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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

RAW Review

Nice to see Rhino get a victory, and he has some momentum heading into Bad Blood.

Shock win for Cade/Jindrak over the Dudz. I liked Test’s interference in this and I can see the Dudz going for some retribution possibly.

Edge vs. Austin has never happened before to my knowledge, and I’d love to see it.

This was a good way of making Kane vs. Sting a Hardcore Match, and it’s good to see Maven get his ass kicked.

A Women’s Battle Royal on Heat will be pretty good, and I don’t see the belt changing hands as it’s not a PPV, or even RAW.

Interesting developments with RVD and Shelton. Those two can put together something special in the ring.

Typical of Austin to give somebody the stunner, and this was a good place to have him announce his acceptance of the match at BB. I would have liked to read this segment, as these two could be pretty funny together (Carlito and Austin).

“Down with the new Brown”. Haha, that’s damn funny. That IC Title Match will possibly steal the show imo.

Christian hypes his match with The Rock, and I can see Rocky getting some revenge at BB.

Contract signing on its way, and with everybody most likely joining H and Cena, I can see a big brawl of some sort.

Wow, a big brawl to say the least! This was awesome and I really liked this ending to the show, and it leaves a lot of intrigue heading into BB.

SmackDown Review

Interesting idea of having the TLC to start the show. I guess that’s the right choice as you also have a huge World Title Match later on. MNM winning was good, and my prediction of the Hardy Boyz was completely wrong. Awesome match here.

Batista gets a match with Lesnar at TGAB. This should be a decent big man match, I hope Batista wins, as I’m not a fan of Lesnar. Overall, this segment seemed a little short and too much straight to the point.

Helms cheats again to retain his title, and it was a good choice to have Super Crazy as his opponent. Next week, a Canadian gets the shot, I predict Petey Williams.

Booker challenged Undertaker to a match. I can see Booker really elevating into the main event scene finally here, as I think he will get some help to beat the dead man.

Great match between Lesnar and Lashley, I didn’t expect much out of them, but I enjoyed reading this. Batista takes down Lesnar after, and this feud is firing up.

Nice announcements from Teddy. I was right in my pick of Petey to face Helms, so I’m pleased. Taker vs. Book will go down, that will kick ass, and the Elimination Match will be awesome too, I predict Hassan to get the win and face Rey.

Heated interview with both Burchill and The Miz. I can see a title change in that Street Fight.

I didn’t like Rey getting completely squashed by Goldberg. Rey would definitely lose, but as the US Champ, he could have had some offence. The aftermath was cool though, with Rey getting hit by all the contenders’ finishers.

Great main event between Benoit and Angle, and Jericho spoils everything with his interference. Haha, I love it! I can see a Triple Threat at the Bash, and will Jericho be the next champion?
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