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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Sorry this wasn't posted on the 17th, but everytime I have tried to post it, the server times out and comes up with a blank page, it's finally working now so.....

RAW Recap

The show begins as normal and kicks off with Cade/Jindrak taking on La Resistance & Eugene/Goldust for the final spot in the Tag tournament 2nd round. After a solid match with all 3 teams sharing control, Eugene has nailed a Stunner on Jindrak, but as Cade distracts the referee, Test runs through the crowd and takes out Eugene with a big boot and places Jindrak over him for the 3, while the rest of the competitors where brawling on the outside

As we return from a break, John Cena hits the ring to huge heat, this week with no Corporation beside him, all by his lonesome. Cena freestyles on HBK, HHH, DX, Austin, Hall, rebels and the city of Kentucky all to big heat, showing he's still got his brash hip-hop attitude with him. Cena then calls out HHH for a much anticipated one on one confrontation. HHH gets into the ring and just as the two look ready to come to blows, Shane O Mac leaps the barrier with a chair and goes to hit HHH, but The Game has it scouted, and moves, as Shane wipes out Cena! HHH then nails a Pedigree to Shane, and stands tall to huge cheers, giving a few DX crotch chops to them, then raising the WWE title and motioning he wants another chance

Backstage, Eric Bischoff & Mick Foley announce that tonights main event will feature HHH and John Cena one on one, and if HHH wins, he gets a title shot at Bad Blood and his choice of stipulation, and ALL WWE superstars are barred from ringside

After the break, a young jobber is in the ring, awaiting his opponent, when *Slow Chemical* hits and Kane walks to the ring, and the young kid literally craps himself. Kane takes about 30 seconds to destroy the youngster, and makes a decisive pin after a Tombstone. Kane goes to let the pyro fly, but instead, the lights go out to a major eruption, and a single ligth, with the shape of a scoprion shines down on the ring, as Kane looks around, waiting for Sting, but instead, a message appears on the titantron, quoting "Bad Blood". Kane seems confused and rolls out of the ring, as we head backstage

Todd Grisham interviews Christian about his big tag match later tonight, and classic Christian just rips into the hometown, then has a few cheeky comments to "The Crock" & "Rob Van Sham" before walking off seemingly confident

Maria is now standing by with Edge, and Edge begins to brag about screwing over Austin last week, but he barely gets those words out as Stone Cold jumps him and the two brawl around to a huge cheer, until security seperates the 2

As we come back from the break AJ Styles, Monty Brown, Rhino, Carlito & Chris Masters are in the ring ready for the IC title battle royal. Haas hits the ring to a big pop, and after a good few minutes, AJ is eliminated by Brown, who is then eliminated by Rhino. It takes a break and some more action after it before the next elimination of Rhino happens. Carlito & Masters then look at each other, and Carlito makes a deal to help Masters get rid of Haas, then the two can fight it out, and Masters reluctantly accepts. Masters to to Haas, and Carlito dumps him out! Masters is furious, but Haas eliminates Carlito to win the match and Haas stands tall

Vince McMahon is in the Corporation locker room, and he lays the rules down to them about tonight's main event, and warns them that they better not interfere, John Cena can take HHH. The Corporation are disappointed, but they agree with their boss in the long run

Mickie James defeats Jazz in a short match for the Womens title, now having beaten all the divas on the roster she challenges them all to a battle royal on HEAT before Bad Blood in 3 weeks time

As we come back from the break, backstage HBK is interviewed on a couple of things, like why he helped out HHH last week, is DX back and what is he going to do now? Michaels says that while he can never forgive HHH, he could stomach helping him out if it meant pain for McMahon. On DX, he says you'll just have to wait and see, and as for what he wants to do, he says it's bottled up for another time, and walks off, leaving Todd confused

Christian & Shelton Benjamin get a shock win over RVD & The Rock as Christian counters a Rock Bottom with a small package and gets his feet all over the ropes for the 3. RVD gets in the ring to chase Christian off, but Shelton picks up RVD's MITB and clocks him over the head with it. Shelton then mouths "I'm coming for you boy, Bad Blood, be ready, I'ma whip yo ass!"

The brackets for the Tag title tourny are updated for the 2nd round, with the Dudleyz facing AMW and the New Age Outlaws facing Cade/Jindrak

Chris Masters now cuts a short promo, challenging Charlie Haas to compete in the Masterlock challenge next week on RAW

In a big main event, HHH & Cena duke it out for a good 20 minutes, and just when it seems HHH has the win with the Pedigree, then ref was taken out by Cena's foot. HHH tries to revive him, and Cena takes advantage and hits the Game with a low blow, then nails an FU as the ref comes to and counts 1-2-NO
The crowd goes wild as HHH has his foot under the ropes! Cena is livid and pulls HHH up for another FU, but HHH counters and nails a Pedigree to Cena and makes the cover 1-2-3! HHH wins a title shot in 3 weeks at Bad Blood, and the crowd erupts

I never expect full reviews for recaps, just a paragraph of comments will do. Now, I've got to review some shows and catch up on what's doing in BTB these days.


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