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Re: WWE 2006 by randyorton24 and Renegade™

Opening segment was ok, nothing special and nothing special is to be expected whenever the new GM is announced. Foley comes in and Bischoff is in too making co-GM's. Hmm I see some dissension somewhere down the line between Foley and Bischoff.

Opening match seems ok and Benjamin and Kane get the win. Or so we though, reversed decision huh? Kane vs Sting feud seems coming to me and don't know what to think of it but anyways, should at least be a decent feud to be honest

Benjamin/RVD feud is heating up and already announced six weeks in advance? Hmm, don't normally do that unless for WM but whatever. Some dissension is already starting with Bischoff not wanting Foley to make the announcement at all

Tag Title Tournament time and the Jonnies, not sure what to think of this team. Anyways, was expecting Dudley's to get the win and I see a New Age Outlaws/Dudley's match coming as far as the second round is concerned for us as of right now

Wow! Another Bischoff segment. Hopefully this will be the last one because if not, it's overkill. Nothing special from here at all other than Foley telling Bischoff Eugene's telling on him. Don't really know what to think other than a filler promo

Cabana was nothing but would have prefered Carlito refering to himself a little bit more. Match was pretty good and Masters vs Haas next week sounds ok to me? Monty Brown? WTF? How many people are you going to be bringing in to WWE?

Christian interview was good, a segment I liked and was in character the whole time through. Christian vs The Rock tonight and not sure of what to think but could we see this down the road sometimes? If not, is tonight a one match deal?

Corporation vs Hall, Austin, and HHH was pretty good. Long fought out match with McMahon playing a role in it. However the faces pick the win up and get the advantage two weeks in a row, not really sure where this feud will go on from here though?

Main event was good and Christian beats Rock? Whoa! Was expecting a no contest or something of the like. Anyways, even though he cheated he still beat the Rock. Definently see another match coming off from here perhaps at Bad Blood
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