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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Sorry about this but this is in Recap-Version because I didn't get alot time to write this week's Smackdown. Hopefully, next week Smackdown will be in full version. And all reviews will be returned.

WWE: Friday Nights SmackDown!
3rd March 2006 - Results

Smackdown's music plays and then we are shown Smackdowns opening video followed by the announcers commentatory, who welcome us to the show. We then see some of the signs holding by the fans out there.

Smackdowns action starts as Matt Hardy goes one one on with the Pirate, Paul Burchill. This match was definitely a filler but it was not a squash match. In this match, Many of the moves by both of the men were countered by each of them, which made the match more special. We saw some huge action here. At the end of the match, Paul Burchill irish-whips Matt Hardy to the ropes. Matt Hardy bounces back from the ropes and Paul Burchill goes for the C4. As Burchill tries to connect it but at the last time, Matt Hardy counters that out of nowhere into the schoolboy pin for three counts. Matt Hardy wins the match and creates an upset for Paul Burchill, who looks in shock at the last moment of the aftermath of this match. We're headed to commercials.

We return back and The music of Kid Kash hits and he comes out with the Cruiserweight Championship. He takes the microphone and he talks on how he's the most dominant cruiserweight not only in the World Wrestling Entertainment but in the whole world. Kid Kash gets some boos from the crowd and then he disrespects the guys out there in this hometown which gets more boos for him. Kid Kash further talks about his No Way Out match where he defeated Jamie Noble in a brutal ladder match. He then continues the promo talking about the last week's Smackdown, where he defeated Rey Mysterio clean and square. This got some boos. Kid Kash further speaks by telling everyone that he's here for an open challenge to any one in that locker-room for the cruiserweight championship. After some time, Jamie Noble comes out for that challenge but Kid Kash then bashes on him. Kid Kash then tells him that he defeated him two weeks ago and he don't want to beat that guy for the second time. Jamie Noble snatches the microphone from Kid Kash and then he talks on saying that his victory at No Way Out was just a fluke and it all went wrong. Jamie Noble then tells Kid Kash that he's not a man! Kid Kash then goes for a shot to the head of Jamie Noble with the championship which Jamie Noble ducks it and he back bady drops Kid Kash. Kid Kash then stands up and a fist fight between them starts. Kid Kash gets a bit of moment when he nails a low-blow to Jamie Noble. Kid Kash then beats the hell out of Kid Kash with some knee shots to the throat. Out of nowhere, Brian Kendrick slides into the ring and Kash catches him. Brian Kendrick runs towards Kid Kash but again Kash gets the best by nailing a shot at the head of Brian Kendrick with the championship. Kid Kash then beats the two of them and then Paul London's music hits and he comes out for the save. Paul London slides into the ring where Kid Kash goes for another shot but this time, London ducks it and he jumps on the rope. He comes back with a springboard moonsault to Kid Kash. Paul London climbs up the turnbuckle and connects a London Calling (Shooting Star Press) from the top of the turnbuckle. Paul London then picks up the cruiserweight championship from the matt. Paul London stares it and then he leaves the arena.

We come back from the commercials and we see The tag team champions, Kennedy and Carlito walking there way to the hall way area to the locker-room area. They then find the locker-room of John Cena and then they knock the door. Someone from inside the locker-room tells them to come in. Kennedy and Carlito, both men go into the locker-room and then we see John Cena putting on his chain-gang pendant. Carlito and Kennedy then ask John Cena that is he prepared for tonight's match. John Cena says, Hell Yeah! John Cena then goes to bash, Rey Mysterio and The Rock telling them that they got no partners today and It would be 2 on 4 handicap match tonight. John Cena then says, Its going to be all the party night long! We're then headed to commercials.

Tag team action starts as the two of the Mexicools, Super Crazy and Psicosis along with Juventud on the ringside against The Dicks. This match was a filler but it didn't looked like a filler because of the high-spots in this match by the two of Mexicools. The ending of this match takes place when Chad Dick was on the top rope going for a crossbody from the top rope, which all went wrong because Psicosis moves his way. Psicosis then picks up Chad and throws him to the turnbuckle. Chad bounces back and Psicosis nails him with a hurracanra. Psicosis then nails a standing moonsault to Chad Dick followed by three counts (Meanwhile, James Dick and Super Crazy were fighting out of the ring).

We come back from commercials and after a few silence, Triple H's music hits and all the crowd is shock to hear Triple H's music from RAW at Smackdown. After some time, Triple H doesn't comes out. However, Kurt Angle comes in Triple H's attire with a water bottle in his hand. Kurt Angle then walks his way into the ring just like Triple H. Kurt Angle also throws the water from his mouth just like Triple H does when he is on the apron. Kurt Angle then does the same like Triple H on the turnbuckles taunting the crowd. The whole crowd is enjoying this and then Kurt Angle gets the microphone. Kurt Angle speaks just like Triple H and makes fun of Triple H's attire. His entrance music and also his move, Pedigree. Kurt Angle also insults Triple H's The Game thing and does a catchphrase of Triple H. After some time of bashing of Kurt Angle to Triple H. This time, Triple H's music again hits and then Kurt Angle looks shocked and he's inviting Triple H to get into the ring. All the crowd cheer as Kurt Angle doesn't watches his back area. Triple H comes from the back area from the barricade. Triple H is with his equalizier, Sledgehammer. Triple H is in the ring and he waits for Kurt Angle to turn back. Kurt Angle turns back and Triple H comes for a Sledgehammer shot. Kurt Angle ducks it and connects Angle Slam on Triple H. Kurt Angle then picks up Triple H's sledgehammer and he then waits for Triple H to stand. Triple H stands up and he turns to get a shot to the head from the Sledgehammer by Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle then picks up the microphone and tells Triple H, that he's on and at WrestleMania, Kurt Angle is going to beat Triple H brutally, just like now. We then head up to commercials.

We come back and we see Christian knocking John Cena's locker room. We then see Christian, Carlito, Kennedy and John Cena talking to each other about there match, which's coming next.

Rey Mysterio is then shown at the hall way area looking upset because his team have got no partner for tonight's match except Rock. The Rock comes from nowhere and scares Mysterio a bit. The Rock then asks Mysterio whats going on. The Rock says to Mysterio that don't to worry. Everything will be worry. Mysterio then tells Rock that they are only two and at the side of Christian, They have 3 guys more. Mysterio says that we gotta find some partners for our match. The Rock then surprises Mysterio by telling him that the match will be a Four on Four tag team because their team have got two more Partners. Mysterio looks exciting and asks The Rock, who are they but he tells him to just wait. He'll know just like everyone in this world will know. We then head to commercials.

John Cena's music hits and he comes out in the ring followed by Christian, And then the tag team champs, Carlito and Ken Kennedy. All the four guys are in the ring and they wait for their opponents looking happy. Rey Mysterio comes out with getting a pop from the crowd followed by The Rock getting the nights most big ovation yet. Rock and Mysterio then look happy and then they wait for there third partner. Its none other then Chris Benoit. Benoit comes out to the ring and then John Cena and Christian's team is shocked. They then wait for the fourth guy of the Rock's team. And its none other then the United States champion, Lashley! All of the four faces then get into the ring and the heels then leave the ring.

This match was probably the match of the night. We saw huge impact in this match by the face team. Lashley dominated Kennedy and Carlito through out the match with a little bit help from Chris Benoit. At one point, Lashley goes to spear Kennedy but he moves out from his way and Lashley strikes shoulder-first to the turnbuckles with a huge impact. Kennedy then tags in Carlito who then works on Lashley. Carlito connects Back Cracker on Lashley. Carlito covers Lashley but The Rock comes out to break the count. Carlito then tags in his other partner, John Cena who comes in storming and then he irish whips Lashley to the ropes. Lashley bounces back and John Cena goes for clothesline but Lashley ducks it and comes back with a spear to John Cena. John Cena flies out of the ring from the mid of the ring rope and Lashley then goes to tag in Chris Benoit, who joins in the match. Kennedy comes in the ring and gets a huge chop by Chris Benoit. Carlito now comes in and he also gets a chop from Chris Benoit. Christian comes in and Benoit goes to chop him but Christian ducks and connects Unprettier on Chris Benoit. Christian blews a kiss to the fans and when he turns, he gets a Rock Bottom by the Rock himself. The Rock then turns and gets a FU by John Cena. John Cena then turns and Rey Mysterio dropkicks him. John Cena hangs in at the last rope and Rey Mysterio goes for the 619 but at the last time, Carlito runs in and gives a neckbreaker to Rey Mysterio. Carlito then grabs John Cena's arm and he puts his arms across Chris Benoit. Chris Benoit kicks out at the end of three counts. John Cena then picks up Chris Benoit and throws him to the turnbuckle. John Cena runs towards him and goes for a clothesline but Benoit moves and gives some of his chops to John Cena. Chris Benoit then tags in The Rock, who comes in storming with three hand punches. John Cena strikes the ropes and he comes back where Rock nails him with a devastating Spinebuster. The Rock signals the crowd about his finishing move, The People's Elbow. The Rock runs towards the ropes. He comes back to the opposite rope but then Kennedy and Carlito grab the rope and then they distract The Rock a bit. Out of nowhere, Chris Benoit comes in and then he throws Carlito in to the ring. He gives Carlito three german-suplexes (Meanwhile, Lashley gives a Belly to Belly suplex to Ken Kennedy and Rey Mysterio gives a springboard hurracanrana to Christian outside to the ring) Now all of the three heel guys are outside to the ring and only John Cena is alone in the ring. The Rock then says Chris Benoit to go to the top rope. Chris Benoit goes to the top rope and comes down with a diving headbutt to John Cena. Now, Lashley picks up John Cena into his shoulders and connects The Dominator on him. Lashley now again picks up John Cena and throws him to the bottom rope. Rey Mysterio then nails a 619 to John Cena. The Rock now signals to the crowd and connects The People's Elbow for the three counts. The face team then celebrate in the ring.

We cut back and we see General-Manager, Stone Cold Steve Austin with Charlie Haas, Matt Hardy, Paul Burchill, Hardcore Holly, Rene Dupree, Maven, Orlando Jordan. They all ask the general manager that why they're here. Stone Cold then says to them that next week, It will 10 Man Battle Royal. And the winner is going to earn a spot at the Money in the Bank, Interpromotional Match. Orlando Jordan then counts the guys and it equals 7. He asks Stone Cold, Why its 10 man battle royal. Stone Cold then tells to him that there will 3 more guys into that Battle Royal. At last, Stone Cold wishes them best luck and we're headed to Commercials.

We come back and we see JBL standing with Kristal backstage. Kristal asks JBL that what are his thoughts and plans to go tonight to face The Animal, Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. JBL responds back saying that he's the man of his word. JBL bashes Batista that he's not a true champion. At last, JBL says that tonight... All of the world... All of the fans... Everyone out there are going to watch the new.. World Heavyweight Champion... JBL... JBL... JBL... JBL.

The main event starts as the World Champion dominates JBL early in the match but later on this match, JBL gets the best when he pokes into the eye of Batista. In this match, Both of the athletes worked in and out of the match. Going through steel steps and ringside posts. The ending of this match takes place when JBL has applied abdominal stretch to Batista. All the entire crowd go beside Baitsta and cheer him up for breaking that move. Batista breaks the stretch. Batista pushes JBL to the ropes. JBL bounces back and Batista nails him with a spinebuster. Batista covers JBL but gets two counts. Batista then picks up JBL onto his shoulders in the position of Batista Bomb. When Batista was going to execute it, JBL goes back and Batista messes a bit of his move which tends JBL to go back and hit to the referee, who flies out of the ring. Batista was about to turn when JBL nails him with a low-blow. JBL now smiles and leaves the ring and checks something under the ring. JBL takes out the trash can from under the ring. JBL throws it into the ring. JBL then goes into the ring and then he picks up Batista. JBL th en gets into the ring and sets the can near the ring. JBL now lifts up Batista onto his shoulders. JBL then executes the JBL Bomb to the ring rope back-first. JBL then powerbombs Batista to the trash can with a good impact. JBL then checks the referee who is about to stand. JBL goes outside to the ring and again knocks the referee. JBL now goes to get the chair. JBL holds the chair and out of nowhere, A lightening strike hits the turnbuckle. JBL then looks scared. And after few moments, the Arena goes dark. Lights again comes back and then JBL gets into the ring looking scared with the steel chair. JBL then stares the entrance ramp and again lights go off. This time, Undertaker's music hits and after few moments. It stops and lights again comes back. JBL throws the chair away and he quickly covers Batista because to finish the match quickly but there's no referee to end the match. The arena goes dark again. Lights comes back and now we see Undertaker in the ring with JBL! All the crowd goes nuts and both men are staring at each other. The Undertaker quickly runs towards JBL and connects him with Big Boot. The Undertaker picks up JBL and connects him with Tombstone! The Undertaker then leaves the ring and throws the referee into the ring. Batista slowly moves on and he puts his arms across JBL whilst Referee counts and Batista wins the match.

The show ends as we see Undertaker at the entrance ramp staring into the ring to a fallen JBL.

**Banner/Avy Credit; Princess Xtyne**


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