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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Have to post this a day early, as I am going to my dads house tomorrow and Tuesday, so, here it is, my first RAW in over a month....

Toronto; Canada

*Opening video*


Styles: Welcome everyone to WWE RAW live from Toronto, Canada. We are deep in the heart of bizzaro land, and we are just 2 weeks away from Bad Blood which is already starting to look like a major PPV!

Coach: Well forget that, let's talk about tonight, in bizzaro land! The crowd is hot baby!

Styles: And why wouldn't they be? Steve Austin faces Edge in a No DQ match for our main event!

King: And let's not forget that Eugene faces Test, the New Age Outlaws and AMW meet in the Semi's of the Tag title tourny, and also Charlie Haas accepts the Masterlock challenge from Chris Masters.

Styles: And finally Shawn Michaels faces Lance Cade, Mark Jindrak & Shane McMahon all by his lonesome! The Corporation is out in force to stop these "Rebels" in Austin, HHH, HBK & Hall!

The crowd dies down as *Just Close Your Eyes* hits to a big pop as Christian heads to the ring looking really pleased with himself, after once again stealing a pinfall over The Rock last week

Christian: Wow, thank you.

Crowd pops and a *Christian* chant fades in and out

Christian: For the most disgraceful reception I have ever recieved.....

Crowd boos Christian, who nods at his comment, and pounds on his chest

Christian: Last week, your's truly, walked into RAW with a major win under his belt after beating The Crock, and by the end of that night I left with a second win over The Jock, that's 2-0 to me Rocky boy.

Crowd gives a mixed reaction, not sure whether to cheer or jeer their native Canadian

Christian: So I arrived in Toronto yesterday.....

Crowd pops

Christian: Took one look at the place and was first in line, booking a flight back to the US immediately after tonight's show!

Crowd boos the hell out of Christian here

Christian: And people actually ask me, "why did you leave Canada?" I've got a better question for those people..... "Why would you STAY in Canada?"

*Asshole* chants start up, so loud it drowns out Christian's voice as he tries to talk again

Christian: Hey, you people need to show some respect to your new "People's champion! Me, Captai.....

*If Ya Smell* hits to a thunderous ovation that blows the roof off as The Rock heads to the ring with a "Team Bring It" shirt on, and the regular white striped black pants on. Rock soaks up the ovation from the turnbuckle, then grabs a mic and gets into the ring

Christian: Rock, I didn't ex....


Crowd erupts and a huge *Rocky* chant gets going, which upsets Christian, who wants to be cheered, despite what he said about Canada earlier

Rock: Don't even say a damn word! And, where are my manners? FINALLY, THE ROCK HAS COME BACK TO TO-RON-TO!

Crowd explodes with a massive pop

Rock: Christian, you're out here running your mouth week in and week out, you pick up two fluke wins over the Great One and all of a sudden you're like a God. Christian, if you had half the nutsize of a squirrell you could be counted as a man!

Crowd erupts with laughter, while Rock paces back and forth

Rock: And if the rest of your body got the workout daily that your lips do, you might look like a man and not a shrivelled up nutsack in the Canadian winter!

Crowd erupts again and a huge *Rocky* chant starts up again

Rock: You see The Rock came out here, because he heard you dissing the people.

Crowd pops

Rock: Well if The Rock hears another damn word come out of your itsy bitsy lips, I'll have no hesitation in smacking them off your face, picking them up and making kiss your own ass!

Crowd stays hot, another big cheer for The Rock

Rock: Two weeks in a row you have cheated your little rudy poo candy ass to victory, and do you think The Rock cares about your damn little streak?

Christian: I thin....


Crowd erupts as The Rock continues to pace back and forth, with the crowd completely behind him

Rock: The Rock gives a monkey's nutsack what you think, but The Rock knows, that if you met The Great One one on one, mono e mono, then he would whip your candy ass from here to Timbucktoo. But no, we wouldn't be booking you on the direct flight. See flying SmackDown airlines, you get to stop off at Jabroni drive, then down monkey ass road and you get a special little gift when you arrive, my size 13 boot shined up nicely, and SHOVED STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASS!

Christian: Shutup! SHUTUP! You have no business out here, and all I have heard you say for the last 5 minutes, was a load of crap. I could beat you any day of the week, any place and any time!

Rock: Did you just interrupt me?

Christian: It's pretty obvious tha....


Crowd goes beserk for the umpteemth time, as Christian is really starting to get annoyed by The Rock's antics

Rock: But in all seriousness, The Rock says you drag your skinny little behind to Bad Blood so he can whip your ass! Whadda ya say?

Crowd pops

Christian: You're on, bitch!

Christian slams his mic down and gets right in The Rock's face, and Rock pretends to swing a punch at him, and Christian quickly falls to the mat and covers himself up like a coward, then rolls out of the ring

Rock: You have 13 days, until you recieve the single handedly biggest asswhippin' of your miserable career, IF YA SMELLLLLLLL, WHAT THE ROCK, IS COOKIN'!

Crowd erupts again as The Rock mounts the turnbuckle and poses for the fans, soaking up the tremendous ovation, as Christian retreats up the ramp, giving a loathing stare at The Rock

Styles: I can't believe it! The Rock & Christian will face each other at Bad Blood! What a match that will be!

King: Christian has picked up two shock wins over The Rock, but I don't know if he'll be third time lucky.

Coach: The nerve of these damn Canadians, to boo their own hero in Christian and cheer for The Rock, it's ludicrous!

Styles: Maybe if Christian hadn't given his own country an absolute rundown in his speech, maybe they would've still cheered him.


We return to the ring and see Jindrak, Cade & Shane McMahon in the ring

*Sexy Boy* hits to huge heat as HBK makes his way to the ring not lifting his gaze off his opponents, and despite being the face, clearly the Canadian crowd still hate HBK

Match 1
1 vs 3 Handicap Tag Match
Shawn Michaels vs Shane McMahon/Lance Cade/Mark Jindrak

Decent match, and although HBK starts off well, eventually the numbers get the better of him.
As we go the break, Jindrak is picking apart the lower back of Michaels.

As we return, Michaels is battling back to heat from the crowd, as a *You Screwed Bret* chant starts up as HBK takes Jindrak down with a clothesline.
Jindrak tags in Cade, and he gets into the ring and is met by a right from Michaels, then another, then another.
Michaels sends Cade to the ropes and then elevates him over the shoulder with a back body drop.
Shane tries to cheap shot Michaels, but HBK has it scouted and nails a right hand to Shane.
Michaels now scoop slams Cade and climbs up top, ready to soar with the elbow drop. HBK leaps off and drives the elbow to the heart of Cade.

HBK now goes to the corner and tunes up the band to a poor reception from the fans, who continue to boo HBK.
HBK winds up the boot, but from no where Jindrak connects with a savage left handed shot, knocking Michaels out cold. Shane then tags in from a groggy Lance Cade and covers HBK for the 3

Winners @ 9:40 - Shane/Cade/Jindrak

The crowd cheers as Shane and his goons head backstage with Michaels knocked out in the ring

Backstage now and we see a shot of the parking lot, and hear a vehicle revving up in the background, then we notice a large 4x4 tear into the lot and park. The crowd goes insane when Stone Cold steps out, and a huge *Austin* chant starts as he walks off and we go to a break


As we return, Chris Masters is in the ring, ready to call out Charlie Haas for the Masterlock challenge

Masters: Alright Haas, come on, get down here and let's get this over with, so I can get a chance to beat your ass at Bad Blood in 13 days time!

*World's Greatest* hits to a good reaction from the fans as Charlie Haas heads to the ring

Haas sits on the chair, and Masters gets him in the Masterlock. Haas instantly tries to fight out of it, but Masters is too powerful. Haas now backs into the turnbuckle, squashing Masters' back, but he refuses to let go

Haas now manages to get Masters up on his back and falls down on him, but again Masters keeps the hold locked on. Masters now starts shaking Haas back and forth and the ref checks his hand, and it's all over

Haas loses the Masterlock challenge

Masters refuses to let go, despite being announced the winner, and he keeps the hold on to heat. The crowd however comes alive as Carlito heads to the ring with a chair in hand, and blasts Masters over the back with it. Masters lets go of Haas, and Carlito creams him with a savage chair shot to the forehead

Carlito drops the chair and spits the apple on Masters, and turns around only to be met by Rhino with a GORE, which the crowd erupts for, seeing as Rhino is also face! Rhino pounds on his chest, and he goes to the outside, where from no where, Monty Brown nails a POUNCE to Rhino! Brown now gets into the ring and sets up Charlie Haas for a POUNCE, but AJ Styles jumps into the ring and nails a Pele Kick to Brown, and the two start brawling with each other to a big cheer, which is stopped when

*I'm Back* hits, and Eric Bischoff shows up on stage

Bischoff: Hey.......hey.......HEY! Cut it out!

Styles & Brown stop fighting and look up to Bischoff, as do Rhino, Masters, Carlito & Haas, who have all regained their footing

Bischoff: I have had enough of this, for the last month you six men just seem to want to incapacitate each other! Well, at Bad Blood, I have the perfect solution to all your wants and needs. At Bad Blood, Charlie Haas will defend the Intercontinental title, against all of you!

Crowd cheers

Bischoff seems happy with his booking, and is heading backstage, when Mick Foley shows up to a HUGE pop from the Toronto crowd, while Bischoff doesn't like the look of where this might be going

Foley: But that's not all. This match cannot simply be contested under regular rules. That is why for the first time ever in the WWE, this match will be a "King of the Mountain" match!

The crowd pops, obviously recognizing the match made famous by TNA

Foley: That's right, climb the ladder and pin the belt up to be declared the winner and the new IC champion! And if someone is pinned or made to submit, they will have to spend 2 minutes in the "Penalty box"!

Crowd erupts again and chants *Foley* as *Erk-Crash* hits and Foley heads backstage, which Bischoff following, fuming that Foley has seemed to out-book him again, while all 6 competitors stare each other down in the ring

Styles: O MY GOD! A King of the Mountain match for the IC title at Bad Blood, which already consists of RVD vs Shelton Benjamin and HHH vs John Cena!

King: Bad Blood is shaping up to be something special, let's not forget that Sting will meet Kane, in what will be a battle of the bizzare's as far as RAW superstars go!

Coach: How rude of Mick Foley to interrupt Bischoff like that! If Foley wins the GM role at Bad Blood, I will walk out the door!

Styles: Now all we have to do is dream.......

Todd Grisham is now standing by with AMW, who later tonight will face the New Age Outlaws in the Tag tournament

Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, my guests at this time, America's Most Wanted!

AMW step into the picture to a stale reaction, a few cheers a few jeers

Harris: Tonight, we show the world what we are capable of doing! That is beating two past their prime has-beens, and heading into the Bad Blood PPV to claim the Tag team championships!

Storm: Road Dogg, Billy Gunn. You two are going to find out what it's like to feel the wrath of the hottest thing going today, America's Most Wanted. And when one of you feels the Death Sentence, it's good night for you.

AMW walk off to another stale reaction as *This Is A Test* hits to a fair pop, as Test is Canadian, and the Corporation's muscle heads to the ring ready for his match

*Child's Play* hits a light cheer as Eugene runs to the ring, slapping hands at ringside and clapping as he gets into the ring. Eugene makes a notion for Test to shake hands, Test holds his out, and as Eugene goes to shake it, Test pulls it back and gives Eugene a right hand, as the match gets underway

Match 2
Eugene vs Test

Test has been dominating poor Eugene, and getting mixed reactions all throughout it.
Test goes to slam Eugene's head into the turnbuckle, but Eugene doesn't seem to be affected by it. Test tries again, but Eugene turns around and "Hulks Up" to a nostalgic reaction from the fans.

Eugene fights back with right hands to Test, then lifts him up and spins him around with an Airplane spin! Test is dropped and stumbles around into a Rock Bottom! Eugene covers for a 2 count.
Eugene now picks up Test, who low blows Eugene right in front of the ref, and the ref ends the match

Winner @ 5:23 - Eugene
Via DQ

Test now rebounds off the rope and takes Eugene's head off with a big boot!

Test isn't finished as he pulls a pair of brass knux out of his pants, then places them on his knuckles, brings Eugene's head up and nails him with a big right hand, taking Eugene down again

Test now mounts Eugene and hits a few more rights, bloodying Eugene who is defenseless to more heat than cheers, but the crowd pops as someone pulls Test off Eugene, and it's Scott Hall! Hall hits Test with a right, then another, and then clotheslines him over the ropes and Test hits the floor and scurries away with Hall in pursuit

Styles: This is unbelievable! Scott Hall has got one back on the Corporation for these labelled "Rebels" after what Test did to Hall two weeks ago!

King: This war between the Corporation and the "Rebels" is amazing!


We are now in the parking lot, and HBK is heading off with his bag packed, getting huge heat from the fans, when we hear a car screech, and as HBK turns around, he is mown down by a car!

The crowd is shocked as HBK is run down, he is taken off his feet, lands on the front of the car and falls off, out cold as the car speeds away, leaving everyone, including the commentators in shock as we go to a break


The camera opens back out in the parking lot where medics are attending to HBK, with the crowd still silent, most faces painted with shock and fear, surprise and sadness, as HBK is loaded into an ambulance and driven out of view

Some of the officials and superstars backstage including Maven, Val Venis & Johnny Jeter are talking about it as we go back to ringside

Styles: Well..... I can't believe what we just witnessed. Shawn Michaels has been run down by a car!

Coach: It's shocking, whoever that person was has no soul.

King: Seems alot like something Vince McMahon would do......

Styles: It does, doesn't it?

*O, You Didn't Know?* plays and the crowd erupts with a HUGE reaction as Road Dogg & Billy Gunn head to the ring, playing to the fans. Road Dogg lets a few crotch chops fly before he gets into the ring, and Mr. Ass grabs a mic and hands it to RD

Road Dogg: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages right here in Toronto!

Crowd erupts for the hometown pop

Road Dogg: The New Age Outlaws proudly present to you the future Tag Team champions of the world...... The Road Dogg Jesse James, the Badass Billy Gunn, we are the New....Age...Outlaws!

Crowd cheers as RD hands Billy the mic

Billy: And if you ain't down with that, we got two words for ya.... SUCK IT!

Crowd erupts as Road Dogg & Billy Gunn give the DX crotch chop, and then *Death Sentence* hits to heat as James Storm & Chris Harris head to the ring

Match 3
Tag Team Tournament
New Age Outlaws vs AMW

Very good match, the crowd is firmly behind the NAO as many "DX" and various other chants are heard throughout the match.
The match goes back and forth with neither team really in a period of control, and the match breaks down when Storm hits the Eight Second Ride to RD and seems to have the win, when Billy breaks it up, and the brawl sparks.

Harris comes at Gunn, who nails him with a right hand. Billy then whips Storm to the ropes and elevates him over the shoulder. Billy then boots him to the ribs and goes for the Fame Asser, but Harris nails Billy on the chin with a superkick.
Storm covers Gunn 1.....2.....Road Dogg pulls Storm off!
Harris swings a blind shot at Road Dogg, who ducks under and nails a Pump Handledrop to Harris.
Road Dogg now trades blows with Storm, and both go toe-to-toe for a while, before Storm knocks him over.
Storm now turns his attention back to Billy Gunn, and is planted with a Fame Asser! Gunn makes the cover and the NAO are heading to Bad Blood!

Winners @ 8:59 - New Age Outlaws
Reach finals for Tag Team Championships

The Outlaws head out through the crowd celebrating their win while AMW look filthy that they lost

Styles: The Outlaws rolling into Bad Blood in just under 3 weeks!

King: They were too good tonight, and I feel they might be too good at Bad Blood!

Coach: What a joke! If Billy Gunn hand't gotten in when he wasn't welcome, then the rightful winners would've been AMW!

Styles: There's alot of DX nostalgia around at the moment with the New Age Outlaws around again reliving their old entrance routine and HHH giving everyone crotch chops.....

We are now in the office of Mick Foley & Eric Bischoff, Bischoff is on the phone to someone while Foley is bouncing a ball against the wall. Bischoff hangs up the phone and the audio picks up

Bischoff: Well that was the hospital, things aren't looking too good for Shawn, he's got some severe brusing, damage to his knee and a strong concussion.

Foley turns to Bischoff and takes his eye off the ball, and it bounces back and hits him in the side of the head

Foley: Eh?

Bischoff: Honestly, you didn't hear a word I said did you? I swear that ball has a bigger IQ than you.

Foley: I heard every word you said Eric. I was "multi-tasking" myself, right here in Toronto!

Crowd erupts as Foley raises a thumb to the camera for the cheap pop

Bischoff: You're an idiot.

Foley: Am I?

Bischoff: Yes.

Foley: Really?

Bischoff: Yes.

Foley: Are you sure?

Bischoff: YES!

The crowd laughs as Bischoff heads off, murmuring something about Foley

*Ain't No Stoppin' Me* plays as Shelton Benjamin heads to the ring looking pumped, knowing in 20 days, he will meet RVD in their final encounter with the MITB up for grabs

*X-Pac, THIS SUCKS* hits to a surprisingly big reaction from the fans as X-Pac steps out on stage and warms up the crowd, with a few crotch chops on the stage, as "X" jet pyro flys off behind him

King: What the......

Styles: X-Pac is back! This crowd can't believe it, neither can I, and Coach's jaw has just dropped to the floor!

Coach: How the hell did this guy get a job again?

Match 4
X-Pac vs Shelton Benjamin

The crowd is hot all match, in what has been a terrific contest, both men showing they have tremendous amounts of talent, with a speedy, fast paced exciting showing. There are repeated *X-Pac* and *DX* chants throughout the match, and everytime X-Pac makes a DX sign, the crowd goes absolutely wild.

Towards the end, Shelton sends X-Pac to the ropes and lowers his head early, and X-Pac jumps and rolls over Shelton's bridged back, lands on his feet and goes for a spinning crest kick, but Shelton ducks under it and goes to the T-Bone Exploder, only to have X-Pac counter by landing on his feet, then running up the turnbuckle and leaping off with a moonsault, taking Shelton down for a close count.
X-Pac now hits a right hand and rebounds off the ropes, but Shelton takes him down with an arm drag.
Shelton now whips X-Pac towards the corner, but X-Pac counters it and hits a spinning kick to Shelton who falls back into the turnbuckle.
The crowd cheers as X-Pac gets ready for the Bronco Buster and charges in, but Shelton puts a boot up right in X-Pac's face!

Shelton now stalks X-Pac who is on his knees, when *One Of A Kind* hits to a huge cheer, and Shelton immediately turns to the ramp expecting RVD to come out, but he doesn't. Shelton goes back to grab X-Pac, but he turns right into a boot to the gut, then X-Pac nails the X-Factor! The crowd cheers as X-Pac picks up the 1-2-3

Winner @ 9:34 - X-Pac

Shelton is shocked, and rolls out of the ring, and soon storms off, irate with RVD, after Van Dam got some back for last week

Styles: X-Pac is back with a bang!

Coach: They call it a fluke Joey! RVD's music distracted Shelton and X-Pac snuck away with the biggest fluke I've ever witnessed!

King: What about you getting into the Rumble two years in a row?

Coach: Hey, don't hate the playa, hate the game!

King: Hate the bookers......

We now see Steve Austin strapping on his boots to a huge cheer, he then gets up and heads out of his locker room, ready for the main event coming up after the break


We come back and are in a dark room, with a solitary light shining down on what looks to be the canvas of a ring, most likely a training room somewhere in the building. A lonesome figure is standing in the light, clothed in black with a top hat on. After a few moments, the figure turns to the camera and takes his hat off, revealing that it is Sting, who gets a terrific pop from the crowd

Sting: In 13 days, at Bad Blood, Kane meets his destiny. I will meet Kane, and you had better count every single second of time you have on your hands Kane, and utiliize this time to the best of your ability, because come Bad Blood, you will never be the same again. Your soul will churn and crumble up into nothing, you'll fall to your untimely demise, and the demons inside you will fly free. In 13 days Kane, you're finished. FINISHED.

The light switches off and the screen goes black, then we come back to ringside, with the crowd cheering *Sting* repeatedly

King: Right......

Styles: Well, Sting sending another message to Kane, that they will infact meet at Bad Blood, and what a match that will be! Truly, RAW's odd couple, going to war.

*Metalingus* hits to a good pop from the fans as Edge heads to the ring with Lita by his side, looking ready for a real fight, dressed in jeans and a "Rated R" top

*Glass Shatters* hits and the crowd blows the roof off with a defeaning reaction, which upsets Edge, seeing as this is his hometown. Austin flips the bird on all four corners to huge reactions, then takes off his jacket and the match gets underway

Main Event
Match 5
Steve Austin vs Edge w/Lita

Austin and Edge take it to each other in a brilliant TV main event, as the two start in the ring, then end up at ringside, then during the break they brawl out into the crowd.

As we return, Edge is stomping away at Austin against the barricade.
Edge goes to whip Austin towards the steps, but Austin reverses it and Edge crashes into the steps shoulder first, dislodging the top set.
Austin now heads over to the timekeeper's table and picks up a steel chair.
Edge gets on all fours, trying to regain his footing, as Austin slams the chair down over Edge's back.
Austin rolls Edge back into the ring and goes to follow in, but Lita grabs him by the foot, and holds on.
The crowd boos as Austin turns around and kicks Lita away.
Austin now turns back to Edge, who hangs Austin over the ropes to dry.
Edge brings Austin into the ring for a 2 count.

Edge now grabs the trash can that was utilized earlier and throws it into the ring.
Edge picks it up and hits Austin over the head with it and covers 1-2-kickout from Austin.
Edge now crouches down in the corner, ready to uncoil with the Spear.
Austin gets to his feet and Edge charges at him, but Austin sidesteps it, Edge comes back and is met with the Stunner! Austin slowly makes a cover

The crowd boos as John Cena, Test, Cade & Jindrak storm the ring to help their Corporation buddy out, and start beating the holy hell out of Austin.
Cena grabs his WWE title and clocks Austin over the head with it, then Test rebounds off the rope and connects with a big boot to Austin. Edge now covers Austin for the win!

Winner @ 14:39 - Edge

They continue to beat on Austin, when Scott Hall sprints down the aisle to a huge cheer and gets into the ring, with HHH following him with a sledgehammer in hand

Cade takes a shot at Hall, who blocks it and knocks down Cade with a right hand, as HHH drives the sledgehammer into the ribs of Jindrak. Test charges at Hall, who sidesteps him and throws him out to the floor

Cena is behind HHH and is ready to hit him with the WWE title, but HHH turns around and Cena stops, as the two go eye-to-eye to a huge cheer from the crowd. Cena then smiles, tells HHH "You can't see me" and rolls outside to join the other Corporation members on the ramp, as HHH gets a microphone

HHH: Hey Cena you punk! I kicked your ass last week and got myself a title shot against you at Bad Blood in 2 weeks, and guess what? You and me, in a Lumberjack match!

Crowd erupts as Cena seems slightly unconfident about HHH's choice, while HHH gives Cena a crotch chop, as Hall helps Austin to his feet, and the "Rebels" trio lean over the ropes staring at the Corporation, and we fade out with HHH & Cena staring down, neither man blinking, and Cena slowly raising the WWE title on the ramp


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