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Re: Matt Morgan DESTROYS IWC

Originally Posted by AxeBomber View Post
Well, I feel for the guy. Just because he's a big muscular dude, it doesn't mean he's immune to internet criticism. Maybe he has low self-esteem and goes searching for his own name online. He says other people tell him about it, but that's pretty weird if his family and friends are trawling forums and dirtsheets, just to tell him how much some people hate him. He probably reads it himself.

But going on the attack just makes it look like he's really hurt by it, which is probably true. And if he feels bullied, he hardly takes the moral high ground by calling his detractors fat virgins. :

Still, seeing how sensitive Morgan is makes me feel slightly bad about slagging off CM Punk. I'd hate to think he reads it, then sobs into his cute little taped up hands. Don't worry Punk, you're the "best in the world" *hugs*

There's a reason he stopped doing powermoves years ago. His whole size comes from his bones aka his height. He has an ok-ish upperbody but far from big at all (a 5'11" guy with the same build would weight 185-190 lbs which is rather skinny by wrestling standards and X-Division average) and his legs are the skinniest in the biz since he stopped working them, he can't even do Hellevators or any physically demanding move due to that. He's basically a less jacked, taller Cody Rhodes.

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