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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

WWE Friday Night Smackdown

We see a video of last week's Eddie Guerrero Battle Royal which Chris Benoit won and is now facing Kurt Angle this week.

We go straight to the arena and we see the WWE Tag Team Titles hanging above the ring. The Bashams comes out to boos and they enter the ring and each member pick up a chair. William Regal and Finlay comes out to Finlay's music and they enter the ring and they look up at the titles. Snapshot hits and MNM comes out to a mixed pop. Instead of doing their normal entrance they just enter the ring looking prepared for this match. The Hardy Boyz music hits but they dont come out. Instead they come from the fans and enters the ring.

WWE Tag Team Championship
Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Match(TLC)
Basham Brothers(C) vs MNM vs William Regal and Finlay vs Hardy Boyz

All 8 men look up at the tag team titles untill Finlay runs and takes down Jeff with a clothesline. After that, all hell breaks loose as all men start brawling each other. Everyone falls out of the ring except Johnny Nitro and Matt Hardy. Matt Hardy grabs Nitro and whips him hard into the corner. Finlay quickly gets in the ring but Hardy is ready and he elbows Finlay right in the head. Matt grabs Finlay and hits The Side Effect on him. Matt turns around and Mercury is in the ring and superkicks him. MNM are in the ring and they look up at the belts. Mercury grabs a ladder and sets it up. Both Nitro and Mercury starts climbing but BB(Bashams) are back in and they pull Nitro and Mercury down. BB starts kicking both Nitro and Mercury untill they turn around and Jeff Hardy comes off the top rope with a double dropkick. Jeff Hardy starts to climb the ladder but Regal enters and pulls Jeff off. Jeff elbows Regal in the ribs and he grabs a chair and cracks Regal right in the head. Jeff Hardy turns around and Finlay hits him with a hard chair shot. Finlay starts climbing the ladder but Matt Hardy is back with a chair and he hits Finlay in the back. Matt Hardy climb up on the other side of the ladder and he reaches for the belts but Finlay hits him. Matt hits him back and even bounces his head off the ladder. Matt Hardy gets up farther up the ladder and then jumps with a sunset flip into a powerbomb on Finlay. Both men are out. William Regal slowly gets up but so are MNM. Joey Mercury runs and picks Regal up and Johnny Nitro grabs him and they connect with the Snapshot. MNM gets up and they each climb a side of a ladder. Matt and Jeff is up and they shove the ladder over and both Nitro and Mercury falls on the top rope. Matt grabs a table and Jeff helps him set it up in the ring next to the ladder. Matt Hardy starts climbing the ladder but he dont see MNM pull Jeff Hardy outside the ring. Matt Hardy gets all the way to the top but Doug and Danny hits him. They climb on the same side Hardy is one and they grab him and shove him off with a powerbomb from the ladder through the table. Finlay enters the ring as The Basham Brothers are climbing. He sets a 2nd ladder up an he pulls Doug off his. He goes where Doug was and starts climbing and he hits Danny in the ribs. Finlay reaches up for the titles but Doug is on the ladder Finlay set up and he hits Finlay in the face. The Basham Brothers grab Finlay and suplex him off the ladders to the mat. The crowd chant "Holy Shit". The Basham Brothers get up quickly but MNM is also up. They superkick both the Bashams. MNM quickly climb up the ladders and pull down the tag team titles.
Winners and new WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM

MNM climb down the ladders and hug each other. The quickly head to the back as Matt and Jeff are in the ring looking pissed.


Backstage Teddy Long enters his office only to see Batista sitting there.

Teddy Long: Dave, how may I help you tonight?
Batista: Teddy, you know that I am not the type to complain but last week Brock Lesner cheated to eliminated me in that match. Now I dont want a Title shot, instead I want Brock Lesner.
Teddy Long: Dave, I'll tell you what. Since you had to give up the World Heavyweight Title back in January. I will give you Brock Lesner at the next Smackdown PPV, The Great American Bash.

Batista gets a big smile on his face and he leaves his office.

We are back inside the arena where Gregory Helms is already in the ring. He holds up the Crusierweight Title. He walks over and grabs a mic.

Gregory Helms: Last week I beated Japan's Ultimo Dragong and now I want to beat the living hell out of a Mexican. So who will it be? Come on out, Lucha, come on.

Gregory Helms waits for a sec and The Mexicools song hits and Super Crazy comes out. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring.

Crusierweight Championship
Gregory Helms(C) vs Super Crazy

Gregory Helms starts laughing at Crazy but Super runs over and shoves him hard and Helms goes flying into the corner. Gregory Helms looks a little more scare then he did a minute ago. Super Crazy runs at Helms but Helms moves and Crazy hits the corner. Helms turns Crazy around and starts hitting him in the face. Helms goes to whip Crazy but Crazy reverse it and sends Helms hard into the corner. Crazy runs into the corner and knees Helms right in the head. Super Crazy grabs Helms and toss him across the ring to the corner. Crazy runs in again but Helms moves and Super Crazy hits the corner with force because after he hit the corner he falls straight to the mat. Gregory Helms see this has his chance to get Super Crazy. He runs up to Crazy and drops two legdrop and make the cover but only a 2. Gregory Helms picks Super Crazy up and trys for a suplex but Crazy reverse it into a suplex of his own. Super Crazy gets up fast and trys to fire the crowd up. Super Crazy begins to climb to the top rope. Crazy gets on the top rope but Helms runs and hits the ropes and Crazy straddles the top turnbuckle. Gregory Helms climbs up to where Super Crazy is and he grabs him. Gregory Helms sets him up for a Hurricana off the top but Crazy is holding the ropes and Helms falls to the mat. Super Crazy stands on the top rope and jumps with a flying crossbody and he makes the cover on Helms, 1.........................................2................................Gregory Helms kicks out. Super Crazy starts screaming as he pulls Helms up. He puts him between his legs looking and picks him up but Helms starts hitting him on his head. Super Crazy quickly falls on his back but as he did he hangs Helms on the top rope. Gregory Helms looks out of it. Super Crazy quickly makes the cover, 1...........................................2......................................Gregory Helms grabs the bottom rope to break it. Super Crazy pulls Helms up and bodyslams him near the corner. Super Crazy climbs to the top ropoe and does a picture perfect moonsault but Gregory Helms moves and Crazy bounces off the mat hard. Gregory Helms pulls Super Crazy up and quickly rolls him up using the tights for the 3 count.
Winner and still Crusierweight Champion, Gregory Helms

After the match, Gregory Helms holds up his CW Title before grabing the Mic.

Gregory Helms: Last week I kicked Japan's ass and this week I kicked Mexico's ass and now who's next? How about next week I kick our neighbor to the north. That's right, next week I issue a challenge to any Crusierweight Wrestling from Canada.

Gregory Helms drops the mic and leaves the ring.


Backstage Josh Matthews is standing with the five time WCW champion, Booker T and his wife, Sharmell.

Booker T: Josh, before this interview starts, I want to tell everyone this. I am so damn sick and tire of not getting any respect around here. In matter of fact, I am going to do something about it.
Josh Matthews: Well, um, what are you going to do about it then?
Booker T: You want to know what I am going to do about it? I am going to take out the biggest star in the WWE, sucka. You understand me? I am going to injured and end the carrer of a certain superstar. That is why next week on Smackdown, I challenge The Undertaker to a match. Undertaker, next week I wont Rest In Peace, you will, Now Can You Dig That? SUCKAAAAAAAAA

Booker T kisses Sharmell before walking away.

The Real Deal hits and Bobby Lashley walks out to a pretty good pop. He enters the ring just like his oppoent tonight. Here Comes The Pain hits and Brock Lesner walks out and jumps on the ring apron and the pyro shoots off from the corners. Brock Lesner enters the ring and gets right in Bobby Lashley's face.

Brock Lesner vs Bobby Lashley
Both Brock Lesner and Bobby Lashley stare at each other face to face. Bobby tells Lesner something that pisses Lesner off. Brock slaps Bobby right in his face. Bobby with a huge smile on his face grabs Lenser but Lesner knees him in the gut. Brock grabs his head and bounces it off the turnbuckle. It dont have any effect on Lashley. Bobby smiles as Lesner slams his head again into the turnbuckle. Bobby elbows Lesner and slams his head over and over into the corner with the fans couting. Bobby bounces Lesner's head off the turnbuckle 10 times. Brock Lesner looks dazed as he trys to hits Lashley but misses. Bobby whips Brock Lesner across the ring and lowers his head. Brock Lesner rebounds off the ropes and kicks Lashley right in the face. Brock Lesner bounces off the ropes again and clothesline Bobby Lashley down to the mat. Brock Lesner starts kicking The Real Deal on the mat. Brock Lesner gets on top of Lashley and starts hitting him with closed fist. The ref tells him to stop and Lesner does after about 4 more hits. Brock Lesner pulls Bobby Lashley up and locks in a bear hug but Lashley is too huge. Lashley just elbows Lesner to break it. Bobby runs to the ropes and runs into Lesner chest first but either man falls. Both Lesner and Lashley runs to the ropes and again both try to tackle the other one but again both stands tall. Bobby Lashley runs to the ropes as he thought Lesner would but Lesner runs and clothesline Lashley down to the mat. Lesner drops a hard elbow but Lashley moves. Bobby gets up and so does Lesner. Bobby gets Lesner in a headlock but Lesner shoves Bobby into a corner. Brock Lesner runs in and nails a hard corner clothesline that knocks Bobby on his ass in the corner. Brock Lesner starts choking Lahsley with his foot in the corner. The ref starts counting to five but Lesner stops choking on four. Brock Lesner pulls Bobby Lashley up and goes for a suplex but instead he sits Lashley on the top rope. Brock Lesner gets on the turnbuckles and grabs Bobby Lashley. Brock Lesner connects with a hard superplex from the top rope. Brock quickly crawls over and makes the cover, 1......................................2......................................Lashley kicks out. Brock Lesner is upset as he stands up. He calls for The F5. He pulls Lashley up and sets him on his shoulders. He gets ready to plant the F5 but Bobby Lashley slides off the shoulders and quickly runs to the ropes. Brock Lesner turns around and Bobby Lashley plants him with a hard spear. Bobby makes the cover, 1....................................................2........................................Brock Lesner just kicks out right before three. Bobby Lashley gets up and kneels down in a corner. Brock Lesner gets up and Bobby Lashley goes for a 2nd spear but Lesner moves and Lashley hits the corner hard. Bobby turns around and Brock Lesner picks him up on his shoudlers and connects with a hard F5. Brock Lesner quickly makes the cover for the 3.
Winner, Brock Lesner

After the match, Brock Lesner celebrates and he looks over and sees Bobby Lashley moving. Brock Lesner runs over and picks Lashley up. He goes for a F5 but Batista enters the ring. Batista spears Brock Lesner down who had Lashley on his shoulders. Batista pulls Brock Lesner up and does his thumbs up/down thing and he plants Brock Lesner with a hard Batista Bomb. Brock Lesner is knocked out as Batista stands over him looking him down.


Backstage Teddy Long is sitting at his desk looking into the camera.

Teddy Long: Let me Holla at cha players, I have some announcments to make. Booker T, you issued a challenge to The Undertaker for a match next week on Smackdown? Well it will happen right here on Smackdown next week. Also next week I am making a huge Four Way Elimination match and the winner will go to The Great American Bash and face Rey Mysterio for the US Championship, it will be Randy Orton facing Muhammad Hassan, Mr. Kennedy, and JBL. Also Gregory Helms, you issued a challenge to any Canadain Crusierweight? Well I foundt you a guy, well you see this guy never been in the WWE before, and that guy is Petey Williams. Not only that Gregory Helms, but if you happen to beat Petey Williams then I have a guy that I know you can't beat, Player. Also since Brock Lesner faced Bobby Lashley this week I am booking Batista against Bobby Lashley for next week. But that is next week and this is tonight, so enjoy the Chris Benoit taking on Kurt Angle match tonight. Remember, Holla Holla Holla at cha fave General Manager.

Teddy Long smiles as the crowd gives him a mix reaction. They are still upset that he fired Hogan last week.

We see a spilt screen and the Miz is on the right side and Paul Burchill is on the left side. Josh Matthews is holding the interveiw.

Josh Matthews: Thanks for joining me both of you. My first question is Miz how are you feeling?
Miz: I feel great thanks for........
Paul Burchill: He is in pain, Matthews, after what I did to him, he should still be lying in bed.
Josh Matthews: Well, um, Burchill, why did you quit your piriate gimmick?
Paul Burchill: Josh, you can call me Mr. Burchill. I have a question for you Josh. Did you see the way those stupid ass people laughed at me when I was wearing that? Does freaking idoits dont know a damn thing that is why I chose to truley be myself and that is I am going to kick ass. That little rabbit stole my TV title and his ass is the first that I kicked. In matter of.........
Miz: Hey Burchill, i'll tell you what. If you would fight clean without attacking me from behind then I will give you a TV Title Shot next week, what do ya say?
Paul Burchill: I say your on, but let make this my kind of match. I am not talking about the old Burchill, I am talking about the new Mr. Burchill. Let make it a Street Fight Match.
Miz: Your on, next week you will get a Reality Check.
Paul Burchill: No you listin to me you freak, next week I am going to whip your ass and break your damn ankle then I am going to take your TV title. I am Paul Burchill, and I am going to kick your ass.

Paul Burchill and Miz just sit there staring at the cameras.


We are back in the ring and Booaka hits and Rey Mysterio jumps up from the stage wearing his US title. He gets in the ring and shows his US title to the fans. Who's Next? hits and Goldberg comes out through the fire and smoke. He walks down the ramp and enters the ring.

Rey Mysterio vs Bill Goldberg
As soon as Goldberg enters the ring and quickly clotheslined Rey Mysterio down with force. Goldberg starts kicking Rey on the ground. Goldberg gets down and starts kneeing him right in his head. Goldberg picks Rey Mysterio up and holds him high in the air above his head. Goldberg runs across the ring and toss Mysterio into the corner back frist with force. Goldberg smiles but the fans are booing him. Goldberg picks Rey up and just toss him hard with a hiptoss around the ring. Goldberg gets down in the corner and poor Rey Mysterio slowly pulls himself up. Rey Mysterio turns around and he gets a hard spear by Goldberg. Goldberg picks Mysterio up and holds him up in a suplex position. He then plants him with a Jackhammer. Goldberg covers and the ref counts to three. This was just a squash match.
Winner, Goldberg

After the match, Goldberg leaves the arena and Rey Mysterio slowly gets to his feet. The crowd is giving him a standing oavtion for his little effort against Bill Goldberg. Rey Mysterio finally stands up using the ropes. He turns around and Randy Orton is there and he connects with a RKO. Randy Orton stands up and taunts the crowd. Randy Orton turns around and Ken Kennedy is in the ring. Ken Kennedy laughs at Randy Orton. He then picks up Rey Mysterio and bodyslams him by the corner. Ken Kennedy goes to the top rope and jumps with the Kenton Bomb. Ken Kennedy tells Randy Orton that is how you do it. Muhammad Hassan comes out and enters the ring. He looks at both Kennedy and Orton. He pulls Rey Mysterio up and plants a Reverse STO(or Edge's old finisher the Downward Spiler.) Muhammad Hassan stands up and rasies both of his hands. Ken Kennedy and Randy Orton starts laughing but JBL enters the ring now. JBL tells the three men that he will show them how to do a move. He picks Rey Mysterio up and he runs to the ropes and connects with a Clothesline From Hell. JBL stands up and all four men stare at each other. They see Rey Mysterio's US title on the ground and each man smiles at it.


We a history of Angle/Benoit fued which shows their great Cage match from RAW, there Wrestlemaina 17 match, there Royal Rumble 2003 match and many more moments from them.

Whatever hits and Chris Benoit comes out on the stage. The crowd is on there feet as he enters the ring. American Hero hits and the World Heavyweight Champion makes is way out. He stops halfway down the ramp and rasies his hands and the red, white, and blue pyro shoots off behind him. Kurt Angle enters the ring and spins around wearing the title. He takes the title off and he walks over and shakes Chris Benoit's hand.

World Heavyweight Championship
Kurt Angle(C) vs Chris Benoit

They circle the ring as the bell rings to start the match. They lock up but Kurt Angle backs Chris Benoit into the corner. The ref tells Kurt Angle to break it and he did cleanly. Kurt Angle backs up and Chris Benoit comes out of the corner. They circle the ring again and lock up. This time Chris Benoit takes Kurt Angle into the corner. The ref also tells him to break the lock which Chris Benoit does. Kurt Angle walks up to Benoit and gets in his face. Chris Benoit goes for a clothesline but Kurt Angle goes behind him. Kurt Angle grabs Benoit and toss him down to the mat. Kurt Angle gets on top of Benoit and starts riding him. Kurt Angle then finally gets Chris Benoit in a headlock. Chris Benoit gets to his knees though and he trips Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle is now face down in the ring. Chris Benoit quickly goes for the crossface but Kurt Angle crawls to the ropes and he leaves the ring. Kurt Angle stands outside the ring taking his sweet time. Kurt Angle finally enters the ring but Chris Benoit nails a hard chop to Angle's chest. Chris Benoit whips Kurt Angle into the ropes but Kurt Angle ducks a clothesline. Kurt Angle grabs Benoit by his waist and goes for a german but Chris Benoit haves it block. Kurt Angle again try to lift him but Chris Benoit quickly goes behind Angle and now he trys for a german but Angle haves it block. He picks Kurt off the ground but Angle still have it block because he rolls through with a quick pin, 1..................................................2.....................Chris kicks out. Chris quickly gets up and he clothesline Angle with a shortarm clothesline. Chris Benoit pulls Kurt Angle up and shoves him into the corner. Chris Benoit starts chopping Kurt Angle's chest. He chops him about 6 times untill Kurt Angle finally moves over by the ropes. Chris Benoit runs and try to clothesline Angle over the top but Kurt Angle ducks and Chris Benoit is send to the floor to the outside. Kurt Angle sees the Benoit is starting to stand so he starts to climb to the top rope. Kurt Angle is doing something new because he almost never go to the top. He jumps with a crossbody all the way from the top rope to the outside and lands on Chris Benoit. The crowd chants "That Was Awesome" at Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle is the first one up and he grabs Benoit and toss his ass in the ring. He quickly gets in the ring and covers, 1....................................2................................Chris kicks out. Kurt Angle goes to pick Benoit up but Benoit rolls him up but only a 2 count. Both men are up and Kurt Angle runs at Benoit. Chris Benoit trys for a clotheslien but Kurt Angle ducks it and grabs him and plants him with a german suplex. He rolls his hips and connects with a 2nd one. He rolls his hips again and connects with a 3rd one. He rolls his hips again but Chris Benoit is in the corner and haves the ropes to block it. Kurt Angle starts beating down on the back of Benoit. Kurt Angle knows that he can't do a 4th one so he sits Chris Benoit on the turnbuckles facing the crowd. Kurt Angle gets up and he grabs Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit starts fighting back and he elbows Kurt Angle in the head and Angle falls to the mat. Chris Benoit starts standing still facing the crowd. Kurt Angle gets up quickly and goes to the top rope and he grabs Benoit and toss him with a top rope german suplex. Chris Benoit hits the mat hard. The crowd is chanting "Holy Shit". Both Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit are down. Kurt Angle quickly crawls over and makes the cover, 1.............................................2.............................Chris Benoit gets a shoulder up. Kurt Angle can't bealive that Benoit is still alive. Kurt Angle pulls Chris Benoit up but Chris Benoit goes behind Angle and takes him down with a german suplex. Chris Benoit rolls his hips and connects with a 2nd german suplex. He rolls his hips again and connects with a 3rd german suplex. He rolls his hips again and connects with a 4th one. He finally lets go of Kurt Angle. Chris Benoit gets up and quickly climbs to the top rope. He looks at the crowd then he leaps off with the flying headbutt. He goes and crashes right into Kurt Angle. Chris Benoit makes the cover, 1............................................2......................Kurt Angle got the shoulder up. Chris Benoit stands and he bends down to pick Kurt Angle up but Kurt Angle trips him and locks in the Angle Lock. Chris Benoit trys to reach the ropes but can't. Chris Benoit thought rolls on his back and shoves Kurt Angle off his ankle but Kurt Angle quickly gets it back on. As soon as Angle got it back on, Chris Benoit rolls to the ropes. Chris Benoit gets on the apron and Kurt Angle runs and does a baseball slide but he goes through Chris Benoit's legs. Kurt Angle goes to grab Benoit but Benoit kicks Angle right in his head. Chris Benoit gets in the ring and he runs to the ropes. He jumps between then and takes Kurt Angle out with a dive. The crowd is going insane because this match is so good. Chris Benoit slowly gets up using the apron and he looks over and sees Kurt Angle getting up. He slides Kurt Angle in the ring and Chris Benoit goes to the top rope. Chris Benoit jumps with with a flying headbutt but Kurt Angle moves and Chris Benoit crashes into the mat hard. The crowd is again going nuts. Just then we hear this sound that sounds like a clock. We see that there is a clock on the tron and it is counting down. 11..............................10......................................9........................... ..............8.......................................7......................................6...... .................................5......................................4........................... .....3..................................2........................................................... .........................1..... Just then the lights go out. They stay out for about a minute and when they come on someone is in the ring. We see that it is Chris Jericho and he haves a chair in his hands. Chris Benoit is standing and Chris Jericho nails him right in his head. He then turns around and nails Kurt Angle right in the head. The ref calls for the bell.
No Contest

Chris Jericho goes outside the ring and grabs the World Heavyweight Championship. He gets in the ring and he stares at it. He haves a huge grin on his face. He looks over and sees Kurt Angle pulling himself up. Chris Jericho runs and nails Kurt Angle right in the head. Chris Jericho holds up the World Championship high above his head as Smackdown goes off the air.

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