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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Rock/Christian- What a way to start the show with Rock punking Christian with words. I bet there match at BB will have a special match like a cage or something.

HBK vs Shane/Cade/Jindrak- I kinda liked this match because the Canada crowd really does hate HBK and it showed here again.

Masterlock Challenge- This what a MC would be but I should of figured that the IC title will be defended in a KOTM match, that match is going to be the show stealer for Bad Blood.

Test vs Eugene- Just what it was, a basic Eugene match but it was ok.

Let me guess that it was either Vince Mcmahon, HHH, or the one and only Bret Hart that ran down HBK.

AMW vs NAO- Great match and I am happy NAO got the win and is going to BB.

Shelton Benjamin vs X-Pac- Yep that was a shocker that X-pac is back and with everything is about DX and am predicting a full comeback.

Edge vs Austin- I loved this match and it would be like Edge to beat Austin with everyone's help.

So it will be Cena vs HHH in a lumberjack match and I am guessing that besides Hall and Austin as Lumberjacks that NAO and X-pac will also be them.

It was a great show, I loved the announcing of the KOTM match, X-pac returning and the main event the most but it was a great show- 89/100.

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