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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

First time I've been able to drop a review for you in this thread, so excuse me if I'm a little slow in knowing whats going on.

Cade and Jindrak progressing to the next round looks to be the best booking decision, as they are the strongest of the three teams in the match, and with Test proving to be the deciding factor, they could well be a team to look out for, having back up like that.

Obviously Cena is now a heel here, and the new Rock type character of The Corporation. Guessing DX is on it's way back too - or at least on it's way back here, with Triple H taking out Cena and the Demon Sperm.

Again, I'm guessing here, but I suspect Foley and Bischoff are Co-GM's?? Triple H vs Cena again, and with that type of stipulation, I'm suspecting only one winner, and his name is Triple H.

Kane feuding with Sting?? Thats cool. Those two could definately feed of each other, being 'out there' characters. Dont suppose you've carried on the May 19th angle, and Sting was the cause of it?? Or is this something totally different??

Edge vs Austin sounds promising. Ideally, Edge would go over, being the superstar of today, but with Austin, you never know. Is Austin being in the thread a long term or short term thing??

Haas looks to be getting a solid push as I.C Champion atm, whilst Carlito and Masters appear to be continuing their feud. The mid card / upper mid card is definately looking awesome right now, and is possibly a major part of Raw by the looks of things.

So, who exactly is in the Corporation?? Vince, Shane, Cena and ??

Nice match for Heat before Bad Blood, but if Mickie wins, then who will be strong enough to be able to challenge again??

Liked the HBK interview, for a recap anyway. DX return is imminent, but I'm glad you didnt just brush away all the history between HBK and HHH.

Christian and The Rock would make for an absolutely electric feud imo. On the mic, and even in the ring you'd get something worth watching. Hope it's a long term feud. Benjamin vs RVD is one I'd expect to be wrapped up by the PPV.

Strong line up for the tag team tournament.

As expected, HHH moves on to Bad Blood, and most likely to win the belt, with help from Michaels, officially reuniting DX.

Raw is looking strong right now, and hopefully I get to review a full show in the near future.
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