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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

Message From The Ghetto

SmackDown! Review (24th of February Edition)

Im going to review this show even though it was posted early this month. Hope you dont mind. Before I get into this I just want to say I admire your work Apple Spitter, its very good in my opinion. The No Way Out package looks good, Batista starts off the show. He sucks up to the fans, meh. JBL comes out, I love this guy. He demands a title shot, damn straight he deserves it. Nice stipulation added to the match, seems interesting. I think the title should be on the line though, its obvious JBL is going to win IMO.

I like the little summaries for matches, Kash/Mysterio was good. Christian got involved, interesting storyline. Not a big fan of the Mexicools at all, Id rather watch the Sprit Squad any day. Cena is heel, nice. Awful promo, just plain awful. You didnt catch the characters at all, he begs for a match - Stone Cold says no, he leaves? Thats retarded. No Cena/Rock feud weve seen that in many other threads.

Christian was just out there You should have booked the Rey match for after the peep show. Not much originality in the Rocks part, thats a negative. Austin books the Handicap match. Good triple threat match I suppose. Kurt/HHH feud, decent but its been done. Dude its retarded to use someone 3 times in one night, Christian should not be used this much. Rey interferes, make the storyline more interesting then that please. Good JBL promo and the main event was alright, VERY predictable though. Obviously JBL will lose next week.

Decent event, my expectations were high. I was hoping for something a little better.

RAW Review (27th of February Edition)

Good to see a night start with a match, god I hope Benjamin wins. Good he did, Flair would be a waste of a spot. Decent Bischoff/HHH promo, nothing exciting though. Im guessing Angle will get involved in this next match, kind of predictable. Yep, just as I thought. Oh DEAR LORD dont have a Kane/Edge feud again. I enjoyed the RVD/Bischoff promo, Haasan/RVD is a good feud. Id love to see Hassan on SmackDown! Going for the United States Title though. Nice womens match, love the ending after the match.

AMW in this? Thats nice. RVD picks a ECW Rules match as I expected. Kane/Edge is a awful choice for a feud. Plus they just had a feud! How unrealistic! Eh, Rhyno shouldnt be jobbing to Masters. Rhyno could actually be a decent worker. The Orton/Lesnar/Bischoff promo was alright until he suspended Orton for 3 months? Thats so freaking random and dumb. Ah well he didnt sign the contract So far you havent caught any of the characters, theyre all saying stuff they would never say. HBK/Jericho are in the main event yet they had NO AIR-TIME prior to the match? Thats not good booking, sorry to tell you. Good main event though. Eric books a completely random match, isnt Kane feuding with Edge? Why are you booking him in this match then?

Alright show, I liked SmackDown! A little more however. Now you both owe me a review.

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