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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

(Guys, this is a very quick recap of Smackdown and it is very rushed. The reason is that I been very sick, I almost lost my eye and now I have the flu or something. Next week's Smackdown might also be a recap because I am going to focus on Judgment Day making that a great show. Anyways here is this quick recap of Smackdown.)

Smackdown Recap

Smackdown starts off with Teddy Long in the middle of the ring. He says that he is happy that Batista will be the ref next Sunday at Judgment Day but he also says he is kinda scare of what will happen inside Hell in a Cell. He says that he made all 7 superstars including Batista sign a wavier making sure that if they get hurt then they wont sue him or the Smackdown Brand. After he said that, we hear some fomiller music and Diaviari comes out. He walks down the ramp and grabs a mic. He says that he is sick of this crap about Kurt Angle and all the old timers, talking about guys like Nash, Goldberg, and Lesner. Daivari says he got a perfect man to take out everybody on Smackdown and he is returning tonight. He points toward the stage and Muhammad Hassan comes out. He says that he is back and he is back for good. He says Teddy Long is so preducie that he did not even get a phone call from Teddy to come back on Smackdown. He says he is now taking matters into his own hands. He then challenge Teddy Long to a match at Judgment Day but TLO says that he wont be wrestling because he is not a wrestler. Teddy then says that if Hassan wants a match at Judgment Day then he will have a match. Hassan ask Teddy Long who against but Teddy tells him to wait and see. Hassan then ask him again but Teddy says he will be a surpise and for him to wait untill Judgment Day. Muhammad Hassan is starting to get mad and he grabs Teddy by his jacket and he ask him who it is one more time. Teddy shakes his head NO. Hassan then shoves Teddy Long to the ground. He says that since he wont tell him who it is, he will beat who it is out of him. Muhammad Hassan then locks in the Camel Clutch on Teddy Long. He haves it lock in but a fan jump over the barracade and hits Hassan in the back with a chair. We see that it is DDP. DDP swings the chair and nails Hassan right in the face. Hassan and Daivari leave up the ramp. DDP tells Hassan that at Judgment Day, he will fill the BANG. DDP checks on Teddy Long as Smackdown goes to commercials.

We are back on Smackdown with the Number 1 Contendership for the US title, Booker T vs Bobby Lashley vs Ken Kennedy. Bobby Lashley almost won this match when he dominate Ken Kennedy but Booker T broke it up at 2 1/2. Booker T toss Bobby Lashley out of the ring and Lashley's head nails the floor. Booker T pulls Ken Kennedy up and kick him in the gut. Booker T runs to the ropes and does the scissors kick. Booker T covers Kennedy for the win. As Booker T and Sharmell is celebrating up the ramp, Bobby Lashley enters the ring. Ken Kennedy gets to his feet and he turns around and Bobby Lashley nails a spear. Bobby went to do more damage but refs comes out and break the fight up. They will face each other at Judgment Day next Sunday.

Paul Burchill beats a jobber to retain his TV title. After the match, The Miz comes out and does the C4 to Burchill.

Backstage Kurt Angle tells us that he will beat 5 other men and once again walk out of a 6 Man Hell in a Cell Match still the champion.

The next match is a triple threat match and it is against Johnny Nitro, Danny Basham and Jeff Hardy. After back and forth action from mainly Hardy and Nitro. Johnny Nitro sits Jeff Hardy on the top rope. Johnny Nitro gets on the top rope and is trying a hurricana. Jeff Hardy hangs on the ropes and blocks it. Johnny Nitro hits the mat hard. Jeff Hardy then jumps with a swanton bomb for the 3 count.

In our first match out of the 6 in the cell, we have The Undertaker facing off against Kevin Nash. Kevin Nash controls Taker throughout the whole match working on his ribs. The fans chant "Boring" at Kevin Nash throughout. Kevin Nash is getting tired of hearing it and he goes outside the ring and grabs a chair. He brings it in the ring but the ref trys to take the chair away for Kevin Nash shoves him down. The ref calls for a DQ making Undertaker the winner. Kevin Nash gets ready to hits Taker in the head but Undertaker starts hitting Nash in the face with his soupbones. Undertaker haves Kevin Nash almost off his feet. Undertaker grabs Kevin Nash by his neck and drop him with a chokeslam. The lights go out as Undertaker gets down on one knee and bows.

Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton is next but Orton looks kinda scared because he thinks Hulk Hogan might attack him or something. Throughout the whole match, Randy Orton worked on the neck of the highflyer. The finish came when Randy Orton puts Rey Mysterio on the top rope and connects with a RKO from the top. Randy Orton then covers with his feet on the bottom rope. After the match, Teddy Long came out and says that he just got off the phone with Hulk Hogan and that at Judgment Day, it will be Randy Orton 1 on 1 with Hulk Hogan. Randy Orton at first dont like it but he gives a cocky smirk before leaving the ring.

The next match is Chris Benoit vs Brock Lesner. Brock Lesner wins after he kicks Chris Benoit between the legs and slams him down with the F5.

JBL beat the living hell out of Funaki. After the match he says that at Judgment Day, he wants to face someone from his past. He says that he wants to face Ron Simmons.

In the main event, Kurt Angle and Goldberg's match goes to a draw as Kevin Nash and Brock Lesner intterferre and attack Kurt Angle. Chris Benoit and The Undertaker comes out and even the score up taking Nash, Lesner, and Goldberg out of the ring. Teddy Long comes back out and says that next week it will be Kevin Nash, Brock Lesner, and Goldberg taking on Chris Benoit, The Undertaker, and Kurt Angle inside a Steel Cage Match.

Smackdown goes off the air.

WWE Judgment Day Matches
Judgment Day is live on PPV May 21, next Sunday

World Heavyweight Championship- Hell in a Cell Match
Kurt Angle(C) vs Chris Benoit vs Brock Lesner vs Kevin Nash vs Bill Goldberg vs Undertaker

Legend Killer vs Legend
Randy Orton vs Hulk Hogan

US Championship
Booker T vs Rey Mysterio(C)

Muhammad Hassan vs DDP

Crusierweight Championship
Gregory Helms(C) vs ???- someone not in the WWE

WWE Tag Team Championship
MNM(C) vs The Hardy Boyz vs The Basham Brothers

TV Championship
The Miz vs Paul Burchill(C)

Ken Kennedy vs Bobby Lashley

JBL vs Ron Simmons

Mexicools vs William Regal and Finlay

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