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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Also Renegade™ wanted me to post RAW so here it is.

RAW Recap

The night opens with the drawing of the "Death Lottery". Vince first draws Scott Halls name. Vince then reaches into the stipulation barrel and pulls out a "Hardcore match" card. Shane now reaches into the opponents barrel and pulls out, with a big grin "Cade & Jindrak". Vince then says the match is up NOW

Hall gave it his all, but against two young men in a handicap Hardcore match, he was eventually out done, when Jindrak planted him with a Reflection of Perfection onto the trash can for the win

Backstage, and HHH & Austin are standing watching Hall leaving the ring on a monitor, they shake their heads and walk off, knowing they'll be in for hell later also

After the break, the New Age Outlaws took on the team of Maven & Val Venis to advance in the tag title tourny. After a solid 6 minute match, Mr. Ass nailed the Fame Asser to Maven for the win

Kane is now walking through the halls, when he stops and sees a White scorpion sticker stuck on the wall. Kane backs away from it, shaking his head and wincing, then runs off seeming distraught

Mickie James beat Gail Kim for the Womens championship in a decent match with the Mick DT

As we return from the commercial, Christian is in the ring for the Peep Show, bragging about how he beat The Rock last week. Christian rips into Denver, then finally gets around to introducing RVD & Shelton, who barely get a few words out until Christian sparks a brawl between the two. Christian starts leaving up the ramp as RVD & Shelton brawl through the crowd, but The Rock shows up and whips Christians ass, and nails him with a People's Elbow! Rock leaves to a huge ovation while Christian is out

We now back to McMahons office, and he pulls the second name out of the "Death Lottery", which is Steve Austin. Vince then pulls out a "Strap match" from the stipulation match, then Shane pulls out Kane from the opponents!

Austin & Kane engage in a brutal, bloody strap match which lasts over 10 minutes, and both men beat the hell out of each other. Just as Austin hits the Stunner, Edge runs to the ring and Spears Austin, and puts Kane's arm over him, and the ref counts the 3, as Kane stands up and lets the pyro fly, bleeding. The lights then go out to a huge pop, and *Ride the Lightning* hits to a massive pop, as lightning strikes the ring posts, and Kane rolls out of the ring shielding himself, and looking frightened as Sting's mind games continue

We are now taken backstage and see that RVD & Shelton are still brawling backstage, but Bischoff shows up with security and seperates them, then says if they touch each other unless in an official match, they will both be suspended, and RVD will lose the MITB and Shelton will not have his shot at Bad Blood

After the break, Mick Foley announces that next week The Rock will team up with RVD to face Christian & Shelton Benjamin

Charlie Haas defeats Chris Masters for the IC title, when Carlito shows up and distracts masters, who then is planted by a german bridge suplex from Haas for the 3. After the match, Monty Brown hits the ring and nails a POUNCE to Haas, and holds up the IC title over Haas & Masters, but turns around and is met with a GORE from Rhino! The crowd erupts with a *Rhino* chant as he stands tall and motions he wants the IC belt, with Carlito standing on the ramp saying he wants it

After the break, we return to McMahons office for the final drawing of the "Death Lottery". HHH, of course, is the first draw, then the stipulation is tables match, and his opponents are Test, John Cena & Shane McMahon and HHH can choose 1 partner from the roster who hans't wrestled tonight or appeared in one way or another

Vince pep talks his whole Corporation, and then says go and kill that SOB!

Todd Grisham has a chat with The Rock, and The Rock says next week Christian's going to recieve the greatest ass whippin' ever dished out in wrestling history next week

We come back and the Corporation are at ringside, and HHH comes down to the ring and stops on the isle, with the Corporation wondering whats going on. HHH then rips off his "King of Kings" shirt to reveal a DX jersey which blows the roof off. HHH points back to the stage and *Sexy Boy* hits and HBK dances out on stage with the crowd going bananas! Michaels too has a DX shirt on, a sleeve cut vest version

HBK & HHH share many uneven looks throughout the match, but they are doing well, considering they are at an odds battle. Eventually, the Corporation storms the ring and beats down on DX to huge heat, but *GLASS SHATTERS* hits and the crowd erupts as Austin with a bandage over his forehead, and Scott Hall run to the ring. The two try their best and Austin nails Shane with a Stunner, as Hall clothesline Jindrak out to the floor.
But the numbers get too big in the end as Cade slams HBK through the table, and Edge Spears Austin into another table!
On the outside, Test Pump handleslams Scott Hall onto the steel steps, as Vince cleans up HHH with a chair shot. Cena then hoists HHH up to huge heat, and FU's him onto the steel chair.
The Corporation stand tall as the show goes off air, and Austin, HHH, HBK & Hall are all out

*Well I'm off for a week so I got RO24 to post this for me, next weeks show maybe a recap also, depending what day I get back from my lil' holiday. Hope you enjoyed, I would've loved to have written this show out in full*

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