torso until Heath is on his knees. Daniel hits Heath with a kick to the head with the crowd chanting “YES”! Daniel covers Heath, 1…2…no Jinder Mahal jumps up on the ropes and starts yelling at the ref. Daniel dropkicks Jinder while he is on the ropes. Drew Mcintyre checks on Jinder, Daniel bounces off the ropes and hits a suicide dive on Drew. Daniel gets back in the ring, Heath goes for a side kick but Daniel ducks and locks in the Yes Lock. Heath taps out and the ref rings the bell. Raw goes to commercial with Daniel Bryan in the ring chanting “YES” with the crowd.

Daniel Bryan def. Heath Slater via submission

Raw comes back from commercial to see Brad Maddox on his phone. Maddox says “yes Triple H I haven’t seen him all day I don’t know if he is even here tonight”. While Maddox is talking on the phone with Triple H, Vince McMahon walks in and Maddox quickly hangs up the phone. Maddox says “McMahon it is so good to see you”. Vince replies “Maddox I don’t really like that you made fun of Vickie Guerrero last week on Raw, so I need you to apologise to her on Smackdown”! Maddox says “but Mr McMahon”. Vince McMahon leaves.

The cameras go back to the ring with Dean Ambrose in it, RVD comes out to a loud pop. The fans chant “Rob Van Dam” with RVD. The match starts with RVD and Ambrose trying to hit some of there signatures moves, but are not successful. RVD hits Ambrose with a backflip kick. RVD gets Ambrose up and holds up his head and repeatedly kicks Ambrose in the face. RVD then performs a standing moonsault and covers Ambrose to get a 2 count. RVD gets Ambrose up and hits Ambrose with some forearm shots to the head. Ambrose leaves the ring, RVD goes after him on the apron. Dean grabs and trips RVD’s feet which leads to RVD hitting his head hard on the apron. Raw goes to commercial. Raw comes back from commercial to see Ambrose striking RVD with his knees in the corner. Ambrose smiles and says “this is your hero”. Then Ambrose starts laughing while the crowd starts chanting “RVD!” RVD tries to comeback with a few hits to Ambrose’s head but Ambrose pulls RVD’s hair and throws him down on the mat. Ambrose gets RVD up but out of nowhere RVD hits a calf kick on Ambrose. RVD gets a 2 count, RVD gets Ambrose up and performs a dragon whip. Dean counters RVD’s enzuigiri kick with a bulldog. Ambrose hits RVD with a standing knee drop. Then Ambrose gets on the top rope and hits RVD with a fist drop. RVD kicks out at two. Raw goes to its final commercial of the show. Raw comes back to see RVD perform the monkey flip on Ambrose. Ambrose then gets back up and runs into a spinning heal kick. Ambrose gets a 2 count on RVD, Ambrose misses a shining wizard on RVD. RVD then hits a huge DDT on Ambrose. The crowd and RVD chant “Rob Van Dam” then RVD hits Ambrose with the rolling thunder. RVD sets up for the Five Star Frog Splash but Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are standing behind him about to interfere with the match. RVD jumps from the top rope and hits them with the split-legged moonsault. The crowd start chanting “holly shit”. RVD gets back in the ring but gets nailed with a neckbreaker by Ambrose. Ambrose gets RVD on the top rope and is looking like he is going to hit his Headlock Driver finisher. Jerry says “he is not going to do this is he”? RVD counters and pushes Ambrose of the top rope on the floor in the middle of the ring. RVD hits the Five Star Frog Splash. 1…2…3! RVD wins.

Rob Van Dam def. Dean Ambrose via pinfall

Brock Lesnar’s music hits and he appears on the stage. He starts walking down to the ring. RVD is looking confused. Lesnar walks around the ring and slits his throat with his hand. Meaning that RVD is going to be in trouble. Just before Brock leaps on the apron, RVD front flips over the ropes and hits Lesnar hard. RVD and Lesnar start brawling, Punk comes down and starts attacking Lesnar with RVD. Axel comes down and all hell breaks loose. Brad Maddox comes out and says “stop right there, I’m not going to let my show turn into hell. Next week on Raw Cm Punk and Rob Van Dan will face Curtis Axel and Brock Lesnar, in his first match on raw since 2003. The show ends with all the superstars looking confused and the fans cheering as loud as thunder.

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