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Re: Indy Mafia Game Thread

Night 2

Before the bloody deaths were announced the identity of someone was discovered. That someone was The Answer. The Answer IS


Claudio Castagnoli. 2-Shot Strong Man. Sell Out Aligned.

After years of kicking ass all over the world you finally gave in and signed that contract that you always wanted to sign.

You were the strongest guy on the indy scene and you're still insanely strong. This makes you the Strong Man. On 2 nights you can kill someone and that kill will bypass any and all protection.

Also this game has taken a booking decision and it could complicate things. There will be GHOSTS!

The Young Bucks, being the greatest team in the world were able to kill scum. That Piece of Shit Tyler Black was killed. He was

Spoiler for Tyler Black:

Tyler Black. JOAT. Sell Out Aligned

I've seen you wrestle many, many times. I am a fan of yours, even though you sold out on the indies. You have many skills and talents. In and out of the ring. You got the charisma of a champion. You are a JOAT. You may roleblock, frame, strongman kill, or poison on any night. You can use each action once per game. Special challenge: Lynch Roderick Strong, the man who beat you in your final ROH match. If you put a vote on the wagon that lynches Roderick Strong, you will earn a reward.

Mod note: Reward = reload all JOAT actions for second use

However the Young Bucks had no time to enjoy themselves as one was quickly killed. It was poor Matt Jackson. He was killed.

Matt Jackson was

Spoiler for Matt Jackson:

Matt Jackson. Mason Vig. Indy Wrestling Aligned.

You make up one half of the best tag tea in indy wrestling. You and you're brother can beat just about anyone when you work togeter. So first things first you and Nick Jackson are masons. You are both confirmed town and you share a QT. You are the even night vig and your brother is the odd night vig

Promotion: PWG

Excalibur was also the victim of a kill.

Spoiler for Excalibur:

Excalibur. 3-shot Motivator. Indy Wrestling Aligned.

You run and operate PWG. PWG is pretty much the best wrestling company in the world. Guys work harder and have better matches in PWG. Therefore you are the motivator. On 3 Nights you way target a player and the next night they will be able to use their role twice.

Promotion: PWG

3 players are dead.

Those players are:
The Answer
Camille Punk

They are all GHOSTS and can continue posting in the thread until the start of the next day phase

There was also a note left. It said

"OMG, a double rotation, we've never seen anything like that before."

It is now Day 3 with 19 alive it takes 10 to lynch

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