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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Tanner1495 View Post
Ziggler/ADR is my #2 WWE MOTY so far, just behind Punk/Undertaker

Also, does anyone have a list with ***+ matches just from this year? Surely we are around 80-100 at this point
- Taker/Punk
- Trips/Lesnar (both)
- Ziggler/ADR (all of them, even the MITB cash-in is worth it)
- Punk/Jericho Raw and Payback
- Kaitlyn/AJ
- Shield/Justice League
- Shield/Orton, Show and Sheamus
- Hell No/ZiggBig
- Rock/Punk II (have it at *** myself)
- Cena/Punk (arguably the best Raw match since Cena/HBK 2007, or maybe even before that)
- Shield/Dazzlers of Destruction
- Shield/Hell No (ER rematch)
- Shield/Hell BOOM
- Shield/Hell Cena (both of them, though the 1st one was better)
- Shield/Hell RK-NO (both of them)
- Shield/Ryberimus
- Bryan/Rollins
- Cesaro/Kofi ME
- Cesaro/Sheamus (All of them)
- Cesaro/Orton ME
- ADR/Swagger Smackdown
- Team Hell No/Car Stereo
- Regal/Ohno
- Cesaro/Neville
- Cesaro/Zyan
- Bryan/Jericho
- Bryan/Ziggler before WM
- Barrett/Miz/Jericho
- Barrett/Sheamus (one of them was pretty excellent this year)
- Barrett/Miz after WM
- Bryan/Ryback I
- Bryan/Ambrose
- Taker/Ambrose (really good for the 5 minutes it got)
- ADR/Show LMS
- Cena/Ziggler before the finishers
- Orton/Cody on Raw
- Cesaro/Cara (this last one, thought it worked just fine)
- Ambrose/Kane I
- Shield/RKNo 2-on-2 (both)
- Jericho/Wyatt
- Sheamus/Sandow Tables
- Sheamus/Ziggler ME

And many others.

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