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Re: WWE: The Evolution Of Greed

Raw Review

This is the first show I've reviewed of yours, have been back and read a lot of this, but forgive me if I get a few things wrong, I intend to be a regular reader from now on.

Really enjoyed the opening Flair promo, very well written and very in character. The back and forth between Flair and Vince was very intense, reminded me of some of their real life verbal wars. This was fun to read. Flair gets Lashley tonight, Hmmm, Lashley as a heel with Vince as his mouthpiece definetly screams what they should have done in real life maybe!

Wow awesome video package. I kind of found It hard to read first then I realised what you were doing and man this was cool. Wargames WWE have always refused to use and I have no idea why, a video package like this show exactly why they should bring in that gimmick, it can have so much anticipation, and it will more than definetly deliver. I'm sure yours will and I can't wait to read it. Love that footage of I have seen war and I hate war speech whenever WWE have used it, good call including that.

Nice segment between Cena and Linda Mcmahon. I wonder who the mystery guy is. Was very happy to see Carlito and I hope he makes it into wargames as Intercontinental Champion, I always thought he was a talent.

A physical match between Dinsmore and Lance Cade, a real decent TV match. You certainly have Lance Cade show his skills, because I always thought he could work so I'm glad you didn't make him suck. Cade and Murdoch with some great dastardly heel handiwork, enjoyed the beatdown greatly by this underrated team.

I'm not the biggest fan of pure anti american gimmicks, so the Claudio Cesaro promo was not my favourite part of the show. However, it was well written and I'm sure would gain him some heat, and it was definetly written well.

Wow the girls actually wrestled very well. This was a physical match, I was especially impressed with Melina and Natayla, they were wrestling like veteran guys! I really enjoyed this contest and would love to see women's matches like this.

Great promo from RVD, very in character. RVD and Shawn Michaels is a dream match of mine, I would love to see that in the future in this thread. RVD put his character across well here, he isn't scared to face anyone.

RVD and Cesaro had an amazing match! That was very, very exciting! A really physical and fast paced match, which was written perfectly. This could easily have been a pay per view match, it was that good. Cesaro proved he belonged in the ring with RVD. The finish of this was good too, a shock kickout then a massive enzuiguri and a five star frog splash, was a great sequence. Shawn's run in afterwardd was a lot of fun too, be nice to see him in this serious heel character.

The segment with Chris Masters and Melina berating Kevin Dunn was great, I'd love to have seen that. Masters was awesome and very underrated. I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Charlie Haas and Tyson Kidd was a great wrestling match, You are very good at writing physical matches with great atmosphere and intensity. Best moments here were the somersault and the counter to the Haas of pain, I wasn't expecting either. Lots of great counters and fast paced action. Great TV match.

A good video package for the KOTR tournament. I personally am pulling for Jeff Hardy. A fun tag team match for the competitors, and again Masters is cost the match. I like this angle, great way to keep embarassing the heel. I also like how there is focus on Chris Masters in an angle, most people think he sucks, but I'm glad you use him.

Wow, excellent promotion for Sylvester Terkay, a great idea to use that approach. I haven't seen much of the guy, so can't wait to see what he does, you've definetly got me intruiged. Video packages and promos are very strong this show, leaving me very intruiged and excited.

The main event was a lot better than I expected. Lashley and Flair's styles meshed together way better than they would in real life, you wrote the match extremely well and It wasn't awkward whatsoever. Flair was a great babyface In this match, fiery and sympathetic, while not having to do anything over the top and out of his comfort zone. Lashley was definetly better here than he is in real life, he worked very well as a heel. Was fun to read him doing the torture rack and moves like the military press. I never knew why Lashley wouldn't do these moves in real life, he was clearly strong enough. Lazy I guess. Yes, Flair actually hits his top rope double axe handle, haha I marked out for that one.Very nice moment with Flair managing to escape the dominator, injure Lashleys lgs than apply the figure four, great set up.

Here we go, Cade and Murdoch with a sinister run in. These guys really fit in with Vince Mcmahon's heel pals, so I think this worked very well. Redneck Wrecking Crew is also a great name, might wanna trademark that one haha. Lashley actually doing badass heel moves is so refreshing and cool to imagine as the guy couldn't intimidate a fly when he was in WWE. Here I can totally imagine him doing all this, so well done you've made him a very convincing and intimidating heel.

Overall: This show was really good. I am definetly going to be a regular reader, you have me excited. I personally think the WWE in 2007 was horrendous, you have made it watchable. Yes, Vince having a heel stable has been done before and feuding with his wife, but it hadn't been done in years and is still way more entertaining than anything WWE was doing at the time, and with Lashley heel with Vince, that is definetly something I could see working and making it fresh. I love RVD as World Champion and all the great matches you put on tonight. My favourite match was in fact the main event, you really are a great match writer. Your matches flow very very well. Your promos could be longer is my only critiscm and slightly more detailed, but other than that, I am now going to be a regular reader and reviewer of this thread.

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