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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Not the biggest of reviews but at least I am doing one eh?

Tag Team Tournament Match

Really good to see Cade and Jindrak advance with the help of Test and I could easily picture it in my head. The realism was used well here with Cade/Jindrak cheating but they were always going to win the match. Maybe you could've put more of the match in but I like the fact that the others were brawling on the outside. Nice. 8.5/10

Cena/HHH/HBK/Shane Confrontation

Its good to see Cena come to ringside with no members of the corporation. And I liked it when HHH dodged the chair shot and Shane took out Cena. And Bischoff/Foley making the main-event HHH vs Cena was good! 9/10

Kane vs Young Jobber

A typical Kane squash match and I like the fact that he ended him with the Tombstone. I was pissing myself when you put 'and the young kid literally craps himself', awesome! Also, when the lights went out, you just knew it was Sting, and Kane vs Jobber matches always end in something mad! The Sting/Kane feud is strange but you can expect that from them because they both are weird anyway. 7.5/10

Interview with Christian

Man, I love your interviews! They are awesome! Typical Christian interview with comments about the hometown. And I loved the 'Crock' and 'Rob Van Sham' comments also. Awesome man! 10/10

Interview with Edge

A typical interview with Edge, bragging about everything. And the SCSA/Edge feud is getting good also. Nice. 9/10

IC Title Battle Royal

Good. Very good, but Haas was always going to win, anyway, well written and spelling was phenomenal as usual! Good! 7.5

Corporation Segment

I just loved how they all agreed with the boss, Mr.McMahon. And I liked Vince's confidence in Cena's ability. Short but sweet segment. 8.5/10

Mickie James vs Jazz

Mickie destroys another diva.. in typical fashion, and the HEAT battle royal should be good if it's for the title. You really showed Mickie's confidence in herself by making her challenge all the divas to a battle royal! But Jazz could've put up a better fight. Good though. 7/10

HBK Interview

Another class interview, with HBK leaving us all cliff-hangers as usual! I would love to see a D-X reunion soon! I also loved how he said he didn't want to make friends, he wanted to inflict pain to Vince McMahon! So, good. 8/10

RVD/Rock vs Christian/Benjamin

Yes! Christian gets a pinfall over The Rock! YES! And Bad Blood is shaping up to be one hell of a pay-per-view with Benjamin vs RVD. The Christian/Rock feud is really getting exciting. They should fight at Bad Blood! 9.5/10!

Masters Promo

I can see something odd happening in the Masterlock Challenge next week with Haas on it. Looking good! 9/10

Main Event Cena vs HHH

Sounds good, but Hunter was always going to win, and i'm glad every superstar were banned from ringside.. if not, there would have been chaos in the ring. Well done. 8.5/10


Your recaps are awesome!

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