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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Prediction Template:

7. World Heavyweight Championship Fatal Four Way Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Chris Benoit vs. Edge vs. Mr. Kennedy

You've done a great job with this feud in making all four men look legitimate contenders. I personally thought at the time that bringing Benoit back was a bit sudden, a bit last minute however I do get why you did it and it certainly has added to the match. In my opinion, Batista takes this. It's been a long reign for the Animal and I think that when he loses it, it will be in a one on one match. Who that's against? No ide yet but I don't think he loses on this occasion.

6. Last Man Standing Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Rey Mysterio

Much like the title match this has been built up expertly. Chavo challenging guys from Rey's past has been top reading and it's the most entertaining Chavo's been in BTB, no doubt. All set up for a Mysterio victory though, makes all the sense in the world.

3. United States Championship Match:
United States Champion Matt Hardy vs. The Miz

This has gone a little under the radar but has brewing nicely and started to bubble the last few weeks. Miz's rise has been slow and gradual and I'm a fan of it. Hardy's momentum has to continue though and I think the champ keeps the gold, I could however see another shot for Miz down the road or even see this one ending in a DQ.

1. Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms vs. Bryan Danielson

Been one of the most entertaining feuds in BTB that I can remember, honestly. I've loved this from start to finish and has been the highlight of this thread for me, especially since Wrestlemania. Danielson to finally get his moment here and make Helms tap, it's gonna be sweet reading no doubt.

5. WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions The Hooligans vs. The New Breed

Tricky one to predict, very tricky. Obviously you're playing Kendrick's heel turn slowly but how slow? Will he cost his team here? Be it by mistake or on purpose? Will London pull through despite Kendrick perhaps slacking off? So many ways this could go. I think New Breed will take it, but I may be wrong, gonna go with the challengers though. Really looking forward to how you play this one out whatever way you do go.

4. Grudge Match:
Finlay vs. Kane

Finlay to end his rotten run of luck I think here, should be a heck of a slugfest that's for sure!

2. Six Man Tag Team Match:
The Extremists vs. The Coachman Coalition

Absolute banker that the Coalition walk out victorious here. It's a real nice group you've formed and I'm interested in just how the dynamics are gonna play out between the three of them, well, four if you include Coach.

Bonus Questions:

What will be the match order? Done
How many championships will change hands? Two
Who will take the fall in the Six Man Tag Team Match? Dreamer
Will there be any surprise appearances? If yes, then by who? No, though I'd be thrilled in being wrong
What will be the longest match? World Title
What will be the shortest match? Six Man Tag
Will there be any blood shed? If so, which match(es)? Yes, Last Man Standing

Looks like yet another cracker is on the cards, excited for it as ever. Good luck
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