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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Smackdown Recap

We start Smackdown off with the TV Championship. Paul Burchill vs Jamie Noble. A very good back and forth match. Paul Burchill wins the match after he does a very hard C4 to Noble. After the match, The Miz comes out and hits Burchill from behind. He picks up the TV title and nails Burchill in the head. The Miz then steals the TV Title and he leaves through the fans.

Backstage we see Chris Benoit sitting in a chair. He says that winning the World's Championship means everything. He says that he means that you are the very best. It means that you are the champ because you derserve to be the champ. He tells the other 5 men that he will become the next champion.

Next we have a triple threat match between, Doug Basham, Matt Hardy, and Joey Mercury. Their partners are barred from ringside. A very good match but it is mostly a one on one between Matt and Joey. Matt Hardy goes for a Twist of Fate and he connects. Matt Hardy goes to the top rope trying for a leg drop. Doug Basham gets on the top and he shoves Matt Hardy all the way to the floor. Doug Basham gets in and covers Joey Mercury for the 3. Doug Basham stole the win.

The next match is Booker T against a jobber. Booker T wins easy with the Bookend. He then tells everyone that he will be the next US Champion.

Backstage, Brock Lesner tells us that it means everything for him to become champion. He says he is going to prove to those stupid fans and to those stupid wrestlers that he is still "The Next Big Thing". He says he will become the Worlds Champion because no one can beat him.

The next match is Kid Kash against Gregory Helms in a nontitle match. After a back and forth match, Kid Kash slams Helms down with a suplex. He then goes to the top rope and goes for a moonsault. Gregory Helms moves just in time as Kid Kash hits the mat hard. Kash is on his knees and Helms hits him with the Shinning Wizard. He covers Kash and even uses the tights for the win. After the match, Gregory Helms grabs a mic and ask everyone who he will face this Sunday at Judgment Day. He says it can be any Crusierweights in the world that is not in the WWE now. He says he is not going to wait until Judgment Day to find out. He says he dont care if there from USA, Mexico, Japan, Canada, China, Asia, South Amercia, or here in this crap town. He says he wants to know now. He waits for a minute or two then the lights dimmed. Up on the tron he shows a mask. On the screen it says, "Ultimo Dragon". Gregory Helms is shocked and he quickly leaves the arena.

Backstage, Kevin Nash is in the same chair that Lesner and Benoit was. He says it been a long time since he be Worlds Champ but he dont care about that because he will be those 5 losers in that Cell this Sunday. He says that they can't even lift his jockstrap compare to him. He says that this Sunday, Big Sexy gets the title back.

Booaka hits and the US Champion comes out. He walks down the ramp with his US title around his waist. As he was walking out, JBL runs out and hits Rey Mysterio from behind. He picks poor Rey up and bodyslams him down on the stage. JBL picks Rey Mysterio up and bounces his head off the barracade. He then whips Rey Mysterio right into the steel stairs. He puts Rey in the ring and JBL enters. The ref trys to get him to stop but he wont. JBL then chase the ref out of the ring. JBL exit the ring and picks up a chair. He enters the ring and he hits Rey Mysterio in the back with a chair. JBL starts laughing and he points toward the stage and Booker T runs out with a chair of his own. JBL picks up Rey Mysterio and holds him and Booker T nails him right in the head. The US Champion is down and out. Booker T picks up Rey Mysterio and does a Book End. Booker T then starts shaking his hand and he does a spinoroonie. JBL tells Booker something and Booker picks Rey up and holds him. JBL holds his arm in the air. He is going to try the Clothesline From Hell. He runs to the ropes but someone spears him down. We see that it is Ron Simmons. Ron Simmons starts hitting his former partner. Booker T pulls Simmons off of JBL. Bradshaw jumps into the fans and leaves. Booker T trys to clothesline Simmons but Ron ducks it. Booker T turns around and Simmons plants him with a spinebuster. Ron Simmons goes over and checks on Rey Mysterio to see if he is ok.

This time Goldberg is backstage and he says he dont have much to say but he is going to be the Worlds Champ and that everyone in that match is, NEXT!!!!!!!

We are back on Smackdown and Randy Orton is in the ring with a mic. He says that he wants whoever his next "Legend Victim" to be to come out now. He says he dont have all night. Just then some USA type music hits. Randy Orton dont know who it is just like the fans and everyone else. Just then Mr. America comes out which is Hulk Hogan under a mask. Mr. America enters the ring and Randy Orton is shocked because he knows who it is. The bell rings and Randy Orton runs at him and nails him right in the face. Mr. America starts "hulking" up. Mr. Amercian hits Randy Orton three times in the face. He then whips Orton into the ropes and connects with a big boot. Mr. America runs to the ropes and drop a big leg drop. He covers Randy Orton for a 3 count. The crowd is shock as Mr. American just beated Randy Orton. Mr. American gets up and takes his mask off and we see that it is Hulk Hogan, (What A Shocker). Hulk Hogan celebrates as Randy Orton leaves up the ramp mouthing that he will pay at Judgment Day.

Backstage its Undertaker's turn to talk. He dont say much either. Only thing he says is that at Judgment Day, they will REST IN PEACE.

The next match is a huge tag team match. It is DDP and Bobby Lashley taking on Ken Kennedy and Muhammad Hassan. This is a really great tag match with Ken Kennedy and Hassan beating on DDP throughout the whole match. In the end, DDP clothesline Hassan out of the ring. He then clothesline Hassan into the crowd over the barracade. DDP and Hassan fights in the crowd and out of sight. Bobby Lashley waits for Ken Kennedy to get up. He does and Bobby runs and connects with a spear and gets the cover for the 3. As Bobby is celebrating, Ken Kennedy hits him with a low blow. Ken Kennedy runs to the ropes and does his own version of a spear. Ken Kennedy leaves as Bobby holds his ribs.

Backstage our last interview is with the World's Champion, Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle says that he is going to show the world why he is The Wrestling Machine. He says that he won the gold medals with a broken neck and this Sunday at Judgment Day, he will remain World Heavyweight Champion, It's True, It's True.

We are back from Commercails and we see the steel cage being lower to the ring. The next match is a steel cage match and it is Kurt Angle, Undertaker, and Chris Benoit taking on Kevin Nash, Bill Goldberg, and Brock Lesner. This was a real short match only lasting about 9 minutes. Throughout the whole match, we see high impact moves from all 6 men. The end came when everybody is hurting. Goldberg pulls himself up just as Kurt Angle does across the ring. Goldberg runs and connects with a hard spear on the World Heavyweight Champion. Brock Lesner walks over and he grabs his own partner, Goldberg and toss him aside. Brock Lesner makes the cover for the 3 count. Brock Lesner gets up and celebrate but Goldberg is up and he gets in Lesner's face. They are talking when Kevin Nash hits Goldberg from behind. Kevin Nash picks Goldberg up and drops him with a jackiefe powerbomb. Kevin Nash turns around and Undertaker grabs him by his neck and does a hard chokeslam. Brock Lesner then kicks Taker in the gut and puts him on his shoudlers. Brock Lesner does a hard F5. Chris Benoit gets up and Brock Lesner also does a F5 to him. Brock Lesner stands up looking at the mess. Brock Lesner turns around and he sees Kurt Angle standing. Brock Lesner runs at him but Kurt Angle ducks a clothesline. Kurt Angle then grabs Lesner and takes him down with a Angle Slam. The ref gives Angle is title and Angle holds it high in the air. Up the ramp we see Batista staring on. Kurt Angle climbs to the top of the cage and holds up the World Heavyweight Championship high as Smackdown goes off the air.

(Guys, that was just a quick recap of Smackdown. The Judgment Day preview will be up today sometime. Also Judgment Day will be up by Thrusday at the latest. Trust me though, it is well worth the wait.)

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