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Re: Chikara - Season 12 Discussion Thread

Spoiler for Day Show:
- Gavin Opens the show with a song number, apparently it had a bit of a late start. Im assuming they had the group shot as well.

1. The Young Bucks d. The Baltic Siege via a assisted Spiked Tombstone Piledriver on Proud Oak

2. Hallowicked and Frightmare vs The Colony: XTREME Force

- Arctic Rescue Ant was apparently replaced by Orbit Adventure Ant, no reason given

- The Spectral Envoy Advance after XTREME Force unmask Frightmare and get DQ'ed

3. The Batiri d. The Bravado Brothers via The Rapture DDT by Obariyon on Harlem

4. The Kentucky Buffet vs Zero Gravity

- The Buffet accompanied by Gangrel and are now called The Daywalkers! This pretains to the recent Wrestling is Intense event where Gangrel bit both of the Buffet and made them drink from his Goblet of Blood, it appears this is a permanent thing

- The Day Walkers take it with a Bicycle Kick/Backdrop Driver combo


5. The Colony d. Los Ice Creams (XTREME Frost) after a Top Rope Splash by Green Ant on Ice Cream Jr.

6. The Devastation Coropration vs The Heart Throbs

- The Heart Throbs are nowhere to be found, here comes the Hat for a new team!

- Gary The Barn Owls name was pulled four times, he is here, and his partner is Pierre Abernathy! Something seems fishy here...

- Though The Submission Squad had a warmer reception than their CHIKARA Debut, The Devastation Corporation easily advance with The Deathblow on Gary

7. Arik Cannon and Darin Corbin d. Saturyne and Heidi Lovelace via a Brainbuster by Cannon on Saturyne

8. Pieces of Hate d. Da Soul Touchaz via Grapevine Ankle Lock by The Shard on Acid Jazz

Spoiler for Evening Show:
1. Young Bucks d. The Spectral Envoy via More Bang for your Buck on Frightmare

- Matt Jackson may have injured his knee

2. The Batiri vs The Daywalkers

- Gangrel delivers a bloodbath!!

- Obariyon pins Cage with The Rapture DDT to advance onward

3. The Devastation Corporation vs The Colony

- Its a Double Countout, whoever wins the next Quarterfinal gets a double bye to the next round

- The brawl continues as the third man of the Devastation Corporation helps beat down Fire and Green Ant

4. Pieces of Hate d. Arik Cannon and Darin Corbin via Jig n' Tonic on Corbin to get a bye to the finals


5. The Young Bucks d. The Batiri after Matt Jackson reverses a Spinning Toe Hold by Obariyon into a Small Package

6. Icarus d. Colt Cabana via a Pedigree

7. Eddie Kingston vs Archibald Peck

- The backfist connects, the lights go out, and Archie is gone

- Another Archie appears in the balcony, "Where is Archie" and "You Killed Archie" chants start, the ref stops the match

- Kingston snaps, and throws a bunch of stuff in to the ring, not satisfied with the victory and what is going on

- Kingston says Archie is dead, and threatens Icarus for his Anniversario defense

8. Jigsaw and The Shard d. The Young Bucks after Shard makes Matt Jackson tap

- Shard and Jigsaw are cashing in at the iPPV, they will face 3.0 at Anniversario!

Stolen from Chikara101.
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