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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

WWE Friday Night Smackdown Review:

WWE Tag Team Championship
Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match(TLC)
Basham Brothers(C) vs MNM vs William Regal and Finlay vs Hardy Boyz

First off I think this is the first thread that someone put a TLC match on the card on a non-PPV. Good opener with a lot of spots being used. Like the Side Effect off of the ladder. However even though MNM won the titles, the ending seemed a little bland to me.

Batista gets Brock at the Great American Bash and I can only say, it should be off the charts.

Crusierweight Championship
Gregory Helms(C) vs Super Crazy

Another great match and it looks like you're using the every week title defense rule with Helms. Helms and Crazy battle in a good match, but in the end Helms pulls out the victory once again, and Helms now looks to be challenging someone from Canada next week.

Booker and Taker next week on Smackdown will be great.

Brock Lesner vs Bobby Lashley

First time I've seen these two get it on in any thread. What a match! These two gave it all they had. Brock wins with the F-5, but it's the aftermath that makes this segment even better. Brock goes for a second F-5, but is floored by Batista. Batista then connects with the Batista Bomb on Lesnar and the buildup for these two are indeed going well.

Some big announcements for next week and I'm definately looking forward to Helms/Williams next week! As for the fans still being mad at Long for firing Hogan last week, hey, it is what it is.

Short split interview with Miz/Burchill/Josh Matthews. Both men got to the point, and I kind of like this new Burchill. Miz and Burchill in a street fight for next week for the TV title should be great.

Rey Mysterio vs Bill Goldberg
Yo, what the hell! LOL!, Man, really that was wrong. Goldberg completely squashes Mysterio, then he is hit with the RKO, Kenton Bomb, Reverse STO, and the Clothesline from Hell! That's too much man, Mysterio better retain at the Bash after that massacre.

World Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angle(C) vs Chris Benoit

As always these two put on a classic match. So many moves and what a great match once again. No contest, but YES! Chris Jericho is back! Jericho takes out both men and has the World Championship in his hands to end the show!

What an excellent show! Seemed more like a PPV! Looking forward to next week's edition of Smackdown!


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