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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

WWE Judgment Day Preview

WWE Judgment Day comes to you live on PPV and here is the preview for the show.

World Heavyweight Championship inside a six pack Hell in a Cell Match with Batista as the ref
Kurt Angle(C) vs Kevin Nash vs The Undertaker vs Chris Benoit vs Brock Lesner vs Bill Goldberg

This fued started when each man wanted a title shot but Teddy Long could not pick which one would get the shot. Kurt Angle told Teddy he did not care who it was so Teddy had no choice but to make a 6 way Hell in a Cell match just like it was at Armageddon 2000, which by the way, Kurt Angle walked in that night as champ and he walked out as champ. In backstage interviews, each six men had the same thing on there minds and that is becoming the World Heavyweight Champion. Also who can forget about the special guest ref, The Animal Batista? Will Batista call it down the line? Will there be a new World Heavyweight Champion? Or will Kurt Angle pull a repeat of Armageddon and walk in as champ and leave as champ? All this will be answer at Judgment Day.

Legend Killer vs Legend
Randy Orton vs Hulk Hogan

Randy Orton lost again to Rey Mysterio, after the match he told everyone that he was sick and tired of losing matches and that he was going to make a impact. And what better way of making a impact then taking out the biggest superstar in history right? Right and Wrong because if Hulk Hogan have it is way just like he did last week on Smackdown under the mask as Mr. America and he beats Randy Orton in under 5 minutes then we might see the end of The Legend Killer once and for all. Will Randy Orton have something up his gameplan or will "The Hulkster" run wild over Randy Orton?

Muhammad Hassan vs DDP
Both of these men returned two weeks ago when Hassan said he was tired of not being in the main event. He then attacked the Smackdown General Manager, Teddy Long and force Long to put him in a match with anyone. DDP came out and saved Teddy Long from a beating at the hands of Muhammad Hassan. So Teddy Long made a match between DDP and Muhammad Hassan. Hassan says in a interview on wwe.com that once he beats DDP, he will then be going after the Worlds Champion. Will Hassan be able to beat "The Diamond Cutter"?

US Championship
Rey Mysterio(C) vs Booker T

This is a battle of a 5 time WCW Champion and the highflying, 619ing, US Champion, Rey Mysterio. Booker T won the right to face Rey Mysterio by beating Bobby Lashley and Ken Kennedy in a triple threat match. Booker T says that Rey Mysterio have no chance to beat him because he is so short. Who will walk away with the US title and will Booker T's wife have anything to do with this match?

Crusierweight Championship
Gregory Helms(C) vs Someone not in WWE

Over the past few months, Gregory Helms have beated almost every WWE Smackdown Crusierweight. He says he is getting tired of whipping nobodys and he issued a open challenge to any crusierweights outside of the WWE. He says they can be from, USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, Asia, South Amercia, Iraq, or any other country in the world. Who will Gregory Helms be facing?

WWE Tag Team Championship
The Hardy Boyz vs The Basham Brothers vs MNM(C)

MNM have not been on a roll as of late because The Bashams and The Hardyz have had there numbers the past couple of weeks. Over the past couple weeks, there have been two triple threat matches, one featuring, Jeff Hardy against Danny Basham and Johnny Nitro which Jeff Hardy won. Then last week it was Matt Haryd against Doug Basham and Joey Mercury which Doug Basham won. MNM have not been doing very good but they promise that will change at Judgment Day. Will MNM's luck turn around and they walk out of JDAY the champs? Or will Hardyz or Bashams win the titles?

TV Championship
Paul Burchill(C) vs The Miz

Ever sense Paul Burchill won the brand new TV Championship, The Miz have been a thorn in his side. Hell, even this past week on Smackdown, Miz stole the TV Championship and he says he will be wearing it down to the ring at Judgment Day. The Miz is walking in with the TV Title but will he walk out? Or will Burchill retain his TV Championship?

JBL vs Ron Simmons
This is a battle of former partners, JBL and Ron Simmons(aka Farooq) use to make one of the most respected tag teams in the history of prowrestling untill JBL became rich and he dumped his partner. Bradshaw thought he saw the last of Ron Simmons but JBL got to thinking and he challenge his former partner to a match just to prove a point. And what is that point? Only JBL knows but he promise that he is going to kick ass just like he did in APA, only difference is that he be kicking Simmons ass instead of them kicking ass together. Which former APA member will walk out the victor?

Ken Kennedy vs Bobby Lashley
This is a battle of the newcomers when Mr. Kennedy.........Kennedy faces off against the Hard Hitting, Hard Pounding, Bobby Lashley..........Lashley. Not only that but GM Teddy Long have promise that the winner of this match will get a US title shot next week on Smackdown. Will the guy with the voice of gold walk out with the number 1 contendership or will the Brock Lesner/Bill Goldberg look alike win the match to by dominating it?

William Regal and Finlay vs The Mexicools
This should be a great match as on one side we have the highflying tactics of Super Crazy and Psicosis, The Mexicools. On the other side we have the techincal sound of William Regal and Finlay. Who do you think will win this match.

Also Teddy Long haves a major announcment concearning the next Smackdown PPV. What will it be?

All this and much more only on Judgment Day only on PPV.

(Guys, I am a lot behind but I promise that Judgment Day will be up this weekend. Anyone wanna guess the matches? Whoever gets the most right, I will rep them.)

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