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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Well, I’m finally up-to-date with this and here’s my review for the last RAW show.

Rock/Christian – This was an awesome opening promo, classic Rock, and with Christian in there, this has all the ingredients for a hilarious segment. Christian dissing the fans was cool and gets him over well in front of his home fans.

Handicap Match – Typical 3-on-1 match. I expected HBK to get the win, but I’m glad he didn’t, as he doesn’t look at all bad losing to 3 opponents, and they look good by defeating him.

Austin’s in town – Something big’s going down when Austin’s around, so this will be interesting.

IC title scene chaos – Haha, I loved all this. It was insane! I’m a massive fan of the KotM match and nobody is happier to see it at Bad Blood than me. My prediction is in white: fuck knows

AMW promo – They didn’t really seem in character here. I would’ve liked the more arrogant intensity from them, and where the hell was Storm’s, “sorry about your damn luck?”

Test vs. Eugene – Nice ending with the DQ, and Test was great afterwards going bad ass on Eugene. Hall’s revenge is nice here as well, and although I doubt those two could have a great match, I’m kinda hyped for it!

HBK run-down – This is a huge moment and will be memorable, so hopefully you go far with this. I’m guessing it was Shane or someone, but I can also see a surprise happening and it being someone completely unexpected, or a friend of HBK.

NAO vs. AMW – Shock win here, as I thought new school would defeat old school. Gunn and Roadie were, imo, the greatest tag team champions ever, bar none, so I hope, and am confident, that they will get the titles.

Foley/Bischoff – This was pretty funny. It seemed a bit random, and just filler stuff, but I liked it. Foley was great here.

X-Pac vs. SB – Great match here, and I liked the ending, a nice small touch with RVD’s music playing to cost Shelton the match. This is a good way to slowly build the feud.

Sting promo – I haven’t seen too much of Sting, but this seemed pretty similar to what he’d say.

No DQ Match – Awesome main event. Truly was! The finish was good and Austin won’t take this lying down. Triple H’s announcement after of the Lumberjack Match is a cool way to end RAW, and that match will be great!
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