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Re: WWE: Th Mr Y t, Th Mr Y t!

RAW (Results):
(27th February 2006):

The pyros erupt and RAW is live on the USA Network!

*Shelton Benjamin’s music hits and the young WWE superstar makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction, after his actions against Ric Flair last week. *

*WOOOOOOOO! Ric Flair’s music hits and the “Nature Boy” makes his way to the ring to a loud pop. Flair does his usual entrance then enters the ring. Flair stares down Benjamin and the bells rings to begin this match..*

Match 1: Money in the Bank Qualifier
Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair

Benjamin hits not one, but two suplexes on Flair and goes for the pin. 1-2-Flair kicks out. Benjamin picks up Flair and hits a few hard right-hand chops to the “Nature Boy”. Benjamin gets cocky and stalls for a second, cheap talking to Flair but Flair hits Benjamin with his own right-hand chop. WOOOOOO! Another hard chop to Benjamin. WOOOOOO! Flair now attacks Benjamin with a chop (WOOOOOO!) and a right hand, another chop (WOOOOOO!) and another right hand and now Benjamin is in the lower-left corner. Flair stomps at Benjamin with his right foot and Benjamin falls into a sitting position in the turnbuckle. Flair walks back and taunts to the crowd. Flair charges at Benjamin (goes for a running knee attack in the corner) but Benjamin swiftly moves and Flair runs right into the turnbuckle. Flair steps back and Benjamin nails an atomic drop, dropping Flair face-first into the turnbuckle once more. Benjamin places Flair on the top turnbuckle. Benjamin goes for a super back suplex but Flair elbows the young athlete off, and Benjamin falls to the mat. Flair then turns himself on the top turnbuckle. Flair attempts a flying knee drop from the turnbuckle but Benjamin once again rolls out of the way and Flair lands on his knee on the mat. Flair rolls around holding his knee in pain as Benjamin smiles. Benjamin stands up and taunts the crowd once more (points to his head to show his intelligence). Benjamin turns round and walks over to Flair. Benjamin picks Flair up and throws him to the upper-ring ropes. Benjamin catches Flair and places him on his shoulders for a Samoan drop, but Flair rolls off the back of Benjamin and rolls up Benjamin! Pin: 1-but wait Benjamin reverses the pin and rolls on top of Flair! Pin: 1-(Benjamin now holds the ropes but the ref doesn’t see!)-2-3!
Winner (via pinfall): Shelton Benjamin.

*After the match, Benjamin quickly rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp backwards. The fans are booing this decision as Benjamin grins while Flair looks furious in the ring, furious that he has been beat at his own game!*

*We cut to the backstage area where Triple H sitting in his locker room. The crowd gives “the Game” a mixed reaction. HHH seems to be deep in thought when the door knocks. HHH looks as the door opens. The RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff walks in! Bischoff gets mostly booed as HHH stands up to stare-down the GM. Bischoff looks upset...

Bischoff: So Hunter...how’s that ankle?

HHH (looks p*ssed): Is that a joke?!

Bischoff: No Triple H, it’s not a joke. It’s nothing but a joke! You see when SmackDown! superstars turn up on RAW uninvited, I expect my RAW superstars to take care of them.

HHH: Angle attacked me from behind last week! I...

Bischoff (cuts HHH off): So what? You’re the master of attacking people from behind! I didn’t like what I saw. I expect a superstar of your calibre to be able to defend himself against anybody.

HHH: How can you come in here an..

Bischoff: No, I don’t want to hear another word! I am the General Manager of RAW and you have no right to answer me back. I came in here and I said what needed to be said. You needed to be lectured Hunter. You’re a joke after what happened last week! All the guys are laughing at you! You’re a joke Hunter! Just a jo..

*HHH finally loses it and pushes Bischoff against the wall to the delight of the fans..*

HHH: Who the hell do you think you are Bischoff?! I don’t care who you are; nobody comes in here and disrespects me like that! I wasn’t ready for Angle last week, but I watched last week’s SmackDown! and I heard when he said that he would be coming to RAW again this week to accept the challenge for WrestleMania. This time, I WILL be ready. Tonight I will show Kurt Angle why I am “the Game”. I will leave Kurt Angle lying in that ring tonight, and I will leave him lying in the ring at WrestleMania because I am...THAT...DAMN...GOOD!

*Bischoff looks a bit frightened at an enraged Triple H, then smiles...*

Bischoff: Exactly! Exactly! That’s what I wanted to hear! That’s what I wanted to see! The ruthless, ass-kicking, ready-for-anything son of a b*tch who’s going to show everyone why RAW is the dominant brand! That’s all you need to do Hunter. Just let your fury run wild! Let your anger make you become the real ass-kicking machine you really are!

*HHH stares at Bischoff, who looks pretty happy with himself. HHH lets go of Bischoff. Bischoff then pulls his jacket back on properly..*

Bischoff: Now as far as for tonight, you’re going to face another one of Kurt Angle’s former opponents. Remember, all you have to do in your match is run wild. And that match Triple H...is NEXT!

*Bischoff smiles and leaves the room as HHH cools down, but still looks focused..*


*We come back from commercial and Triple H is making is way to the ring to mostly cheers (although some boos can still be heard) from the crowd. Like last week, Triple H waits for his opponents. Suddenly, another video is shown on the TitanTron...

This time the video shows highlights from the Edge vs. Kurt Angle rivalry including their Backlash and Judgment Day 2002 matches, their King of the Ring battles from 2001, and a steel cage match from SmackDown! in 2002. Then we see the most memorable moments of their feud where Angle was shaved bald by Edge, where Edge replaced Angle’s t-shirt with his own “You Suck!” t-shirt and even when they were partners in 2000 as Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle. The video ends and Edge’s music hits to huge heel heat from the audience. The “Rated-R Superstar” makes his way to the ring, accompanied by Lita. As Edge makes his way to the ring we also see a clip from last week where Kane cost Edge the Tag Team Main-event..*

Match 2: Singles match
Edge w/ Lita vs. Triple H

Edge has Triple H locked in the Edgecator. Edge yells at HHH to tap as “the Game” is struggling to pull himself to the ropes. However pull by pull HHH manages to get to the ropes. The fans cheer for HHH but when Edge refuses to break the hold they boo at Edge. Edge stomps at HHH’s legs. Edge pulls HHH to the centre of the ring. Edge goes to lock in the Edgecator again but HHH kicks the “Rated-R Superstar” off and to the ropes. Edge runs back and gets caught with a Spinebuster by “the Game”. The fans cheer as HHH begins to build momentum when he locks Edge in his own version of the deathlock! Edge tries to pull himself to the ropes but HHH has the lock held in tight, in the middle of the ring. It looks like Edge might just tap out when Lita jumps up onto the apron and distracts the referee behind Edge (gets the ref’s back turned to Edge). Edge taps out and fans are cheering but the ref is still trying to get rid of Lita. HHH lets go of the hold. HHH looks angrily at Lita. HHH charges to knock her off the apron but the ref doesn’t move in time and gets knocked out of the ring as well! HHH can’t believe it when Edge sneaks up from behind and nails “the Game” with a low blow. Edge tells Lita to get a chair. Lita gets a chair and slides into the ring. Edge tells Lita to nail HHH when he says so. Edge picks up HHH and holds him as Lita holds the chair. Lita goes to hit HHH but “the Game” ducks and Lita hits Edge! As Lita stands in shock, HHH grabs the chair from her. He threatens her to get out of the ring or else. Lita puts her hands up and takes a few steps back, then quickly kicks HHH in the crotch. HHH once again falls to the mat and Lita slides out of the ring. The ref is starting to get up on the outside as Edge is getting up as well (Edge is in the lower-left corner and HHH is opposite him, although not in the corner). Edge signals for the Spear. HHH slowly gets up. HHH turns round and Edge charges and connects with the Spear! The ref is still outside! Lita runs round and pushes the ref into the ring. The ref begins to count: 1.....2....HHH KICKS OUT! The crowd cheers loudly as Edge is irate! Edge walks back to his corner and gets ready for another Spear. Edge yells at HHH to get up as “the Game” gets to his feet. HHH turns round and “the Rated-R Superstar” charges forward, but HHH moves and Edge runs shoulder-first into the turnbuckle! Edge turns round and HHH nails a hard DDT! Pin: 1..2..Edge kicks out! HHH runs to the ropes and comes back with a running knee drop on Edge. Cover: 1..2..Edge kicks out again. HHH picks Edge up, and places him in position for the Pedigree. However before “the Game” can perform his finisher Edge pulls the legs of Triple H and forces HHH to fall to the mat. Edge goes for the Edgecator but HHH kicks Edge off and Edge runs to the ropes. On the rebound HHH gets up and charges at Edge with his signature jumping high knee. HHH again signals for the Pedigree. He waits for Edge to stand up. Edge stands up, gets kicked in the gut as HHH delivers the Pedigree! HHH turns Edge over for the pin when..
KURT ANGLE’s music hits! Unlike last week, Angle actually appears on the stage! HHH leaves Edge and yells at Angle to come down to the ring. Angle talks trash to “the Game”, then slowly walks down the aisle! Meanwhile Edge is slowly recovering. HHH runs out of the ring and meets Angle on the ramp with right-hands! The crowd has erupted at the sight of HHH and Angle going at it! Angle and HHH brawl towards the ring. Angle gets the advantage. Angle goes to throw HHH into the steps but HHH reverses and Angle flies into the steel steps! Meanwhile the ref already started to count HHH out and is at 5! Edge looks happy in the ring as HHH continues to pummel Angle with right-hands! The ref’s count is 6! HHH grabs Angle and rams his head into the steel steps! 7! Again and again HHH continues his relentless assault! 8! 9! 10! HHH has been counted out!
Winner (via countout): Edge.

*Edge is happy in the ring as he is announced as the winner! It seems like Triple H has completely forgotten about his match! Angle is down and HHH looks under the ring. HHH pulls out...a sledgehammer! The crowd cheers on “the Game” as HHH looks crazed (meanwhile Edge simply walks past Triple H’s back with Lita and up the ramp)! Angle gets up slowly and turns round, only to be smashed in the face with the sledgehammer by HHH! HHH turns Angle over and Angle is busted wide open. HHH screams “WRESTLEMANIA” at Angle, then HHH’s music hits and “the Game” makes his way up the ramp...*

*After a short “don’t try this at home” video, Edge is seen in the backstage area with Lita. Both Edge and Lita look happy with the evening’s results when suddenly they hear an evil laugh! Hahahahahaha! It sounds like the laugh of Kane! As Edge and Lita look around to see where Kane is, the lights go out in the hall they’re in! The laugh is heard once more when suddenly Lita screams! Edge yells “LITA!” and the lights come back on! However, Edge is standing alone and Lita is nowhere to be found! Edge runs off down the hall calling for Lita...*


*After the break, it’s shown that during the break, Kurt Angle was helped by medics back to the locker room..*

*The camera then cuts to Eric Bischoff’s office. Bischoff looks happy when his cell phone rings...*

Bischoff: Hello? Oh it’s you! Where were was he last week? Listen I don’t care if he doesn’t feel ready; there’s no turning back now. He signed that dotted line - he has to do whatever I sa..

*Suddenly there’s a knock at the door..*

Bischoff: Listen I have to go bye!

*Bischoff quickly puts the phone in his pocket..the door opens and Rob Van Dam walks in...*

Bischoff: Rob if you could be quick please; I’m very busy.

RVD: What happened last week was definitely not cool man. I don’t care if my Intercontinental title match is at WrestleMania; I want Muhammad Hassan TONIGHT!

Bischoff: Well I’m sorry but I can’t do that Rob. You see, I want to save my WrestleMania matches, for WrestleMania itself. So, you’re going to have to wait until then to face Muhammad Hassan one-on-one, title or no title.

*RVD looks annoyed as Bischoff remains calm. Bischoff continues..*

Bischoff: However, I do understand that you’re angry with the way Hassan tricked you into that sneak attack from Daivari last week. So I’ve decided that tonight, it’s going to be Rob Van Dam vs. Khosrow Daivari, with RVD choosing the match stipulation. Also, Muhammad Hassan is barred from ringside. However Rob, should you lose tonight, Muhammad Hassan gets to pick the stipulation for your WrestleMania match.

RVD: Don’t worry dude - I’ll find an “extreme” stipulation for Daivari tonight.

*RVD stares at Bischoff, then smiles and leaves the room..perhaps RVD has an idea for a match stipulation later tonight...meanwhile Trish Status’s music hits in the arena and the blonde WWE diva makes her way to the ring to nice cheers from the crowd. Next, we have boos for the Women’s champion Melina, who is escorting her partner Mickie James to the ring. Melina looks fine as Mickie doesn’t look too good tonight...
Also, it’s announced that Ashley Massaro will be taking time off from RAW immediately due to a personal crisis...*

Match 3: Singles match
Mickie James w/ Melina vs. Trish Stratus

Mickie chokes Trish in the corner. Trish falls down and Mickie then foot chokes Trish. Mickie then picks Trish up and delivers a DDT. Cover: 1-2-Trish kicks out. Mickie looks upset. Mickie goes to throw Trish to the upper-right turnbuckle but Trish reverses. Trish runs and hits Mickie with a turnbuckle clothesline, followed by a bulldog. Trish is building momentum here as she waits for the Chick Kick. Suddenly Melina jumps onto the apron and distracts the ref. She uses her looks to make the ref look at her! Trish looks annoyed. She runs and knocks Melina off the apron. However the distraction proves to be enough, because when Trish yells at Melina on the outside (Trish is standing next to the ropes), Mickie James comes from behind and nails Trish with Trish’s own Statusfaction! However it’s not enough for Mickie, who is simply not herself tonight. She begins to pull her hair and screaming “you broke my heart!” at Trish, who is still down from the Statusfaction. Mickie is in a funny state because she cries, but then turns nasty and turns Trish (so Trish is now lying on her back) and chokes her. Trish struggles a little and manages to get her hand on the ropes. Mickie continues to choke Trish and the ref counts to 5. Mickie doesn’t let go and so gets disqualified.
Winner (via DQ): Trish Stratus.

*Melina smiles and gets back in the ring with the Women’s championship. Mickie laughs and tells Mickie to hurt Trish more. She hands Mickie the Women’s championship belt and tells Mickie to hit Trish with the belt. Melina picks up Trish by her hair. She again tells Mickie to hit Trish. Mickie seems hesitant to hurt her former idol. Melina gets annoyed and throws Trish down. Melina asks Mickie what the hell was going on. Mickie stares at Melina. Her questionable face turns to anger and she says “you made me do this” to Melina. Melina looks scared and tells Mickie to calm down. She tells Mickie to give her the title belt. Mickie then looks at the belt in her hands, as if she had completely forgotten it was there. She then looks back at Melina...and suddenly strikes the Women’s champion with her own title belt as the crowd looks shocked, and so does Trish! Trish stands up and stares at Mickie, but suddenly Mickie turns and hits Trish as well (of course she gets boos again)! Mickie drops the title belt and pulls her hair again. Mickie seems confused and leaves the ring as we go to our second commercial...*


*Backstage, we see AMW walking down a hall. Suddenly, out of nowhere, MNM appear from behind and sneak-attack Harris and Storm with their Tag team title belts. They laugh and leave AMW lying on the floor. They yell that they will be the World Tag Team champions for a long time. They then walk away from the scene...*

*Khosrow Daivari’s music hits and he makes his way to the ring to a chorus of boos from the crowd here tonight. Rob Van Dam follows to a nice pop from the crowd..RVD comes out with a microphone...*

RVD: So I get to pick the stipulation for tonight? Well if that’s so, I’m going to pick the only stipulation I know that I, Rob...Van...Dam, (does his signature gesture) am comfortable with. Tonight, I’m going to do it my way...ECW way!

*The fans cheer loudly for ECW and Daivari looks on in fear at RVD! RVD gets in the ring and the match begins...*

Match 4: ECW-style match
Rob Van Dam vs. Khosrow Daivari

Some high points from the match are RVD delivering the Van Daminator with a steel chair to Daivari, knocking Daivari out of the ring and once where Daivari placed RVD onto a table (on top of a ladder!) and performed a top-rope Leg drop on the former ECW superstar....
RVD has Daivari at the turnbuckle ready for a superplex (RVD has placed a ladder accordingly for the move for Daivari to fall on). RVD connects with the superplex onto the ladder! The fans have been chanting “EC-dub” and “RVD” all match long. Daivari is down. Also there is a barbed wire bat in the ring. RVD pulls Daivari and places him onto the barbed wire! RVD then twists Daivari’s hands between the ropes (ties his hands) so Daivari cannot escape. RVD then rolls and performs the Rolling Thunder onto Daivari on the barbed wire!! The fans chant “Holy Sh*t” as RVD does his usual “Rob..Van..Dam” thumbs-to-himself gesture. RVD then turns Daivari face-first to the mat (Daivari’s face is on a steel chair). RVD climbs the turnbuckle. RVD nails a top-rope Somesault legdrop (houston hangover) right to the back of Daivari’s head, smacking his face into the steel chair! RVD turns Daivari over. Cover: 1-2-3!
Winner (via pinfall): Rob Van Dam.

*After the match, RVD celebrates on the turnbuckles as Daivari is not moving. Suddenly, Muhammad Hassan runs down to the ring with the Intercontinental title belt. RVD is on the turnbuckle celebrating as Hassan slides into the ring. However the crowd is booing and so RVD realises someone is behind him. Hassan goes to hit RVD with the Intercontinental title belt but RVD does a backward flip and lands behind Hassan! RVD notices a chair behind him and back suplexes Hassan onto the chair! RVD follows up with the Rolling Thunder! RVD then climbs the turnbuckle and finishes Hassan off with the Five-Star Frog Splash! RVD’s music hits and he holds up the Intercontinental championship before leaving the ring!


*When we come back from the break, Edge is still frantically looking for Lita throughout the corridors. He is knocking on doors, looking down halls but Lita is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly...

???: Edgeeeee!!

Edge: Lita?! Where are you?!

??? (now identified as Kane): Don’t worry about Lita, Edge. Worry about...hahaha....yoursellllllfff.

Edge (tries to act not scared): Kane enough! Where’s Lita? Tell me now!

Kane: Edge, if you want Lita back, then you’re going to have to follow the clues...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Edge: You’re sick Kane! You’re a freak!

*Suddenly the lights go out once more where Edge is standing. After a few moments, the lights come back on again and Edge is still standing. However, he then notices some of Lita’s hair on the floor, in front of a door...Edge picks up the hair, and decides to walk in...*

*WWE Rewind: We see a clip from last week where Randy Orton (the special ref) screwed Brock Lesnar in his match against William Regal. Orton and Regal then double-teamed Lesnar, before Orton delivered a piledriver to Lesnar through the table. A week before, Lesnar had F-5’d Orton through a table...*

*After the WWE Rewind, both Rhyno and Chris Masters make their way to the ring..*

Match 5: Money in the Bank Qualifier
Chris Masters vs. Rhyno

This was basically a “power vs. power” match...
Masters throws Rhyno to the ropes and catches him with a Powerslam on the rebound. Cover: 1-2-Rhyno kicks out. Masters picks up Rhyno, but “the Man-beast” fights Masters off with right-hands and throws him to the ropes. Masters comes back and Rhyno nails “the Masterpiece” with a Powerslam of his own. Cover: 1-2-Masters kicks out. Rhyno picks Masters up. Rhyno throws Masters into the turnbuckle. Masters’s back bounces on the turnbuckle and he comes forward. Rhyno goes for a Gore but Masters moves and Rhyno runs into the turnbuckle. Rhyno takes a few steps back in pain and Masters locks in the Master Lock from behind. Rhyno tries to break the hold but cannot. Rhyno gives up and Masters throws “the Man-beast” to the mat.
Winner (via submission): Chris Masters.

*Post-match: Masters briefly celebrates in the ring then leaves, followed by Rhyno. Rhyno does not look happy..*


*After the break, Eric Bischoff’s music hits the arena and the RAW GM makes his way to the ring to a mixed reaction. The ring has been covered with a ed carpet, complete with a table and three chairs...on the table lies some sort of contract...*

Bischoff: For all of you who haven’t discovered the Internet due to your lack of brain cells (boos), I’ll let you know right now that we had another match made for WrestleMania. And that match...is Randy Orton...vs. Brock Lesnar! It was also announced that tonight, we would have an official contract signing for the match. However before we get started, I want to lay down a few “ground rules”. You see I can’t afford for one of you to be injured (obviously speaking to Orton and Lesnar) with weeks of assault against each other; putting each other threw tables, nasty chair shots etc. Therefore, I have added a clause to your contract - I have added a Non-aggression clause! This clause means that you will not be allowed so much as to lay a finger on each other until WrestleMania 22. And if you should do so, then the penalty will be the same for both of you: a 3-month suspension! I know that it seems a bit harsh, but I am not about to risk my WrestleMania matches. Now, if that’s all I’d like to bring out the competitors...

*Randy Orton’s music hits and “the Legend Killer” makes his way to the ring to huge heat from the crowd. Orton and Bischoff both sit down
Brock Lesnar follows to a very loud pop from the crowd. Lesnar gets in the ring and Orton stands up. The two superstars stare at each other. After a few moments, they both take a step back and sit on opposite sides of the table...*

Bischoff: Randy...Brock...I have explained everything. Now, you will both sign this contract, confirming your match for WrestleMania 22!

*Bischoff pushes the contract to Lesnar first. Lesnar is still staring with hatred at Orton, and the feeling is neutral from “the Legend Killer”. Lesnar then looks threw the contract, and takes a pen to sign it. Lesnar signs the contract. Lesnar then pushes to the contract to Orton. Orton also looks through the contract. However before he signs, he stands up and asks for a mic from the announcers behind him on the outside...*

Orton: Brock, do you realise what I’m about to sign? I’m about to sign your doom...your death sentence...your destiny. It’s your destiny to fall to me, “the Legend Killer”, at WrestleMania. Once again I will prove that I am the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in a WWE ring. At WrestleMania, Brock, your WWE career will begin to crumble before your very eyes...

*Orton sits back down and takes a pen. It looks like Orton has signed the contract. Bischoff asks both men to stand. They stand up (next to each other) and Bischoff stands in front of them...*

Bischoff: Ladies and gentlemen, it’s official. I am proud to officially announce at WrestleMania 22, one-on-one, it will be Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Ort...

*Suddenly Orton takes a step back and low blows Lesnar! The fans boos heavily as Orton is stomping the hell out of Orton. Orton picks up his chair and folds it. Bischoff yells at Orton to stop. Orton begins to smack the life out of Lesnar with his steel chair! Orton drops the chair and yells at Brock to get up. Brock is hurt after all those vicious chair shots. Lesnar slowly gets up. Bischoff tells Orton that he will be punished. Orton doesn’t listen and delivers the RKO onto the chair to Brock Lesnar! The fans are showing their hatred for Orton with hurrendous booing here...*

Bischoff: You dare violate the contract you just signed and break my authority? Who the hell do you think you are?! You’re suspended for 3 months!!

*The fans erupt with cheers as Orton smiles! Orton takes his mic...*

Orton: Eric, how dumb do you think I am? You think I really signed the contract! Ha ha ha..

*Orton shows Bischoff the contract. The camera zooms in and it seems that Orton never actually signed the contract! He only pretended! Orton laughs at Lesnar, then his music hits and he makes his way up the ramp. As Orton walks up the ramp...*

Bischoff: You little punk! You son of a b*tch! You think you can outsmart me?! I’m Eric Bischoff, and no one outsmarts me and gets away with it! Next week, it’s you vs. my man of fury Triple H, in a No-Holds Barred match!

*Orton looks shocked as the fans roar with approval! Bischoff’s music hits and the RAW GM walks up the ramp and past Orton! Meanwhile Lesnar was up in the ring and heard Bischoff’s announcement. Lesnar smiles as Orton still looks shocked with Bischoff!


*We now catch up with Edge who is standing shocked in some sort of room (obviously the one he walked into earlier). The camera turns and we see the room is full of pictures of Edge and Lita stuck all over the walls. Over the pictures is a huge red, painted word...”PAIN”. Edge then notices, underneath the wall he is facing, on the floor is another clue: Lita’s signature panties!! Edge picks up the panties in shock, dreading to think what might have happened to Lita...*

*In the arena, Chris Jericho’s music hits and “Y2J” enters to the loudest pop of the night so far. It is announced that the Main-event will be Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho vs. MNM! Shawn Michaels follows Jericho to an almost equal pop with Y2J. MNM follow (without Melina) and the match begins...*

Main-event: Non-title Tag Team match
Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels vs. MNM

Jericho and Nitro are the legal men. Nitro has Jericho in a single crab lock on the mat, in the centre of the ring. However Jericho pulls himself and reaches the ropes. Nitro stomps away at the chest of Jericho. Nitro picks up Jericho, and delivers a falling neckbreaker. Cover: 1-2-Jericho’s foot is on the ropes. Nitro picks Jericho up and throws him to his corner. Nitro chokes Jericho for a few seconds. Nitro tags in Mercury. Mercury gets in and they double-team Jericho with stomps in the corner. Nitro gets out of the ring and now Mercury foot chokes Jericho (who fell down to the bottom turnbuckle). Mercury picks up Jericho and delivers a suplex. Mercury delivers another suplex to Y2J as HBK looks on. Mercury tags in Nitro. They pick up Jericho and throw him to the ropes. When Jericho runs back, MNM deliver a Double flapjack. Nitro makes the cover: 1-2-HBK breaks the count. Mercury goes to attack Shawn Michaels, but HBK takes on Mercury with right-hands, then throws him to the ropes and clotheslines him out of the ring. HBK slides out of the ring as Nitro locks Jericho in a Boston crab. The crowd begins to chant “Y2J”. Meanwhile on the outside, HBK has gone back to his corner as has Mercury. Once again Jericho pulls himself and manages to get to the ropes. Nitro lets go and doesn’t look happy. He calls in Mercury and they double-team Jericho by stomping on him. This brings in HBK who begins to clean house by taking down Mercury with a right-hand, then Nitro, then Mercury. HBK picks up Nitro and throws him to the upper-left turnbuckle. Jericho runs and delivers a turnbuckle clothesline to Nitro as HBK punches Mercury out of the ring once again. Nitro comes forward after receiving the turnbuckle clothesline, and Jericho delivers a normal clothesline to Nitro. Nitro gets up and recieves another clothesline. Jericho is building momentum here. Nitro charges at Jericho but Y2J reverses with a trip which sets Nitro up for the Jericho knee attack (where Jericho runs to the opposite ropes, then comes back and attacks his opponent with a knee from behind). HBK calls from the upper left-hand corner for the tag. Jericho seems like he doesn’t want to tag in HBK. Eventually he picks up Nitro and throws him to the turnbuckle where HBK is. He tags in HBK. HBK stares at Y2J before stepping into the ring. HBK throws Nitro to the opposite (lower-right) turnbuckle. HBK walks over and sets up Nitro for a superplex (right in front of Joey Mercury). HBK is about to perform the move but Mercury pushes Nitro so that the move is reversed into a crossbody pin and Nitro is on top of HBK! 1-2-HBK kicks out! Nitro can’t believe it. Nitro stands for a few moments thinking what to do. Nitro goes to pick up Michaels, but HBK reverses by pulling Nitro’s legs and going for a roll-up pin! 1-2-Mercury breaks the count. Mercury gets out of the ring with his hands up as if he’s innocent and HBK looks disgusted. HBK argues with the ref to keep Mercury out of the ring. Meanwhile Nitro is up and HBK is still arguing with the ref. Nitro rolls-up HBK from behind. Pin: 1-2-HBK grabs the ropes right next to him. Nitro waits for HBK to turn round from the turnbuckle. HBK turns round and Nitro goes for the Superkick, but HBK ducks and then hits his own Sweet Chin Music! HBK has the pin: 1-2-Mercury breaks the count again! Chris Jericho has had enough and gets in the ring. He attacks Mercury with fierce right-hands and chops to the chest. Jericho throws Mercury to the left-hand side ropes and clotheslines Mercury out of the ring (although Jericho falls out too). HBK climbs the turnbuckle in the ring as Jericho is beating up Mercury outside. HBK goes for the Falling Elbow Drop, but Nitro rolls out of the way! Nitro tells HBK to get up. On the outside Jericho goes to throw Mercury into the steps, but Mercury reverses, as inside the ring HBK gets up and recieves a Superkick from Johnny Nitro. Cover: 1-2-...
America’s Most Wanted music hits the arena! Nitro breaks the pin and stands in the ring waiting for Harris and Storm, as does Mercury on the outside. However after about 10 seconds the music ends and AMW are nowhere to be seen. Meanwhile HBK is up as is Y2J. Nitro turns round and recieves his second Sweet Chin Music! Mercury goes to get in the ring but Y2J tackles (spears) Mercury before he can get in the ring again as HBK pins Nitro! 1-2-3!
Winners (via pinfall): Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho.

*After the match, Jericho stares at HBK from the outside as HBK celebrates. Y2J has a very serious look on his face. HBK then looks back at Jericho. Suddenly Jericho grabs the legs of Mercury and locks in the Walls of Jericho on the outside! HBK responds by locking Nitro in the Sharpshooter in the centre of the ring! Both members of MNM are tapping out as Jericho and Michaels are both unwilling to break their respective holds! Eventually both men let go at the same time. HBK rolls out of the ring and grabs his WWE Championship belt. HBK gets back in the ring and holds up the belt. Jericho gets in the ring and in HBK’s face. HBK continues to hold up the WWE title as Jericho stares at him.
Suddenly, Eric Bischoff appears on the TitanTron..*

Bischoff: Jericho, Michaels, congratulations on another win together. You guys seem to be about to explode! Well don’t...save your frustration for next week, because you’re going to need it. You’re going to need it when you face team of Brock Lesnar...and Kane!

*Bischoff looks on from the screen as Jericho and HBK stare each other down one more time. The show closes with Jericho and HBK staring into each other’s eyes...will one man finally explode on the other next week? Tune in to find out...*


I hope you all enjoyed the show!

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